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Amazing Suzuki DR650 Garage Find, Will it Run, Time to Find Out! Part3

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Hey everybody this video is a re-upload it used to be on my main channel writing in the ozarks but my dr content was getting buried underneath all the harley and cruiser content and it just wasn’t getting promoted by youtube so i decided to keep that content separate and i started a second channel over here called adventure riding in the ozarks and this is where

You’ll find my dual sport and adventure style motorcycle related content thanks hope you enjoy the video hey it’s mike with riding in the ozarks where we talk riding rallies gear and wrenching and today’s video is the final segment of the amazing dr 650 garage find and we will answer the question will it run all right well i haven’t got to work on this in a

Couple weeks the whole code 19 things kind of had me buried at work and uh kids out of school stuck at home and they need more attention and all that kind of good jazz so i got in my screws for the carburetor bowl to replace the one i stripped out so we’re going to do that and put this thing back together because i think i’ve got it cleaned up enough we just

Got to put it back together put gas in the tank see what happens we’ll work on at least getting it back together tonight i’ll stop and pick up some gas it’s nice and cheap right now but i still need to go by and get the non-ethanol gas this is a carbureted motorcycle and that means i’m not putting anything in it it’s got ethanol in it i’m not sure these screws

Are going to work the head’s a lot smaller the bolt’s smaller too and it’s longer god damn it okay so last time we were filming i had the wrong screws for this carburetor i believe i have the correct ones now which are m5 uh 14 millimeter that’s what i bought 10 of and i bought socket headed ones instead of the phillips screw ones put back in here come in a

Pack of 10 so we’ll see if these are the right thing now so cleaned this carburetor a couple weeks ago and i’ve been waiting on these screws to start to put it back together let’s see if we can put this thing back together and uh put some gas in it and see what happens let me like get it in the air box then bring it up into the intake we interrupt

This regularly scheduled youtube video to ask you a question please leave me a comment down below let me know if you think i should buy a dual sport bike as a second bike and if i buy this dr 650 what do you think it’s worth let me know thanks and now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast uh all right well we’ll let the battery charge the next day it

Still wouldn’t start on its own so i decided it was probably time to go ahead and pull the air box so that i can get some starting fluid into the back of the carburetor and see if we can get this thing to hit and fire up see if we prime it with some starting fluid what we’ll get hopefully not fire so tada almost uh me run it looks like you might need the

Idle set a little bit look mom no hands and she’s still lying it’s the island a little rough i think may need all the gas ran through it and that may help clean the a little bit of crap out of the car still and it may be because the air box is off the airflow’s not quite right got her started now we’ve got to put more gas in it put it all back together take it

For a test ben hey if you like this video give it a big thumbs up go ahead and check out some of the other videos on my channel and if you’re into that kind of stuff make sure you subscribe down below hit that bell to be notified and as always thanks for your support be safe and keep on riding

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Amazing Suzuki DR650 Garage Find, Will it Run, Time to Find Out! Part3 By Adventure Riding In The Ozarks