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Zero Motorcycles on Fox News Live!

Check out Zero Motorcycles ripping up a small track with their electric motorcycles.

We’re always being told what we have to do without if we’re going to go green it’s good to find that we can keep at least one of our so-called sinful pleasures and go green at the same time california-based zero motorcycles has come out with an electric dirt bike that the company calls the zero x there it is it’s a beauty it runs on lithium ion batteries instead of

Gas and joining us as a founder and chief technical officer of the company neil psyched neal great to see you oh you’re outdoors and everything this is a fascinating idea how did you come up with it well i’ve always wanted to do an electric motorcycle i’ve ridden since i was little and just love motorcycles love the thrill of the speed and power and just wanted

To combine green technology and fun and have a have a good time doing it and i got to tell you neil as much as i love the roar of a motorcycle you don’t want to hear it in the pristine woods where a lot of these dirt bike trails are right oh you’re absolutely right because i love the i love the sound of a noisy motorcycle but my neighbors don’t love it and no one

Else does so this is a great compromise because you can have all the fun and acceleration of a regular gas motorcycle except it’s just quiet and it also is a lot lighter so it doesn’t leave a big footprint and and do a lot of stuff by the way neil i’m being told that we are looking at live pictures there of of the the dirt bikes is that right because i can’t hear

Anything that’s right this is the first time we’re doing an interview right in front of motorcycles that’s incredible i mean you can hear obviously you can hear the the machines making contact with the dirt but you you don’t hear the motor at all yeah yeah it really changes the ride you can ride with your friends and talk with each other you can race and kind of

Egg each other on and talk trash to each other so it changes it from an isolating experience to like kind of a fun experience unbelievable this is it’s really extraordinary neil i’m kind of blown away i’ve never been a dirt biker but i’m i’m very impressed by this now the battery technology is really the key we’re told uh to making electric cars plug-in cars uh

A real sort of common thing that we see on the on the roads is there anything new about your battery technology absolutely because i wanted to develop a full powered motorcycle but there wasn’t a good enough battery out there you know all the other solutions are really big and heavy so i had to develop my own battery pack that is a lot lighter and smaller than

Any other uh electric vehicle battery out there in the market so it is your desired battery pack is your design transferable at all uh to electric cars because of course that’s been the bugaboo of electric cars is battery technology it is absolutely we’re looking to license our technology to other sports cars and high performance cars it has it has so much power

Output though that it isn’t is it isn’t as useful for uh commuter cars or or low performance cars it’s really a very high output high powered solution so this would be for a car that wanted to go 60 miles per hour for example it’s right it’s if you wanted to uh have fun and and be ecologically sound this is this is really the solution for a product that everyone’s

Going to buy it’s going to have your cake and eat it too how much of a range do you have on a full charge well this is our first product it’s a dirt bike so it has about a 40 mile range less if you’re riding it really hard and that that gives you a couple hours of off-road riding and a couple hours of of being pounded in the dirt is uh plenty for most of our it

Takes one it really is tiring it takes about two hours to charge up yep so it’s really quick to charge because you just plug it you just plug it in the wall yeah any outlet so it doesn’t require a special outlet you can plug in at our local garages have free electric vehicle plug-ins or you can plug in at home or at the office and it’s only a quarter to charge up

Incredible one-quarter for a full charge i guess for an equivalent amount of gasoline you’d pay what about five five bucks for a gallon now so that’s that’d be about the equivalent it’s about the equivalent of 300 miles per gallon unbelievable now how much cost how much do the bikes cost they cost 7 500 that includes the battery pack and charger and you can buy

Extra battery packs for about three thousand dollars and and obviously this is uh you know you’re just getting started with this so eventually you’re gonna have a whole product line perhaps some more expensive perhaps some cheaper as well right well we got a a an exciting announcement that we’re coming out with a street bike in january of 09 it’s going to be called

The 0s and we’ve had a tremendous demand for it so that’s going to be a big hit is that an exclusive here i haven’t heard that announced anywhere neil is that an exclusive right now you’re telling us well i think we’ve mentioned it a couple times before but this is this is a this is the first month we’re talking about it fantastic oh i can’t wait for that now we

Should mention by the way the bike is a little lighter than what people are used to right absolutely weighs about half as much as a regular motorcycle so the way we’ve gotten really good performance and good range out of our motorcycles by designing every part to be custom and high technology so it’s incredibly light so unlike every other electric vehicle that’s

Heavier than their gas counterparts our electric motorcycles actually have to wait and you have any trouble selling these things oh absolutely not we’ve had a lot of trouble keeping up with production uh we’ve got a big back order list and we’re ramping up our production and working real hard every day to to bring up our numbers this is a wonderful product again

I’m speaking from a non-dirt biker but just to see what you’ve been capable producing and lord knows if there are applications with your battery technology to cars we may have the electric plug-in car sooner than uh sooner than we think neil terrific work neil psyche uh the founder zero motorcycles thanks for coming in hey thank you appreciate

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Zero Motorcycles on Fox News Live! By emotofreak