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1988/1992 Suzuki Katana 600 GSX600F Walk Around Tour Comparison Project

1988/1992 Suzuki Katana 600 GSX600F Walk Around Tour Comparison Project

What’s going on guys hey it’s raining today so uh not gonna ride but i figured let’s make a quick video that i’m kind of excited about and i’ll show you why because i have two katanas guys two swords i got two and they’re almost identical but we’re gonna go around them real quick and just uh get a look at them i bought this one quite a while ago and it’s been a

Little leery about getting it up and running because i know i got to pull carbs and that’s always not fun but my tank’s kind of rough here and i was looking for a decent tank and i ended up just finding another bike with a beautiful tank inside and i think we’re gonna go swap in some parts so anyway title for this one no title for that one but uh let’s just take a

Good look around it i don’t know a lot of specs on these guys but i do know just from looking up online this model katana this is the 600 and uh gsx 600 f if you want to get close in there and look gsx 600f we have a 92 here a 92 and an 88. this would have been the first year an 88 katana obviously by suzuki so if this model ran from 88 to 97. i’ll verify that

On the screen if i got it wrong but uh maybe 96 88 to 90. 6 and i think they introduced a new one in 97. sorry if i’m wrong i’ll correct it on the screen if i am but that’s a good long run and then they updated it and uh from what i saw on the internet from one source that i’m trusting this had 86 horsepower well it still does but you know here it is in line four

And uh yeah 88 to 97 i think i think 98 might have been their year they switched it um but you can see here minor differences now you can get different rotors these uh look a little bit different on the inside so that might be this is the older one and then they might have updated the rotor look just a little bit or it could be aftermarket i don’t know you can

See the 88 somebody didn’t like the reflectors they should be on the front and the back i’m sure that’s mandated there we have a reflector here no reflector there and over here on the 92 we have vance and hines i’m told it sounds really good bought the bike he said he could get it started i said no don’t worry about it we got to do carbs anyway so this is pretty

Much the same bike like i said we got to dig out the carburetors uh missing turn signals on the older one someone was going to make it a track bike and i guess they never really did um these big goofy you may not like these the look and styling of these motorcycles i think this original looks the best i think they kind of when they restyled them they did it in

Injustice and made them hugely kind of whale looking and if you know suzuki sport bikes you probably know the gsxr that’s where they focused all their updates and all their uh time and this was just a more of a comfortable sport bike that they didn’t really change throughout all those years we have stock exhaust on this one we do have gold brake calipers i don’t know

Let me know if you know uh am i looking at stock bikes here you see that i did say the rims the rims on this one that’s like a typical i think that’s the same rim on my ex 500 ninja well now it wouldn’t be similar anyway suzuki to guitar to kawasaki but uh you might like the rims on this one i like the rims on this one pretty good i did want new tires for this bike

So i think these are pretty decent over here not a lot to note of them being very different dual brakes on the front what do we got single pot nope dual pot pistons on the calipers i know that one sticks a little bit so we have some maintenance to do there more fun but everything’s in pretty decent shape here’s our 88 we’ll look at that first almost 23 000 miles

Uh whoever got this must not have had a key we’ll have to get a code off of this if we want a key for the bike so they just wired in a new ignition which actually looks like the right ignition so looking pretty good we need a brake master cylinder on the front we don’t have that so unfortunately that was swiped don’t have to worry about a key here but we will for

The for the seat because you need your key to turn in here and get your seat off so i’m being careful not to lock it down some at some point it came from jersey so obviously race bike or sport bike you have your chain we don’t have a guard on this one i do have a guard on that one i don’t know silver accent on the fairing there on the sides and it’s not on the 88

It’s painted to match the body missing a cover over there it’s no big deal they’re both pretty much all here which is great so just thought i’d get you a good look at my uh new project now that i have a really nice tank couldn’t find a tank for uh the price of just buying the whole bike so i decided just to go with it let’s look real quick at this dashboard

Here on the newer one we do have dampeners or adjusters for the shocks i’m assuming i don’t know if it’s just missing from the other one but maybe they added that this one only has 19 200 miles and again pretty nice bike there’s what we’re missing on the other side they’re both going to be pretty cool i might end up just fixing both of them because i’m uh if

I have a cool bike i would kind of like to ride them both so there we go that is the look at the two katanas a pair of swords and uh i’m pretty happy with them and hopefully i can make some room in the garage and start working on these projects but if you want to see more on the katanas and other bikes go ahead and subscribe i’ll see you in the next one it’s

Gonna be a fun winter got a lot of projects hopefully i didn’t miss anything guys if you have any input go ahead and leave it in the comments and i’ll see you in the next one no fear no fear do you remember that from the 90s and uh paw print adios

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1988/1992 Suzuki Katana 600 GSX600F Walk Around Tour Comparison Project By normalguy gettingby