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Norton Gas Cap Repair

Learn how to repair a broken gas cap tab on a 1929 Norton.

Today let’s check out this 1929 norton well welcome to bader international’s classic online motorcycle sales so we have this 1929 norton single 500cc overhead valve racer up on the workbench and the bike came in along with a number of other bikes and actually this one was actually put to bed quite nicely in other words there was no rotten fuel in the gas tank no

Rusted out tank no real issues so basically an easy fix easy repair the bike does have spark which is good we haven’t checked out the clutch or anything like that but one of the biggest problems that we’ve come across so far is it has a broken tab for the actual gas cap so what i’m going to try to do today is i’ve got this really very small you can see by the size

Of my thumb it’s a very small screw and a nut i’m going to go ahead and try to solder this on to see if we can make that hinge work again and the rest of the bike is actually in very nice shape not sure what model this is i’m sure somebody out there can tell me but i’ll find out sooner than later being that it’s an overhead valve i’m sure it’s something pretty

Unique pretty special i love the scallop welds that they put on these gas tanks back in the day really classy look to it and they’re quite unique suspension for the seat see if i can press it down yeah there you go yeah so it’s basically it’s just sort of hung up with these springs here that’s about all you got i’m sure that the post hits the bottom of the seat

If you went down on it too hard so i’ll go ahead and get that gas cap fixed hopefully give it a shot while we’re waiting for the soldering iron to heat up i just wanted to show you what type of solder i use for this type of an application it’s a rosin core solder very very thin and i also use of course the soldering flux i apply it with a q-tip onto the onto the

Spigot itself and then come in with the solder and hopefully not solder the screw onto the nut so we’ll see how it goes i’m also going to see if i can set up the camera to where you’ll be able to watch me through the process or watch me fail so let’s see how it goes okay to repair this gas cap i’m going to go ahead and solder on a nut right onto the tank itself

So i’ve got my soldering gun heated up and my first attempt as you might see failed so i’m going to go ahead and clean this up not too afraid of the heat as you can see okay lay the screw in so now we’re going to thread the nut what i created a flat i don’t know if you can see that or not but i ground a flat on this nut i’ve already got some solder in place so

Let’s see if that’s going to help me out or not i may have to lay a little bit more in there let’s turn up the nut okay looking pretty good that’s tinned i think we got it so i’ve got the nut tend and let me just make sure okay that’s hinges hidden seems to be working sorry about that hinge seems to be working now let’s just see if it’s going to close well

I’d buy that for a dollar there you go one fixed gas cap on a norton and if you like what we’re doing make sure you hit the thumbs up and the subscribe button on our our youtube channel and also make sure make sure you check out our website at if you have any questions about any of the bikes that we have owned worked on so and so forth

Please feel free to give me a call or just go ahead and send me a message and i’ll be happy to respond you

Transcribed from video
Norton Gas Cap Repair By Glenn Bator