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Norton Commando 750 Restoration Video #43

1970 Norton Commando 750 Motorcycle restoration Video #43:

Okay i’m going to do a correction from video number 41. i had a subscriber nick from australia i believe um said i got the shafts in wrong i corrected the video i put it i did put a correction in it but oh it did the wrong side here i just got these ones sitting on here loose those shafts with the cutaway the cutaway faces out towards the uh the tappet side

Here the valve side so we’re gonna change that around i don’t have to take it right out the shaft got a big old screwdriver that fits right in there perfect so i’m glad i pointed that out because i couldn’t find it it’s not in my manual anywhere and i looked and looked i looked on the internet couldn’t find anything then after he pointed out to me i started

Searching and searched just i want to confirm it make sure he’s right and i did find one article on there that uh good the gasket stayed on i got a great big old flat screwdriver here that’s been broken off for years i kind of ground it down so it’ll fit right in here right into that slot and got my adjustable wrench here i’m going to turn that 180 degrees all

Right the other thing i wanted to check when i got this here is that the oil hole lines up barely lines up huh yeah i stick a pic in there yeah when you turn the shaft it doesn’t hurt to have a look in here right into this angle make sure it lines up i already did the other side and i actually had to tweak it a little bit past the 90 degree mark to to make

Sure that oil passageway lines up and i’m probably going to have to do it to this one here too you can see the shaft i’ve got it it’s turned beyond the 90 degree points a little bit like this and it still isn’t quite lined up i don’t know if you can see in there this camera but uh there’s the oil hole the oil hole is right there and it’s just half showing in

There but i think you want that hole open make sure oil is getting in there we did find the torque specs for these last night on on one website couldn’t find it anywhere but it’s claiming it’s uh eight foot pounds for these here tap it cover bolts well i don’t know where everything i’m learning that’s why i need comments on there a lot of you guys are working

These all the time they know a lot more than i know i’m just uh reading and researching trying to figure it out so glad i got that figured out before i did the other side so i’ll be doing those later well today i’m going to tackle this cover i haven’t got back to it yet grind this down i’ve got most of the the rest of the cover uh sanded down to the i think 150

Grit i think that is or 120 maybe um but i’m gonna start on this and maybe i can get this cover finished today and i get it bolted to the engine that’s where i’m starting right now got that ground down now we just gotta sand it out gonna be a long time doing this cover probably two hours well that’s 120 grit it’s pretty coarse that took at least 20 minutes just

To go over the whole thing with the 120. now i’m gonna go to 220. still going over the 220. you know some people wonder you know is it worth it sand this all down spend hours cleaning all up polishing it welding it fixing it you know you can buy a good used cover on ebay for some of them as low as 89 but they still got to be polished out you know good a real

Good condition went on there 159 us maybe more 179.89 but uh i don’t know there’s something about taking this old bike completely beat up and worn out and uh fixing it up putting your own manpower and muscle into it and time into it and uh making it yours you know like you’re kind of recreating it and uh maybe giving it some soul you know it’s kind of like a a

Man on his horse to become one kind of like with uh your motorcycle you know it’s just it’s kind of a solo experience when you put your heart and soul into it i think it’s more enjoyable that’s my opinion anyway i’m going across with the the uh the 120 this direction then the 220 this i do the 220 in this direction until i can’t see the 120 marks and then when

I go to the 320 i’ll go in this direction until i can’t see the 220 marks that way you know you got it all so it takes a lot of time but the finer the paper you get the easier it gets i’m still into this for at least 10 minutes already uh just trying to go over the the 120. that’s 400 grit starting to get a little bit of a shine to it now i went and bought some

600 grit so that’s what i’m going to do next more elbow grease so so finished got a buffed up on the buffer wheel i’m still gonna uh buff that some more you should be able to see yourself in there like chrome i’m gonna buff it i’m gonna buff it uh at least one more time with some fine uh metal polish compound and that should do it but that looks a lot better

There that looks starting to look pretty cool it’s gonna be a nice nice looking engine and a good running engine when i’m done can’t put it in the bike after i get this engine done i’m gonna start tackling the frame so i can start bolting stuff in because pretty much all the other pieces are are done um just gotta assemble it got the carbs and a few stuff like

That i got to put together but but my goal is to have this bike up and running by the end of march april sometime for the spring and then i’ve been saying this since i was 16 years old and i’m born in 1960 that uh i want to take a bike to bc across canada then back through the states and end up at sturgis in the first week of august and uh that’s when sturgis

Is every year every year i plan on going there never made it maybe this year maybe i’ll do it on the norton

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Norton Commando 750 Restoration Video #43 By Motor Oil \u0026 Beer