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Motorvated Ltd Norton 961 Primary Breather kit installation

A short video explaining the need and installation of the primary breather kit.

Hi guys hope you’re well uh if you’re watching this video you’ve most probably bought one of my primary believer kits and you’re a little unsure how it goes onto the motorcycle um i was replying to people uh trying to you know guide him best possible but in the end i thought if i do a video i can just send you on the link so um i’m on my phone i’ve only got two hands

I’m afraid one one man’s gonna hold the phone everyone’s gonna do all the work so i might be a little bit clunky in places but uh you should be able to get the gist of it so pull the cover off this bike here and we’ll show you what it’s all about there we go right norton motorcycles 961s all built prior to may 2017 the primary side primary side being essentially

Everything on the left of the engine below the cylinder so clutch backlash gear you know the front the front rotor the flywheel the gearbox behind the clutch all this this is cluster’s primary side of the motorcycle um all 961s prior to may 2017 norton did not vent this side it’s sealed you’ve got oil in there you’ve got 1.2 liters of oil in there and when the

Engine’s running you’ve got a lot of heat in there as things begin to heat up things expand um you need to find somewhere to vent it’s looking for somewhere to vent so it will find a weak point um normally your first weak point on one of these quite often is the starter motor gasket you’ll have a nice big pool of oil underneath the starter motor uh other known

Places to leak uh by the shift mech by the seal down there or also behind your front sprocket there’s a big seal there quite often get blow by an oil leaking down that side and lastly the other known place really is by the little grommet where your stator wiring comes out you might have oil coming down there um i’ve not known any primary gaskets themselves to

Leak um if someone knows better let me know but i’ve never known one of those league end of day it’s a it’s a good quality gasket uh and it’s got a have a lot of bolts so yeah they’re normally pretty good the starter motor gaskets they’re a bit naf um not really up to the job uh now if i ever get a leaky starter motor gasket i use a harley-davidson starter gasket

Instead it’s a rubber coated steel gasket with a really nice quality lip seal on the inside that seals up to start up and they are terrific um i fit loads those now no problems good quality but back to the breather so anything prior to may 2017 it would either have this bung but a blank so you won’t have anything on top of it or if you had a dominator ss or if

You bought one as a as an optional extra they had a polished aluminium filler unfortunately it wasn’t vented um norton eventually come up with this idea um so all they did they just drilled a hole tapped to thread whacked in the push fit in stuck a bit of pipe on sorted it vents the system any downside really the parts used weren’t really that good um so this

Is a plastic push fit in with a little stainless steel screen part here it’s only an m6 thread has a little uh rubber o-ring there to try and seal up um the heat tends to distort this it ends up coming loose around here you get all leaks out of there or leaks out of there and on some of them it’s also come loose so we get oil coming out by the thread apart um to

Show you a bit closer detail that’s the norton one there’s not an awful lot of thread there is there now if i just put that down i took the same idea but improved upon the parts used just executed a little bit better so that’s mine it’s another push fitting it uses exactly the same spec as the as the norton regards the hard line pipe coming out this end but this

Body is brass nickel plate of brass it’s a lovely swivel fitting on there there’s a nice bearing in there so it’s nice and smooth to turn um but also more critically this is a m8 thread so if we compare the two that’s what i’ve got going on and this is then sealed on to another standard filler bun same as that one but i use a copper washer so this is my kit there

We go try and get some focus it’s in there somewhere come on oh let’s make a little bit there we go so that’s my kit to be honest i do think that looks a lot better as well um that plaguey one was a bit crap um you see it’s a swivel fit in there um regards the pipe so norton they brought the pipe out the little vent hose it went across down under the start motor

Back up and down took behind the primary down here it followed around down the back down there all the way down and if you move your side stand the little bump stop bracket for your side stand right there all the little vent parts all tuck in there quite neatly i’m struggling focus don’t there we go so that one there is actually the one for the breather it’s the

Hard one the others are quite soft by comparison so that’s the one um i’m not a big fan of that routine um i can see why norton did it they were trying to keep it neat um unfortunately this size never going to be neat because you’ve got wiring and stuff everywhere it’s trouble is it’s nature of the beast we can’t get around that um i much prefer it to flow um i’ve

Had it before where i’ve took this pipe off and where it dips under the starter motor that’s had where vapor oil vapors built up it sort of just gathers in there and pulls up so if we take unplug that one this will be tricky because i only got one hand see my parts exactly the same spec so it will fit the uh the norton offering if you push it down there there she

Goes i run it round just like that it flows down the back and then just took it exactly the same place that norton did so run it down there float it all around and took it in nice and neat i know it’s more visible than norton but as a vent i think that does a much better job my personal opinion excuse me if you don’t like that by all means copy norton’s idea

You know stuff it under the starter motor and pull it back out the other end um regards tightening these up i can’t get that out now come on ah let me put you down for a sec i do apologize i need one of those little stands for a camera don’t i don’t right so all you need to actually fit this is a 17mm spanner um under your old bun shouldn’t be mega tight um

If someone has really winged it up now obviously use the ring end of your spanner unscrew that now this one’s a little bit snug it is a really fine thread you’ll notice on the the kit i send you there’ll be a smear of red silk lean fully synthetic grease on the threads don’t wipe that off leave that in place that’ll help it go in you can see how i find the

Thread is there oh move that out of the way it’s a really fine thread in there and it doesn’t take much just to go back up as you’re tightening this one we’re replacing this anyway this has got a leak so you can see it’s been leaking all around there’s engine oil and that started to trail down underneath the starter if you weren’t careful you could have said

I’ll start gaskets leaking excuse me um but on this one we’re going for the highest point the oil leaks up here so this needs rectifying first regardless so all you do then your kit in your kit you’ll have that bum you’ll have one pipe 24 inches long and you’ll have a copper washer um so copper washer onto the bung and say don’t remove the red grease that i’ve

Put on there screw that in and then once it’s down all you need is a nip up with a spanner um official torque settings 20 newton meters due to the push fit in size you would need to use a open-ended crow’s foot on your torque wrench torque wrench set to 90 degrees to the crow’s foot um but essentially a spanner is fine um it’s only a nip up you’re not trying to

Seal this against any pressure if you were then my kit wasn’t really doing its job um and also this is not holding the engine in so as long as it’s tightened up and the copper washer is nice and snug and secure to between the bung and the engine block the crankcase sorry um that’s fitted you’re done um and that that should be the whole installation for you if

You do get any queries you know post watching this video please do get in touch i’ll try my best to answer them for you um but yeah i wish you all the best cheers bye-bye

Transcribed from video
Motorvated Ltd Norton 961 Primary Breather kit installation By Motorvated Ltd