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Zero DSR First Ride Review

Zero DSR First Ride Review

Zero gs our first ride review i still remember how wide my eyes were the first time i twisted the e throttle on zeros new for 2014 sr any word associations i have prior to electric swing slower well in truth shattered with acclaimed 106 lb-ft of torque more than a suzuki hayabusa available at an instant from its high outside mother in 660 and other controllers

And no clutch for gears to finesse there are a few things that can beat it in a stoplight to stoplight – the question i had after riding the sr in its first ride review and after living with one with one with you see the hot rod motor and controller in the ds0 co flagship dual sport offering the d s shares the same basic frame and platform with the s and s are

Models so transplanting the motor controller is a plug-and-play affair the answer is known in the model name in case you couldn’t guess is the 0 dsr it was only a matter of time before the d s received the same hypo internet as the as well that translates to 25% more power than the standard d s 67 versus 54 hp and 56% more torque 106 verses 68 lb-ft the dsr also

Benefits from the same high-tech magnets from the sr now houston discussed below considering the snds share the same platform it was clear the sr would eventually be joined by the dsr zero is really proud of its new ipm motor design touting its much improved thermal capacities without sacrificing power now we’re waiting on batteries that can achieve 200 miles

Per charge tested for over 2,500 cycles zero says that the power packs will last for over 400,000 miles far more miles than zero expect any of its owners to achieve on one of its bikes in addition to the accessory power tank zero is now offering an accessory charge tank for us sr d s and d s are models with it zero claims up to 53 miles of range is available in

Just one hour of charging the ds is capable of carrying a good pace on curvy roads despite a top rope oriented 19-inch front wheel and pirelli tires and with its slightly taller handlebar compared to last year’s vs the dsr in 2016 ds is a comfortable 2 meter a plusher seat wouldn’t hurt film cast wheels limit how far one can veer off the beaten path with the dsr

But for exploring fire roads or mild trails the dsr is up for the task so where does that leave us well we’ve established the dsr is capable of freakishly quick acceleration and kings have a decent pace on curvy pavement for non-technical dirt roads at 14,000 395 dollars after a $1600 federal tax credit the xero dsr is still a pricey machine for a niche market

I hesitate to call the dsr a true dual sport machine especially in the face of the fx personally with the longer travel suspension and taller bars compared to the s model the dsr seems well-suited to everyday commuter duty worried mine that’s likely what i’d use it for that in the occasional dirt road excursion

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