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Zero SR/S & SR/F – Charging & Range: Trip to Skegness UK

We’re usually at #MotorcycleLiveUK this time of the year answering your questions about the performance of our bikes, their range and charging. As we couldn’t do that this year, we took a typical weekend ride to the seaside to show you everything you need to know about a Zero.

Hi i’m paul i work with zero motorcycles here in the uk and it’s been late november normally this time of year we beat motorcycle live meeting everyone and talking about the bikes and how they work in the real world obviously we can’t be there this year so what we’ve decided to do is we’re going to take this zero srs and we’re going to take on a bit of a day

Trip to show you in the real world how it works so we’re going to go out to seaside we’re going to ride about 200 miles today and we’re going to show you how the bike can be charged up we’re going to show you how the range works and we also hopefully have a little bit of fun with all performance on it um so it’s a little bit cold a little bit wet

But had heated grips on and actually it’s been quite a pleasant ride here we’ve done 19 miles and we’ve used about 20 of the battery and metal with andrew we’re going to go for a ride out skegness which i think is about 50 miles from here andrew’s kindly got the coffees in um and while we’re drinking a coffee we’re just going to give the bike a quick top up we

Don’t really have to we’ve got enough range it’s showing that i’ve got about 64 miles of range but what we’re going to do we’re just going to top the bike up always better when you stop just to keep it topped up we’ve got a charging point here which is really easy to use there is another charging point in the gas station over there the petrol station over there

And that’s a tether type this one we need our own cable for it’s a standard type 2 to type 2 charging cable which fits in the the compartment the storage compartment on a standard bike i’ve got it in the top box of my bike it’s going to plug one end into the charging point one into the type 2 port on the bike and then we’re going to follow the instructions on the

Screen tap my credit card when it when it tells me to and and yeah it will be pretty quick and i guess it will probably fully charged in in 15 minutes or so so just finished off my coffee now um and the bike is almost fully charged we’re up to 88 you can see on the screen you can see how fast it’s charging so it’s charging 11 kilowatts and it’s telling me that it’s

Got eight minutes left to charge so um we don’t need to fully charge it as long as we’ve got over 70 we can easily make our journey so i’ll just finish this get my helmet and then we can get going uh so when we go to shows we’re one thing we’re always hearing we’re always hearing lots of things about charging it’s one of the questions that people always see

Is what if someone comes along and unplugs my bike or what if someone comes along and knicks my cable well the great thing is they can because the cable is locked in place at both ends and the only way you’re going to get that out is by turning the ignition key so you cannot disconnect there’s a pin in there that’s locking that in place and i think that makes

A bit of an additional security feature to your bike so this charger here is a single phase charger completely free becoming quite commonplace in supermarkets these days and you’ll see that it’s charging up at three kilowatts and that’s going to take us two hours to be fully charged we’ve got three hours free parking here and typically on a normal day we would

We would just be chilling out you don’t need to let it fully charge you can you can charge it as long as you want bear in mind you know how much charge you need to get home but i know some of you guys are always asking about faster charging faster charging faster charging and we know from looking at the app that just over there there’s a quicker charger so we’re

Going to leave andrew’s srf charging up here at 3 kilowatts and we’re going to take the srs over to the faster charger to explain how that works to you okay so one thing that we hear a lot of shows is that there’s infrastructure’s not there there’s not many charging points but that’s just not true actually in most places it’s not true and these are not lit up

Like petrol stations you generally need an app on your phone to help you find them but we already found four over completely free to use where andrew’s bike is there’s loads around town and we’ve come to this one which is an example of a fast charger the other one we used earlier when we stopped for coffee actually was uh was was also a three-phase outlet but

We had to use her own cable this one is tethered so you plug it in you press start charge and that’s it starting you’ll see from looking at the dashboard we’ve got 32 minutes to fully charge that’s 47 is going to take 32 minutes so we don’t need to fully charge it to get home we probably need about 70 so we’re just going to grab a sandwich and something to drink

And when we’re done we’ll we’ll head off so let’s be back home now we’ve had a great day out on the bikes it’s been a bit cold it’s late november but i had to heat grips on all day um on the maximum and actually it was quite quite a pleasant day although the roads were a little bit muddy around all the farm tracks and so on and so forth that’s the bike

Charging up now we’ve come back from skegness we’ve got about 25 battery remaining um and that was given us a range indication of over 90 miles um with a an okay ride back they the roads were really really busy so we were sitting as a steady 50 60 miles an hour the bikes performed flawlessly 160 miles we spent 40 minutes using the public charging points um but

The main way that that people charge the bikes is at home you know you always leave with you know 100 battery or as much as you want you can control it through the app when you you charge it and so on and so forth um it’s been a cheap day out you know i’ve got a receipt on my phone here the charge we did in skegness 1.53 that cost us um and the other top-up that

We did while we had breakfast was less than a pound for that so it’s about two pounds 50 in public charging the bike as i say is on charge now the battery on the xero srs it holds 14.4 kilowatt hours of energy and a kilowatt hour is effectively a unit of electricity that’s what your electricity supplier charges you by and i know that my supplier charges me just

Under 15 pence a unit so i reckon there’s about 10 units of electricity going to go into that tonight it’s got a couple hours to charge there today what we wanted to do was to to show people how you can practically live with an electric motorcycle and use it for leisure the bikes we’ve got they’ve got the charge tanks on them so they can charge at 12 kilowatts

Um which is the fastest charging at zero offer loads and loads of charging points out there on your phone there’s some great apps the xero app which you use to pair with your bike will show you the nearest charging points on google maps and the zap map which is a brilliant application which allows you to not only see where charging points are it can tell you

Things like if they’re being used in real time so in terms of range we’ve seen it between 1900 miles of range and i think the other thing i want to say is that we we didn’t change our riding style in any way you know i rode the same way today that i would ride on a petrol bike the zero if anything was a little bit easier to ride in in the conditions because it’s

A bit smoother and certainly in filtering it’s very narrow and easy to get around but we weren’t moderating our speeds necessarily to try and get more range i was riding you know in the flow of traffic overtaking when i when i needed to um and yeah it there was no inconvenience at all in terms of you know riding it compared to petrol bike and on those sketchy

Roads the traction control was working really well you know you could feel the bike just breaking traction and then you just felt the the power cutting slightly you saw the light coming on the dashboard and it was seamless and that’s something that the zero compared to older generation motorcycles you know feels very secure and very very safe so i hope that

Answers a lot of the questions that you would normally have when you come to shows um the best thing to do is to go a dealer and experience it for yourself is a very different experience to understand the acceleration and the rush that you get with the torque we’ve had a great november ride out thanks for joining us and we’ll see you again soon

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Zero SR/S & SR/F – Charging & Range: Trip to Skegness (UK) By Zero Motorcycles