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2006 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Black – used motorcycle for sale – Eden Prairie, MN

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Welcome to simply street bikes calm today we’ve got a 2006 suzuki m109 our boulevard this bikes got 13,500 miles on it and he’s in excellent condition we’ll take a walk around it show you the couple of highlights on it and then we’ll fire up so you can hear it run i said this bike is in excellent condition no signs of ever being tipped over or laid down anything

Like that tires are in good shape got a lot of miles left on those it does have aftermarket grips on it along with cobra pipes and then it also has a passenger seat as well you can see the rear tire itself is in great shape you know those bikes got a couple of scuffs on it here and there and the one thing i did find is it looks like we’ve got to see it there in

The camera but it looks like we might have had a little scratch that’s been touched up here but other than that like i said otherwise there’s a few scuffs from daily riding but other than that no down damage anything busted like that on it so nice and clean and 13,000 554 on it i got to set the camera down here so i can start it this time 109 are will be going

Through our pre-sale inspection will also come with our 30-day thousand mile limited warranty and as long as you own this bike from us you will get a discount on parts labor and accessories thank you for shopping simply street bikes dot-com

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2006 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Black – used motorcycle for sale – Eden Prairie, MN By Simply Ride