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2017 Suzuki SV650 Tail Tidy Install

Hey everybody since my SV 650 already came with a tiny tail and my friend brads didn’t he was nice enough to record the installation of his tie detail. Everybody enjoy as you watch him do his installation.

Hello everybody my name is master blaster or brad and i’m coming at you with a suzuki sv650 video today we’re gonna be putting in a tail tidy or a fender eliminator come with me i’ll show you so instead of having this big ol fender we’re just going to replace everything with this bracket now the turn signals and the license plate and a light for the license plate

We’re all mount on here all the oem stuff attaches and then this will tuck up right up under here eliminating all this plastic so but first we need to take we need to take off the old let’s go do that so first things first grab your key and pop off the seat okay put your seat somewhere where we’ll be safe so first of all we want to get rid of some of these cable

Ties now these are reusable so you don’t wanna cut them we should be able to get these off of here without without having to cut them and then we’re gonna reuse them so you just kind of press up on the tab and then you can pull the the the wire through so let’s try that one okay and then we have access now to all three connectors here for the tail so we’re just

Going to go ahead and disconnect these again pull up on the tab okay so now our wires are loose so come on around down the bottom so you can see right here that the wires are coming out of this grommet here so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to remove these four bolts and the tail and take off the entire fender let me get my wrench all right last bolt now she

Comes all righty let’s take it over the bench and get these wires thread it through okay now that we’ve got the fender out we’re gonna go ahead and work on getting the wires pulled through so this grommets a little bit tough but we’re gonna get through it i’m gonna pull the wires through the grommets don’t be too rough you don’t want to pull any of the ends or

Connectors off and there’s one all right next two and three and we’re gonna save this because this is actually goes on the new kit next i think this is a six millimeter but i don’t have a six millimeter so i’m gonna have to use my adjustable wrench they’re not tight so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal let’s hope no not tight at all break it loose finger tight

And we want to make sure we remember which side ours which okay so on this the black connector is what is that the left side so just remember like yeah black connector goes on the left oh excuse me that’s a great connector this is the black connector and that’s the right i’ll keep track of these boats fading the wires through some more it’s a little brace here

We can just pull them through and all right there’s two hmm what i need to wash these bike i’ve gotten it dirty all right now i’m gonna take out the screws for the license plate light okay and i’m actually gonna pull this boot off we’re gonna reuse this boot as well let’s get this off get the light out of here well that makes it a lot okay just find out this

Part actually comes off so don’t be silly and don’t try to force it the whole thing comes out looks like that okay so with any oem piece if i ever want to resell the bike i need to put this back on so we’re going to just put this over in the shelf and keep it safe so this piece goes on like so it’s machine to go ahead and fit the gasket so you just got to pull

It through kind of both sides there we go kind of make sure it’s snug on there not bad not bad and i didn’t rip it thank goodness you just put it through work it until it’s in the right spot now we’ll go ahead and feed the wire through the boot and make sure your light points down onto your underwear your license plate will reside and we go ahead and install

The light using let’s see we want to use these okay but they do want us to go ahead and reuse the washers that came with the original which is no problem the kit contains two shorter screws here which we’ll go ahead and use to install the light these are plastic cutting screws so it kind of does cut into the plastic of the the light but i don’t know if that’s a

Void ball just don’t over tighten snug is snug that’s good all right so there you go that is installed next we’ll want to go ahead and install the turn signals now i think what was it great was left so we’ll go ahead and put which left left as you see it so we’re gonna do grey here yeah if we’re wrong well we’ll find out eventually so with the turn signal just

Put it through grab one of the little bolts that were used on the oh on the original and kind of thread it on there now you don’t want to go too tight because after we install the bracket we’re gonna adjust it you know for up or down get it just right get it in a nice line so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna get it basically as finger tight as i can that’ll hold

It steady we’ll put black on the right the brackets upside down so don’t worry this should be correct if it’s not will it you know putting the other turn signal on okay nice and finger tight now what we want to do is install this grommet it should go in like this now think what i’ll do is i will i will try to put the cables through first and then pull the

Grommet through well at least i’ll do the taillight group first then i’ll pull the grommet through or the license plate light okay it has a little tab here which helps you pull it through which is super nice i can only imagine if it didn’t that would be a thing they’re impossible alright so there’s one as you can see the the boot from the license plate light

Kind of goes into the other boot that should be a nice very weather secure setup there now let’s try to feed the other connectors through okay there’s one now we’ll try to make some more room and get number two there we go let’s hope we got our right now left correct and just like that she’s ready to go to the bike the bracket uses these spacers for it to sit

Properly so what you want to do is get two of the spacers and have them ready like this so i’m going to try to hold it away then i hold the bolts with my fingers and i can thread these wires up through the bike seat so i had it backwards the spacer is supposed to be on that side of the bracket you see that’s what holds it into the proper position so i’m gonna

Try to start it with just a few threads i can do it finger tight i know it’s not cross threaded so that’s good aha victory so you thread the other two bolts thro here and i fall i fall who didn’t fall oh fell but i caught it so this is actually pretty tough i’m gonna push this up through it and hold it with one hand and put the spacer in with the knicks okay so

Again we’re just gonna try to finger tight it’s pretty cramped in there but it’s doable yeah that one’s not doing it let me get my trusty allen key all right so one trick i do when i’m threading a bolt is you can turn it counterclockwise while it’s still on the threads it’s trying to go into and you can actually hear or feel it click and usually after that click

It’ll thread perfectly so you take you’re basically taking it out and put them putting it back in a little bit okay now now i tighten her up a little bit these uh get these screws on here properly alright that snug that snag that snug and that snug now time for the heck tronics you first alright so we’ve got the wires here basically where they were before let’s

Try to untangle them so they don’t make too much of a mess see the license plate light is a little bit longer so i’m going to kind of make a bend on that so let’s plug her in they only go one way so that’s nice black one was hiding okay so with that i’m gonna kind of fold this up and i’m gonna reuse that reusable zip tie we got there you go nice and tight and

We can tuck this back down a little bit if we want that that should be good all right so here’s the moment of truth all right let’s see if i got it right oh we did it we did it and we have light we have light where the license plate will go okay don’t forget now it’s time to get these adjusted correctly and tightened down don’t you cameraman once you go to the

To the go out that way and give me a thumbs-up if they look like they’re they’re pointed correctly okay got my thumbs up from a cameraman so these should be good all right that’s all there is to it kale toddy is installed it’s a nice unit powder coated looks like it’s tough it holds the oem stuff so i didn’t have to buy new lights or anything i’m very pleased

With it the installation was a cinch with that thank you very much thank you for tuning in if you want to see more svo ruckus videos for master blaster aka bread you know put a comma in the comments otherwise thank you and we’ll catch you next time

Transcribed from video
2017 Suzuki SV650 Tail Tidy Install By Small Engine Velocity