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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig Book Review

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig Book Review, visit to get your copy.

I guess this is matthew chesky and i’m going to review a few of the things that i’ve went through last year i read a lot of books and i played with a lot of cameras because it’s a big hobby of mine and should give you some ideas of what you can do for christmas this year so let’s start with zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance i read this book actually i read

This a few years ago and it’s a novel by robert harrison that’s how you say his name and it’s a story about how this guy embarks on a road trip on his motorcycle he’s a professor with his young son at the time and they travel the country and they see everything and it’s a really good story i mean basically what i remember from it is his son keeps going water we can’t

Get there yet or we can get there and the father who wrote the book this is you know it’s based on true story he keeps saying well you got to enjoy the ride his father is all out because he enjoys riding on the motorcycle and seeing the highway and meeting the people and eating in the cafes and the old towns and things and it sounds just like what are we gonna get

There and then finally they get to their destination and there they’re taking this hike because they’re wanting to see the top of a mountain i believe it was and they’re hiking up in his son goes well when are we gonna get to the top and it’s just kind of a story about life and how you should appreciate the journey and not so much just the destination and he did

Suggest some things like he has a perspective that i can relate to a lot because i’m an engineer i went to school for seven years to become really really good in a very good engineering and he has a similar thinking to that i can’t remember what type of a professor he was or is i think he’s still alive unlesss rowe i might be able to tell anyways this is thinking

Like i have about making things of very high quality and how to do a really good job in life and it’s it’s kind of all written into the book so this is a little bit it’s definitely a novel but it’s also kind of like a self-help philosophical book on how to improve your life experience and how to appreciate things more how to do a better job how to you take pride in

Doing a quality job in your life how you know doing things with quality in their life how did he get sent the one thing that really stands apart with me is he talks about how he went to give his motorcycle fixed and many times it was broken by the mechanic and then he says because there’s a lack of appreciation for the way things word engineer just resonated with

Me and a lack of understanding of how to brake problems down into different subsystems and he even has a diagram here see if i can find it of a motorcycle and the different components and how it breaks down and how you go about troubleshooting it i was like that is so cool i’m digging into mechanic mechanic work on cars and things and i just really appreciated

That that chapter on the motorcycle repairs and it’s interesting because then the title of the book is the art of motorcycle maintenance and inquiry into values that’s a great book this is very relatable things you can take away and have a better life knowing and it’s all told in a in a novel a very excellent story i read right through this night i don’t normally

Read fiction this is kind of like a somewhat fictional book it’s 540 pages long negative hour day most of my books are literally how to do something or you know i’m an engineer or how to how to do xyz and get and get some new contraption i don’t read too much for pleasure but this book i highly recommend that you should buy it that’s all i have have to say about

That i’m gonna provide a link it’ll be directly below this video where you can purchase the book off amazon and yes i get a small pittance so if you purchased it i get a few cents but if that upsets you go to amazon and buy buy it through your own and you’ll pay the same if you don’t if you buy through my link thank you i just enjoy telling people what books i i

Read and what i thought it in so happy holidays and i hope you pick up the zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance i’m sure you’ll enjoy

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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig Book Review By Matthew Jeschke