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Zero SR Range Test after 4 years of riding

Everyone tells me EV batteries don’t last that long, and I’ll have to throw mine out and buy a new one soon, because it’s degraded so much that I no longer have usable range. I decided to put that theory to the test!

All right welcome back to new zealand’s so i’ve had my bike for over four years now and the internet tells me that my battery’s gonna die soon and i need to just throw it in the landfill because that’s what you do with batteries i guess the idea is that the battery is degraded so much that i no longer have a usable range so i’m gonna find out how much range i still

Have by going on a ride so i actually tried to shoot this range test before but i forgot to charge the bike up fully so i started with 93% and i had to stop at 13% because jen cut herself and i had to drive her to the hospital that would have made for a really interesting video if i didn’t accidentally delete all my gopro footage and if my 360s battery didn’t

Die halfway through so here i am again do arrange tests to see if my battery really is degrading as fast as people think this time i’m prepared though it’s got a full charge and i’m gonna use all of it and to make things more interesting i’m leaving the charger at home full commitment i mapped a route that would connect to three awesome riding roads macro blue

Mountains and moonshine hill road total distance is about a home dirty case so i figured this is a good starting point i’m also using this ride to test out my new suit i really needed a new set of leathers because i have a racing event coming up next weekend outfit of the day i lecture wrap shirt obviously dinah is a spine protector which is a requirement for the

Race and the suit is it that is a i’ve rode t2 to piece that i got from fc moto ready to range tests it is a beautiful day a great day for this tests because there’s no wind no rain the winter storm can stop me baby yeah i thought something was over but it is actually really hot a bit too hot for these letters but i’m glad to know that the spine protector fits

Inside the suit this is a test of the camera mount for the 360 it’s jiggling around a lot but hopefully this is an all right spot i know there’s a lot of regulations when you when it comes to racing can’t have any gopros and stuff mounted to your helmet anymore for safety reasons i just have this mounted to the bar to handlebar so hopefully it doesn’t get in my

Way when i’m leaning forward and stuff yeah seems alright should be good okay my first destination is macro i’m going on one your roads because the race next week the cliffhanger hill climb is a winding mountain road that they’ve closed off to the public it’s kind of like what they do with the mountain part of isle of man it’s just a public road that they closed

Down so you can just go it’s one way and you can use both lanes go as fast as you want like obviously this is just a commuter bike you know it’s not a race bike or anything i’m just treating it as a fun way to ride on the road all by yourself it’s like it’s the dream you know picture your favorite windy road closed off just for one-way traffic just for you to go as

Fast as you want legally so i’m excited i can’t wait anyway i’m gonna fast forward the macra and see what my range is when i get there all right i went over the hill and through the woods and i’ve gone seventeen point six kilometers so far i’m still at 94% so let’s switch this into sport mode and have some fun hopefully the video amounts is good hopefully my suit

Feels alright and stuff on this ride hopefully i can feel a little bit more comfortable and get some practice in before next weekend’s and right away somebody in the way see if i can pass him in a safe place always passing me hmm this road is a lot more tight and technical and a lot lower speed than the cliffhanger from what i’ve seen from videos from what i’ve

Been able to watch that those videos those guys go so fast like the top guy one of his video he’s going to 80 which is just insane i’ve never been that fast even on a straightaway on the track at all on any bike and he’s doing it on a mountain road so it’s gonna be a lot different but it’s still good to practice you know i haven’t been on the bike in a couple weeks

Actually just been so busy with stuff and now at the top of the hill and all they’re already down to 90 percent and i’ve only gone 20 kilometers so three kilometers killed four percent of my range the difference between going downhill and going fast uphill but since i still have so much range i’m gonna ride out to the blue mountains for some more twisty fun roads

And actually that’s gonna add a little bit of variety to this range test because if i have to go on the highway and higher speed kills the range but if this is gonna be a fair test i need a good mix of city riding fast fun twisty is like you would do on a gas bike on a weekend you know and then also a mix of highway because usually you have to take the highway to

Get to the twisty roads so you should be interesting all right i just got the silverstream 54.6 km/h / few vehicles i’ll actually motorcycles in particular since we don’t have great aerodynamics and the wind just kills your range it’s pretty tough but i’m not worried i’m gonna turn in here i think i’ve only been here once before but it’s a pretty amazing road

What’s going on here these kids your kids are youtube famous now that’s the dream now right now those kids are gonna tell all the friends that they saw in electric motorcycle and the rider was super cool and he put them on youtube alright here we go blue mountains road 67% at the beginning of the road let’s see how far we make it in this road at least this part

Of the road is super tight and twisty and really low speed which is good for practicing and also good for range all right mazda hello using together thanks buddy man these tires are so confidence inspiring i love them pirelli rosso threes you are amazing and then this part of the road is just long straightaways somewhat a high speed speed limits 80 out here and

Just a bunch of farms and haunted houses it’s pretty nice though that you don’t have to ride very far out of the city to feel like you’re out in the country and not here you’re in a valley so you’re totally separated from everything else it’s really peaceful i gotta say i’m loving this suit it looks cool and it feels amazing that is a what can i say the best i

Actually ordered a new zero land patch to put on the back i might even order a bunch of them what do you guys think you guys think this channel needs some rich i should probably get some custom beanies too huh and this is the part of the road that connects to valley to upper hutt it goes up over this hill and then down into the city just coast my way down and

Collect some regions so yeah that’s another thing that will affect your range it’s something that a lot of people don’t realize about electric vehicles is that you’re not actually using a hundred percent of you’re better you’re actually using more because there’s some point on your ride you’re slowing down and so you’re regenerating energy and adding it back to

The battery so depending on how many hills you ride on like if you ride in san francisco or wellington for example up and down hills all the time you might potentially use a hundred and ten percent of your battery hay but now i need to check the old map see where i’m going okay i just stopped to check the map to see where i am and i’ve ridden 82 kilometers and

I’m at 51% so next on our windy road tour is moonshine hill road i’ve been there before like probably two years ago and it was so much fun and i still have fifty one percent range so i’m in no rush to go home this person is the okay it’s not the best it’s not the worst somewhere in between it’s a good place to be and next up we’re hitting the highway again but only

For a little bit so my range isn’t gonna die that much moonshine let’s go thank you moonshine hill road up to the left alright this road is super steep i remember it being really steep and really tight and twisty and lots of rocks oh yeah there’s some rocks right away but so scenic man this road just goes out through fern gully of a one lane bridges it’s so cool

I think i find more joy in just going slow and exploring new places then i you actually going fast i mean i like going fast too this road is a lot like the i’m gonna pronounce it wrong acha tewara i consider rawa something like that one of those words it’s out here that’s where stagg lands is that road is a lot of fun this one this one’s great so scenic i should

Probably stop and take a picture somewhere here up here i’ll just take a picture up here there’s seriously no one around so cool that here oh yeah now you can get some perspective on how narrow this road is nice to see you again ferns i have done 89 kilometers and i’ve got 46% left easy that might actually be too much range we may have to take a long way home even

Longer oh this one’s tight oh i need a photo of this one this road is so insanely fun i thought you guys did sleep pretty crazy all right the rains test continues hi buddy i follow you for my bridge oh yeah what are we do well i’ve reached the end of moonshine hill road wait a second i’m going left all right i’ve got 39% i’ve gone 99 kilometers i’m just gonna

Hit him see how much i have left when i get there all right that was super windy on the highway killed a lot of my range but i’m still at 23% and i’ve ridden 127 kilometers i don’t know what do you guys think should i just keep going until it’s close to zero because i could probably just stop at 20% i could make it home at 20 and then just make a guess and

Say like probably another 20 k is until i’m at zero but i want to find out and you guys want to find out too i think for the sake of this video i have to do this we do what we must because we can it’s definitely taking the waterfront on a nice day like this there’s no reason not to i don’t want to sit in traffic you can go through the tunnel tunnel is haunted anyway

My 360 died i gotta use the gopro now it’s always the case right you think that somebody would make a gas powered camera so you can just refuel it in two minutes isn’t that what people say all right you guys asked for it i’m just gonna keep writing until i run out of the battery figure i’ll just go around the coast for as long as it takes to get to zero i have 11%

On the bike and both cameras are dead now that gopro just died so i’m gonna ride home and see how much range i’ve done today i’ve not turned the bike off all day so the final number i made it home with 2% due to all the way down to zero but less than 362 kilometers which is about 100 miles so safe to say that my battery is alright and i don’t feel like it degraded

At all in the last four years so that actually means a lot because now this kind of a used market for zeroes so you can get older bikes like mine like a 2015 for a lot cheaper like half the price of a new one so if you’re interested in the use electric motorcycle but you think ah but the battery is so old it’s about to die incorrect sorry internet experts in a way

I was kind of a guinea pig buying this bike four years ago but then again i got to ride an electric motorcycle for the last four years so now it’s your turn and now i’m gonna comment saying oh yeah four years is fine but next five years in five years your battery’s gonna be totally dead you’re gonna have to throw it in landfill because you can’t recycle them well

I guess i’m gonna have to shoot another one of these videos in five years so thanks for watching and i’ll see you in 2025

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Zero SR Range Test after 4 years of riding By NewZeroland