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Are you ready to create a new legend?

So so philippines uh this is john mill from team superior and i’m glad that that beast is finally arriving there good evening everyone and thank you all so much for tuning in to the launch of another great motorcycle from suzuki the world has first seen this powerful suzuki bike in february this year and today it is formally being launched here in the

Country after the long wait the motorcycle inspired by the fastest bird in the world the peregrine falcon is finally arriving here in the philippines now on its third generation the all-new 2022 suzuki hayabusa will make headlines again with the perfect merits of power and poise aiming to bring you to the newer heights ladies and gentlemen get ready to fly

We have all been waiting for this aimed for its abundant power agility and majestic presence legendary for establishing new levels of ultimate sports performance and for retaining the number one position for the past two decades in the class it created fast forward to today we have focused to give birth to a new generation of the renowned suzuki hayabusa

Taming the beast with an even smoother power delivery nimble hard drink equipped with the latest electronics making it more comfortable and predictable with its unshakable reliability all wrapped in a package that will instantly turn heads with its breathtaking style and grace get ready for the ultimate riding experience join us as we create a new regen

Ladies and gentlemen presenting the all new 2022 suzuki hayabusa a new legend unveiled presence born of heritage speed backed by aerodynamics advanced technologies give it the edge powerful controllable torque will set your head racing welcome to a new world of riding hayabusa famed for its abundant power agility and majestic presence legendary for

Establishing new levels of ultimate sport performance and for retaining the number one position for the past two decades in the class it created fast forward to today total commitment and tireless effort give birth to a new generation perfectly poised to carry riders boldly into the future the all-new hayabusa features even smoother power delivery and

Nimbler handling a collection of the latest electronic systems optimizes performance characteristics to make it even more controllable and predictable and it wraps all this in a breathtaking package that will instantly turn heads with its style and grace the design concept is the refined beast it expresses poise and grace born of the all-new hayabusa’s

Keen perceptive abilities that put the rider in full control over its abundant power the aerodynamic silhouette brings rider and bike together as one flowing uninterrupted from the front across the fuel tank and off the upswept tail it honors the legacy of the hayabusa’s low long and wide stance while the front face inherits the daunting image of a

Bird of prey the new hayabusa features a refined design with greater impact features include the large bold styling of its vertically stacked headlight and led rear combination lights as well as fine touches throughout the headlight assembly that heighten its sharp intelligent appearance the vertically stacked headlight design is comprised of a projector

Type led high beam coupled with four low beam leds that shine across a reflector panel this updated design improves functionality and gives the headlight a more modern look the new led position lights with integrated turn signals are a first on a suzuki motorcycle the bold new led tail light and rear turn signal design creates a wide sharp accent that runs

Horizontally across the bottom of the tail section power is supplied by the latest iteration of the hayabusa’s legendary 1 340 cubic centimeter liquid cooled four stroke dohc 16 valve inline four engine a new exhaust header pipe connecting cylinders one and four optimized cam profiles a one millimeter reduction in the throttle body inner diameter and a 12

Millimeter extension to the overall intake pipe length combined to increase engine output at low to mid range speeds the all-new hayabusa’s outstanding core strength starts with its tried and true twin spar aluminum frame and swing arm the frame incorporates extruded aluminum sections that lend the right amount of suppleness and strength to its overall rigid

Alloy structure these sections are critically important in achieving the overall balance required by machines that deliver ultimate performance which is why they’re also used on a number of supercar frames this frame is an essential factor in making the hayabusa the ultimate sport bike riders love the familiar layout and outstanding functionality of the

Hayabusa’s instrument cluster it lives on as do the large analog speedometer and tachometer while now benefiting from a number of new touches that make its functional brilliance shine even brighter gold color accents add an extra look of luxury at advanced function received as much attention as design one standout new feature is the tft lcd panel mounted in

The center it displays either the current sdms alpha systems settings or an active data display that shows lean angle with peak hold function front and rear brake pressure rate of forward reverse acceleration and the current accelerator position the ability to confirm the bike’s status at any time makes riding all the more enjoyable the all-new hayabusa

Is equipped with the latest electronic control systems designed to optimize performance characteristics to match the needs of the moment they offer a strong sense of communicating directly with the bike’s heart and brain as the rider explores the potential of the ultimate sport bike supporting these advanced control systems is a new 6-axis inertial

Measurement unit supplied by bosch the imu measures angular rate and acceleration to constantly monitor pitch roll and yaw movement and supplies data valuable to effectively controlling traction and braking the all-new hayabusa also adopts suzuki drive mode selector alpha it allows the rider to choose settings for each of five different control systems

As a group sdms alpha offers a choice between three factory presets as well as three user-defined settings that let the rider switch modes to match the writing scene or preferred performance characteristics power mode selector lets the rider select between three different output characteristic modes mode 1 provides the sharpest throttle response mode 2

Provides more linear power delivery with softer throttle response and mode 3 provides the softest throttle response and a more gentle power curve with reduced maximum output suzuki’s bi-directional quick shift system allows the rider to shift up or down without operating the clutch or throttle smooth shift changes help keep the focus purely on riding the

Anti-lift control system uses data input from the imu and other sensors to work toward keeping the front wheel on the ground when accelerating a first on a suzuki motorcycle the engine brake control system provides control over the effective strength of engine braking this makes it possible to suppress rear tires sliding or skipping when decelerating after

Releasing the throttle grip or down shifting launch control helps ensure smooth efficient acceleration from a standing start the system aims to limit engine speed and optimize torque transfer so the rider can open the throttle wide and concentrate solely on operating the clutch the new hayabusa introduces active speed limiter as a first in the motorcycle

Industry it allows the rider to set a speed they do not wish to exceed and decelerate normally by backing off the throttle by lessening worries about speeding or riding faster than intended the system frees the rider to focus on enjoying a spirited ride cruise control allows the rider to maintain a set speed without operating the throttle the system can

Be activated while riding at 2000 to 7000 rpm in second gear or higher and can be set for speeds between 31 kilometers per hour and 200 kilometers per hour the motion track brake system supports controlled braking in a wide variety of riding conditions the abs unit’s ecm uses input from the front and rear wheel speed sensors as well as vehicle posture

Data from the imu to control brake pressure and achieve more effective braking this helps the rider to maintain their intended line through the corner the new hayabusa slope dependent control system helps prevent rear wheel lift when braking on a downhill slope the abs unit uses input from the imu to monitor the bike’s posture and when the rider applies the

Brakes control brake pressure to try and find the optimum setting to match the angle of inclination the aim is to achieve more stable braking even when riding downhill the hill hold control system is a convenient function that after stopping on an uphill incline helps ensure smoother restarts free of worries that the bike will roll backward when turned on

The system uses input from the imu which constantly monitors the bike’s posture to engage the rear brake for 30 seconds once the rider comes to a stop on a hill it can be disengaged either by quickly squeezing the front brake lever twice or when the ecm determines that the rider is accelerating to pull away from a standing start the emergency stop signal

Is another first on a suzuki motorcycle it rapidly flashes the front and rear turn signals to alert following vehicles if the rider brakes suddenly at speeds of 55 kilometers per hour or higher get ready for the new hayabusa the ultimate sport bike foreign

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