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KTM 1190 Adventure R & Suzuki Vstrom camping roadtrip

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Good morning guys how you doing been quite a while uh we got a trip planned today there you go i uh i picked that up this winter i’ve done a few rides on it already this spring as you can tell things are getting a little bit greener around here but uh the weather has not really been that good like currently right now oh well here’s the temperature i’m hitting the

Road in this there’s the current temperature it’s freaking cold out here it’s at zero degrees just before it starts to freeze but uh you know gratefully the sun is starting to come up again so the road should start to warm up pretty soon it’s gonna be a bit of a nippy ride i got about an hour and a half to ride to meet up with a bunny mine down south we’re doing

A ride over to uh it’s a usual ride i’ve done before he’s never done it before we’re gonna book her down to like tobermory area take the ferry tomorrow we’re gonna go over to the manitou island right around there come back home but uh my buddy’s got a i believe it’s a 650 v strom he’s come out with me before um he came out with me on the sturgis fail video i’ll

Post a link to that down below in case you want to see us not make it to sturgis so here’s the bike we’re doing it with just picked this up it’s a uh what was this a 2015 or 17. oh geez i can’t even remember my own bike anyway ktm adventure 1190 actually a really nice really nice freaking bike man comfortable as hell and it’s uh she’s pretty big all right let’s

Get uh let’s get dressed here put my helmet on i got my jacket on let’s hit the road for about 10 minutes late already oh it’s a cold freaking warning man just waiting for my buddy to show up here i’m freaking numb like if you can you can’t really see i’ve been in class well you can see behind me i’ve been in clouds all freaking morning and uh it’s a bit wet and

Also i was today years old when i figured out when you’re in the middle of a cloud and the sun is shining down the rainbow you’re at the bottom of the rainbow no plot of gold but this is pretty good right what’s up buddy typical road trip in canada hey wait there’s no signs on the side of it where’s the sign that’s weird here check this out there you go you see

It tim hortons all right let’s go get on these things and we’re ready to hit the road how you doing there buddy good enjoying the uh enjoying the run so far there or what so what year is this baby 2010 650 v strum freaking nice little setup eh freaking nice little freaking skid pan there the whole freaking bit and i’ve got nothing yet not even a damn saddlebag

I got bungeed to my freaking racks i’ll get there still new check that out look look at check what’s that about a foot and a half long that little bugger he’s about a foot in half she’s got a couple buddies over there look at that gun i don’t think we can see anything out here we got two more over here that’s awesome they’re about a foot they’re about a foot in

Half long these things eh weird came down here last year with my bulldog and uh a couple years ago she come right down to holy moly moves i came right down to here and she just charged right in the water right up to her neck it’s like uh what are you doing she just kept on walking it’s like a bitty buddy better turn around all right so the current time is about

9 30 at night uh temperature is supposed to get pretty cold tonight uh the forecast is saying uh three degrees here’s my setup i don’t know how uh i can barely see this light shining in my face we’ll see how well i do tonight hopefully we make it so uh tomorrow morning the plan is we’re going to get up at six and we’re heading over to um it’s kind of hiker’s

Place or whatever the hell the name is and uh we’re gonna head over there for seven o’clock for breakfast and we have to be an hour an hour early for the cast of chichiman which is the the ship that’s going to take us over to manitoulin island tomorrow morning uh we got to be there an hour before sailing time it leaves at 8 50 but we got to be there at 7 50. so

We got about 50 about 45 minutes yeah 45 50 minutes to eat breakfast so that’s more than enough time and uh once we’re on manitoulin island tomorrow we’re gonna tour around a bit we’re gonna go see uh bridalvale falls i’m gonna put my let’s see if i can put my gopro on my helmet uh it’s a new helmet i haven’t used yet i got it a couple years ago and i used it for

Probably a week before i got rid of my old bike but uh yeah we got some motorcycle parts to pick up in uh manitoulin island and we’re gonna head home that’s about it so uh wish me luck tonight and uh if i think about it if i can uh if i get really cold tonight i can concentrate enough maybe i’ll grab the phone or the camera here and i’ll turn it on make a quick

Little video of my me freezing my ass off and if you see you see my breath a little bit it’s not even cold yet see in the morning oh boy how quiet it is here not very many people here it’s like the day after everyone went home from a long weekend ugh good morning guys this is my morning face ugh i slept like unreal how cold it was last night so cold

Here’s a little place i’ve uh apparently i’ve missed it every time i’ve been here but uh if you see right across here you see the the only gas station out here in tobare there’s a little sign out here somewhere over here i think just looks like a driveway to a house but check this out it’s a little place in here that was like the hungry hiker is what it’s called

And uh we’re getting breakfast 7 a.m the only place i think around you can get breakfast before you can get onto the boat that’s a good thing just had some coffee and man the coffee is good good morning and it’s uh i don’t know hour and a bit later and we’re sitting down here waiting to get on the chicha man that’s the front end of the boat and opened up so

Everything can drive into it motorcycles so hey greg and we are all on board bikes are tied down you okay you ready for this buddy oh yeah all right look at that i forgot to put my mask on too i’m up here walking around like an idiot no mask on people probably looking at me like i’m one of those all right i guess i’ll go do that right now that’s where we

Were yesterday so are we on the upper level no oh okay that’s why ah right yeah we’re gonna be late for school yes and just like that we’re heading back down to the cars to hop on the bike let’s take this one instead what’s that an s2000 s2000 look at that plate so okay one final stop before going home so this is about it we’re in sudbury now

We’re only a little hop skipping a jump away from home take care guys thanks for watching see you later you

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KTM 1190 Adventure R & Suzuki Vstrom camping roadtrip By Rex4x4