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Bike Wont Start, Crank Positioning Sensor, CPS Suzuki Boulevard C12 Code Fix

The motorcycle would not start at random. It would turn over real fast but not fire up. 5 minutes later it would start. I replaced the stator and crank positioning sensor 2 years ago. When the bike will not start the ECU code read c12 “crank positioning sensor fault or Trigger Coil sensor”. Fuel injected models have the crank positioning sensor and carbureted models have the trigger coil. I found a loose connection that was causing the intermittent errors and not letting it start. I repaired it and everything seems good. So Far!

All right two years ago maybe remember i replaced the stator on this suzuki boulevard this was burnt and lately it’s been not starting intermittently it would turn over a lot but it wouldn’t start but it’s still charging when i read the factory code i’ll show you how to do that i put a clip in here there’s another video on here i said crank positioning sensor just

This part was dagger which i was going to take this all apart and splice this original factory one in because it said it was bad but i could before i took this data report i took like apart this far scene the gas tank and i looked under here under the fuel filler and here’s the pair’s work those see that metal sticking out there i’m hoping that’s just loose because

It might be rubbing on this bowl here say screw and i might have worked that loose because it’s intermittent i’m going to try pushing that in you can see that hmm i could make a bad connection hmm from all this up and down i bet you i hope but i have to put it all back together and drive it for to see if that acts up again if it does i’m gonna have to replace

That park or sell the damn bike well that’s really out marry well i’m gonna work on this you know what you know i hope that’s all of this see this is from the stator and crank positioning center this of course it’s harder to get mmm you would think that we’re making busan bad connection look at that see how far that went in me i’ll be nicer to that with the

Problem watch i’m gonna i’m gonna start it now and i’ll show you what it will do it it probably be that just like that was watch it just turn over all this is what it would do when that error came up exactly what it would do and then five ten minutes later or if i push it to my other garage it would fire it up hopefully that’s the problem we’re going to plug

It in and say he’s going to fire right up for us but that’s the symptom take em out a little bit again all right make sure it stays in there thing now look see i had to go far in there it would explain your mirror making problem i don’t want to just leave it i’m sure that was so look at that say well two years it was doing that upset you and i hope that’s the

Only problem but somehow i got to get that away from there and make sure that’s in there good yeah i’ll put some silicone sealant on it that’s it overnight and i’ll put it back together tomorrow because i’m lazy and i’m tired see more lazy than tired that a good idea or crazy look at seeing for it goes in i betcha i just hope that’s and if so it’s pretty my fault

For leaving it right there but i was gonna go deeper yeah look see when i pull this wire up anyway it moves inside all right see it moveth save alright i’m gonna push that in good put some silicone sealing in there you can sit overnight son of a and i’m gonna bury it i’m gonna bury it let me get my sealed dan pulls it right out hmm just supposed to only be

Stranded sometime stop looking at me okay i put it back together and i pulled that out how it was when i took the bike apart okay that was connected now i try to start it watch see now that would give me the error of crank was just positioning sensor now look i’ll push your dan and we’re figuring it out here oh him oh yeah have to say that’s the problem right

There i’m glad i went way in okay now i’m going to find a way to really keep that in there what do we think krazy glue or silicone sealing but twisted together with foil just i’m gonna put this in maybe some anything i’m stupid but i’m hoping a-holes where is it please in there deep now so just work bounder him hard ii then a little bit more inside it’s easy

Free man is coming out thinking that’s gonna hold it let dry overnight for mm-hmm let’s hope for the best then i’m gonna plug in i’m going to deep put a deep inside maybe i’ll show you when i’m done all right rest in pieces all right i let the sealer cure overnight seems pretty solid i’m going to plug them in and put them in there pretty deep so hopefully this

Didn’t happen again like like pushing out alright alright see smell back in here took the enero secure when you put it back in watch that this vibration isn’t gonna work on that wearing that out and if the connection is too bad with that clip was like i guess you could cut them solder them i put some heat shrink tape on there too i should be good alright i’m gonna

Put it back together then hope it lasts and doesn’t break down again alright it’s all back together i left the back seat off cuz i like it like that sometime started up to give it starts and hopefully that doesn’t import again i hope that helped you gonna take a ride you

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Bike Won't Start, Crank Positioning Sensor, CPS Suzuki Boulevard C12 Code Fix By Rick Mammana