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Zero Motorcycle Dash Replacement

Another quick how-to video for anybody who needs a new LCD dash / display / instrument cluster thing for their Zero.

Welcome back to new zealand in this episode i’m gonna install a new dash on 0 okay i remember the last time i ordered parts and the dash was missing well it finally came are you real f1 racing they called up zero and zero had one shipped out the next day and a few weeks later here it is in new zealand so excited you see these things aren’t totally waterproof so

If you park the bike outside in the rain all day as jen does when she rides to work sometimes the zero gets so wet things stop working and comparing the new one versus the old one yeah pretty gross so here the tool you’ll need we’ve got a ratchet with a torx socket to take off the seat some zip ties nippers two allen keys a five millimeter and a three millimeter

Philips screwdrivers of various sizes and ten millimeter socket to take the dash off once you’ve taken the whole rest of the bike apart to get to it like i said you have to take off the seat two bolts on each side i know this is on the complete opposite side of the bike but like i said everything has to come apart then the tank has to come off because the dash

Plugs into a connector that’s located underneath it it may look like a lot of work but it’s not too crazy i’ve lost count of how many times i’ve taken the tank off i’d leave it completely off so we’re on a bunch of other non waterproof things under here you’ll need a screwdriver to loosen the front of the tank plastics anyway once it’s off just look for the biggest

Connector you can find that goes to the – there’s a zip tie you have to cut it actually adds zip ties to the list of things you’ll need for this job because we’ll be cutting a lot more next up they used to be a clip here holding the connectors together but i broke it so don’t do that then they should just pull apart just shove that thing out of there and now the

Dash is ready to take off not really the dash is bolted to these headlights around pieces which means the headlight has to come out so undo these bolts on each side it’s a three millimeter allen on top and a five millimeter on the bottom and then the headlight just slides off like a terminator face then grab your 10 millimeter socket and unbolt the two nuts holding

The dash on and try not to lose the washers next you have to snake the dash cable through the frame out of the frame back up into the frame out of the frame again there’s another zip tie to cut once that’s free you can synch the connector through then another zip tie oh and another one after that by now your zip tie graveyard should look like this then it’s just a

Matter of getting the cable up through the headlight spaghetti one more zip tie and it’s out now just pull the old dash off it was really easy and it only took about three minutes according to youtube as you can see it’s seen better days some brake fluid got on it there’s some scratches from whatever and the button stopped working like over a year ago so we could

Never adjust the clock or find out which error codes it was spitting out also the screws on the back of rusting apart so there’s definitely time to swap on a new one so excited installation is the same as everything you just watched in reverse hold the dash back on snake the connector back through the spaghetti then you can add a few zip ties if you want to clean

Up the mess as much as the mess can be cleaned up slide the headlight back in top first bolt that back on and it’s as good as new then you have to get that connector back through the plastics through the frame over to the other side get the connector back inside the frame and then you can plug it in like nothing ever happens the dash cable fits under this lip in

The frame and you can add a zip tie here to hold it back where it was now your dash works again at least until the next time you ride in the rain but now for the best part the moment i know you’ve been waiting for i don’t know why that’s so satisfying but i’m gonna do it again yep totally worth the price of a new one just for that then all this left to do is put

The bike back together and go for ride on a unicycle thanks for watching and i’ll see you guys next time

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Zero Motorcycle Dash Replacement By NewZeroland