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My Motorcycle Blew Up Mk1 Suzuki Bandit 600N

My advice for any biker is to try not to ride through deep puddles & make sure your sparkplugs don’t get wet.

Hello ladies gentlemen boys and girls ladder the twin and welcome to this rainy day here in north devon it’s been glorious weather all day blue sky sunshine and then i decide to fix my bike well i’m going to cover that story in a minute and go for a ride a little test ride and make a little floggity vlog and um starts raining gets really windy doesn’t it something

Happened the other day my bike was playing up being a bit dodgy i’ll change the air filter the oil the oil filter and all that and then it wouldn’t start backfired on me i was like what the deuce that was like a week ago so like an absolute twunk i ordered my new bloomin spark plugs from a a new company uh upcoming company called amazon it’s an online retail

Store and um they did like a week to come i could have just gone down to halfords and when they did blooming gum they were the wrong blooming spark plugs sideways even longer right i still got them and then so i did go to that place called alfred’s instead and then i bought some spark plugs and i bought the wrong bloody spark plugs again did i oh i thought i

Googled it and the guy was like yeah these ones so when i got those the bloody wasn’t so that way another blooming day go get some boom and spark frogs tonight now the bike works right so there’s that and uh now i feel bad for having such a happy demeanor now i’m going to tell you give you some news about uh my my poorly friends uh start with the sad news uh

One of them perished one of them died it was expected he died last week however my other mate the one who uh when he was diagnosed given 18 months i guess i was about eight months ago so so we saw like 10 months left his aim was to be around for his wife’s 40th birthday so he started having treatment for for that and he became very very ill so he goes back to

The hospital for his uh there’s a little checkup thing in the jiggy and the doctors are stunned they are genuinely stunned sort of think of a better word to explain stunned than stunned shocked uh that like he took really really well to the treatment and uh so well they can now target his cancer and um he’s been told go back to bloody work so his terminal

Cancer is now not quite terminal i don’t know it’s a weird one still quite quiet about it but like not treatable he’s always going to have it by looks of it but like he’s got he’s got longer than 10 months like could be a few years however that’s bloody amazing so when i found out i started crying like a little then i’m supposed to cry and uh that’s absolutely

Bloody amazing i’m so chuffed and then so the bike’s been broke and that’s been getting me down too because you know when you’re when you’re sad bike therapy always helps doesn’t it so this is the first time i’ve been on this bike for a week and guess what today is it’s mother’s day yes but today is also my birthday so i’ve got my bloody bike fixed on my bloody

Birthday i’m so bloody happy about that and another thing oh god i used to like never share on these videos now i’m doing nothing but sharing all right so now yeah another thing i’ve been not been working that makes sense where i normally like to work um for quite a while and tomorrow i’m going back to where i always work houston work like to work and i can’t

Bloody wait yeah so i think i’m just gonna say like see you later alligator and uh it’s just a little catch-up this probably the last of these life update things hopefully hopefully nothing too dramatic is going to happen from now on so fantable hooby i’ll see you on a epic adventure somewhere when the weather’s nice and when we’re officially allowed to go out

Because of course like all the other vloggers say what i just done was a essential journey so hopefully see you on your flip-flops

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My Motorcycle Blew Up (Mk1 Suzuki Bandit 600N) By EpicAdam Motovlogs