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Inside Justin Bogles 2022 H.E.P. Motorsports Suzuki RM-Z450

We get our hands on Justin Bogle’s latest ride for the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross season, his 2022 H.E.P. Twisted Tea Suzuki RM-Z450. Check out our inside look as we cover the ins and outs of this fine-looking Suzuki along with some info about H.E.P. Suzuki’s race program. Click play and enjoy some eye candy.

Hey it’s mike lindsey from vitalmx and today we are diving into justin bogle’s twisted t progressive hep motorsports suzuki rmz 450. the hdpr hep team is of course suzuki’s official factory entry in the 450 class they started out with the brand a couple years ago when they still had the jjr teams at first they were just a small support team actually started uh by

A few different individuals but the most name one that people recognize is the pypes family namely the team manager dustin pipes who was a racer at the time rode suzuki’s they started a little bit of an effort had a couple of privateers on it and now they have grown it into the official suzuki entry team that we see today in the 450 class it is a three-man team

But of course we are talking about newcomer to the team justin bogle’s bike today and the team actually has some pretty interesting updates this year they’ve really stepped up their game so a couple big differences for this team this year starting with the engine package they do have an in-house engine technician this year in the form of day die who’s been kind of

A mechanic and crew chief for the team for a long time dave valley is like legendary mechanic been with a lot of big name racers over the year came to the program and now he’s kind of stepped into this more crew chief engine role he works with jamie ellis at twisted development to come up with this engine package you’ll see that the cylinder head has the twisted

Development logan so it’s jamie’s head he works with dave to figure out you know what they’re looking for for power so what piston spec they’re running what cams they’re running crank rod things of that nature kind of goes through the both of them as they test and come up with the package so it’s basically in a sense it is a twisted development engine package from

A mechanical standpoint but dave is in charge of kind of testing developing it and doing all the assembly so all the engines come back to him to be serviced and gone through the rmz 450 of course is very torquey by nature but it does tend to have an old-school four-stroke feel it’s very slow revving very tractor powered but has a lot of engine inertia character

So things they’ve gone through this engine and done of course is try to broaden it out they’ve tried to get as much character you know as much range of power out of it which is pretty much what we talked about with any of these factory 450 teams the goal is to spread out the power as far as possible make it as usable as possible and try to put the riders in a

Position where they’re shifting the least amount and just able to focus on you know their lines their form their function on the track a couple other interesting things about the bike is the gearing choice we’ve seen him run a pretty unusual gearing option with a 14 tooth front and anywhere from a 54 to like 56 rear i believe their common gearing is around a 55

So i mean they’ve literally had to work with their sponsored mika metals to make these sprockets it does sound like a very unusual option it’s what they feel like works best with this bike for the power spread and what their engine package is and usually when you see this kind of gearing a lot of it has to also do with suspension character chain line anti-squat

Things of that nature another addition in their program this year is bringing on from a electronics sort of also crew chief role is yuzo uh he’s been a part of jgr he was part of yoshimura before that he’s kind of been a go-to japanese technician kind of the liaison between suzuki and a bunch of the race program so he takes care of all the electronics so with

This they were able to get access to what we consider factory ecu’s from suzuki they are of course kihin built by kian same as your production ecu but they just have more ability to tune it a software that allows them to get into ecu and adjust more things that from the aftermarket standpoint we usually only see with say like a getter a vortex but they have so

Many options now with having that electronics package they have yuzo in there doing the tuning working with the guys to again change the power character tweak it weekend week out goes to the races and just kind of helps the guys really dial in the bikes as for the suspension program on this bike it is showa kit suspension um they do work in part with uh clark from

Noline who’s helped the team now for a couple years back when they’re on olins again this is what we would consider kit suspension um in the past you know suzuki’s always had a very long relationship with showa they’ve had some unique forks over the years the stuff they’re running right now near you can go out and buy the forks aren’t really anything too different

Than the production forks are on the bike there are a couple little parts here and there it’s just stuff made to you know tighter tolerances better quality coatings things of that nature the shock is pretty unique as the production suzuki does come with a bfrc balance free rear cushion shock they go back to a more traditional design shock and this body is a little

Bit more expensive from showa because it’s only made for this application right here but all three of the guys on the team are using that same setup with just the settings dialed in for each guy’s liking vogel is new to the program and talking to the guys they said there is definitely a little bit of difference in working between the three um brandon and adam are

Both a bit harder on equipment overall what i’ve heard so far about them working with bogle is he’s just very easy on the bike of course justin’s a very talented rider has a very smooth natural style and they said that really translate into everything they do with the bike with him they say barely wears brake pads doesn’t really put a lot of wear tear into other

Parts of the bikes into the engines into the clutches any of those items a couple of unique items on the bike they do have access to works billet nissan calipers they do work with dunlop of course it means the guys at this level of the team do have access to spec tires they’re able to test go through a lot of the guys may look like they have the same tires but they

Might be running slightly different compounds different versions of those depending on the guys feedback and just what they’re looking for couple other accessory items you see on the bike they do work with mika metals for their bars or grips their sprockets again we have arc levers on the bike the guys all have options between different ratios of clutch perch just

To kind of get that fine clutch feel they’re looking for hinson does provide their billet ignition cover their clutch cover and all the clutch components inside the bike the guys have thoroughly tested with them and came up with a spec that all the guys currently use for their clutch setup we do see some of the guys on the team use some different link linkage

Arms we do see some leftover jgr parts in this area and again something we kind of touched on earlier but to expand on is their gearing they are typically running a 1455 gearing which sounds pretty unique they will go all the way up to a 56 at high altitude races and change the flywheel weight a little bit and then outdoors that go back down to like a 54-53 but

What they found is changing the chain line on the suzuki really helped them in multiple aspects the guys do like the power character they do like how it changes the action in the rear end of the bike that’s anti-squat how much leverage it has just how the overall shock works and he said the biggest thing they noticed is when they originally tried this with max ansi

Two years ago is it really helped us start the way that the bike loads and drives out of the gate was better on this gearing so that’s kind of why they keep sticking with this package all the protection items on this bike are pretty much supplied by cmt they’re a carbon company italy there is a little bit sometimes confusion there there is a cmt usa which you see

Like the factory honda team use and then there’s cmt italy which a lot of gt teams use and that’s a lot of the carbon you know the skid plates chain guides some of the items that we see here aboard the hep suzuki team they use works connection for their whole shot device the exhaust systems of course are from yoshimura yoshimura has this just long long term deal

With suzuki they’ve worked with them forever these guys are able to just get into a lot of knowledge with them they’ve done so many iterations of exhaust from when they ran the program when it went to jgr and now it’s over to hep being the official suzuki team they can just draw on all that experience from yosh they have multiple options left over from all that

Testing for them to go through and pick what works best for these guys both indoors and outdoors skda sk designs does all their graphics kits they’ve worked with a bunch of teams this year uh kind of a new look for them like i said they’ve definitely got a lot of outside sponsors but they do a really good job of having a clean look and we always say it whether it’s

Shootouts bike intros anything man suzuki’s look good you get one done up in race trim like this and no matter where they’re at on the track bikes bikes freaking look good so that’s been it for our inside dive into the twisted t progressive hep suzuki team if you got any questions about any more of the parts on the bike maybe some stuff why they’ve tried it why

They’ve got to implement things we didn’t touch throw it in the comments section below also if you like to learn about these race bikes week in week out the teams are always changing and trying new stuff we have a feature we run on our website at called pippits we run it every race day on saturday from what we find in the pits so if you’re into the

Tech stuff check it out i’m sure you’re going to enjoy it make sure you also subscribe give us the thumbs up like so you make sure you don’t miss any of these videos shootouts testing all the good stuff we put on here at vital mx and thanks for watching you

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Inside Justin Bogle's 2022 H.E.P. Motorsports Suzuki RM-Z450 By Vital MX