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My Review of the 2020 Suzuki Katana

I provide my views of this sport bike that I have owned and ridden since last month. Please let me know what you think the Comments Section.

Well hello everyone this is cj with cycletron well i said i was going to do a review of my 2020 katana my wife bought it for me last month i wanted to get a few hundred miles under my belt before i did any type of review so here we are i really love this bike i was looking for a more modern sport bike i still have my copart special my 2005 yamaha 600r but i

Wanted something that was a little bit newer and a little bit more power this bike produces 150 horsepower at 10 000 rpm and 80 foot pounds of torque at 9 500 rpm the red line’s 11 500 rpm so that’s about 40 horsepower more than the original katana and about 10 foot pounds more torque than the original katana this bike weighs 475 pounds about 50 pounds less

Than the original katana this bike’s very smooth it’s based on a 2016 suzuki gsx 1000 999 cc inline four engine liquid cooled chain drive six speed i like the retro looks of this bike i like the led backlit lcd screen kind of interesting look if you remember the 80s very well like i do it’s it’s quite a throwback if you like the 80s styling this bike’s a

Nod to that of course the original katana came out in the early 80s i tend to be drawn to more unusual looking bikes this bike didn’t sell very well it came out in august of 2019 as i mentioned i just bought mine last month up until a month ago they were still pretty plentiful in dealer showrooms in fact suzuki still has a 2 000 rebate for unloading these bikes

That’s what i got when i bought it so the bike retails for thirteen thousand five hundred dollars it comes with two thousand dollar rebate and they usually charge you four hundred dollars for freight of course nowadays with bikes in short supply you’re not going to get much of a deal beyond that but uh 2 000 rebates pretty healthy you know i think the reason why

This bike didn’t sell very well as one the looks weren’t for everybody to the seat heights 32 and a half inches which is kind of high for some people and three the fuel range is pretty modest has a 3.18 gallon fuel tank i’ve been average around 40 miles a gallon so that means dead empty’s around 130 miles so i’ve been generally looking for the gas station

Around 100 mile mark but for around town or not too far out of town where you know you’re gonna have plenty of gas stations this is fine i mean honestly this is a comparable range to what the harley-davidson live wire has but it only takes me a couple minutes to top off with fuel versus an hour plus to charge a live wire so i’d much rather have a limited range

Gas powered motorcycle than a limited range electric motorcycle that’s just me so why did i get this bike i mean it has loads of power i have yet to do a track day i’m not dragging my knee around curves in my local area it’s just fun to have a lot of power and it’s extremely smooth the fueling is very good on this bike it’s not snatchy at all like you getting

Some modern bikes uh the seat’s been comfortable for me the riding position is good even though it’s a naked bike i don’t get a tremendous amount of wind blast i’ve had that with different bikes uh naked bikes like i had a ducati x diavel s and there was hardly any wind blast uh on my upper body from that bike i think the way the the fork and the headlamp and

Everything was designed it did channel quite a bit of air over and that’s what this one does i had a 2014 fc09 and the wind blast was horrible on that bike i don’t know what the deal was with that but the bike was fun otherwise but this bike’s a great overall bike again i like the looks i’d say things that are irksome or just noticeable i guess there’s quite a

Bit of vibration transmitted through the seat and the pegs at 5000 rpm and again around 7 200 rpm it’s not what i would say annoying but it’s just noticeable and i don’t like the rear fender design it’s got that huge cutout where there’s about a foot gap in the fender over the top of the rear tire my ex diablo s had that as well you know that’s great if you live

In southern california where you average 14 inches of precipitation a year where i live here in the midwest we get about 42 inches of precipitation a year so if you have one of those open cut fenders like that and you go through any amount of water on the roadway you get grime all over your bike pretty quickly so i don’t know i don’t get that i guess it’s kind

Of cool to expose the rear tire like that but i prefer a little more functionality i would say if this bike had a three and a half gallon tank instead of barely 3.2 that would be a little bit better but again i think they made some trade-offs to improve the looks of the bike and the styling and to try and match the retro styling of the original katana there’s

Still quite a few of these bikes out there on cycle trader some advertised as low as 9 300 bucks but i’m pretty sure that’s clickbait for a new bike they’re probably already accounting for the two thousand dollar rebate i think if uh i mean there’s still a number of them out there maybe twenty new katanas on cycle trader anyway i think you could expect to be paying

Around 11 500 plus the freight so around 12 grand plus any local sales taxes that you might have which is still pretty solid i mean i mentioned the live wire earlier this bike is a little more than uh a third the cost of a live wire of course the new generation i guess is gonna be around 24 000 so it’s half the cost of a new live wire but this bike has a lot of

Get up and go i can run it to 11 500 just in first gear top speed on this bike supposedly around 160 miles an hour i mean i i rarely oh i’d say pretty much every bike i own i’ll get to 100 miles an hour at some point and i’m good that’s like for a few seconds and if i’m cruising fast on the highway it might be 80 85 that’s pretty much all i’ll do whether i’m

On my harley or sport bike now this bike’s got loads of acceleration on paper it’s 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds 30 miles an hour to zero braking is about 33 feet and 60 miles an hour to zero braking is about 133 feet so this bike’s got great performance it’s got uh dual disc four pot brembos up front and single disc dual pot nissan in the back it’s got 4.7 inches

Of front suspension travel and 5.1 in the rear i really like the led screen that’s my favorite feature of this bike and you could adjust the brightness on it i want to ride this bike at night sometime i sell them right at night though my night vision isn’t so great but i’m gonna have to do that pretty soon but yeah the zero to 63.2 seconds that’s that’s pretty

Quick and with such a high red light you just keep it in first gear just wring it out now for me in town i’m not going crazy on this thing but it is nice to basically get that hole shot at stoplights to uh be able to compete effectively with the minivan and suv drivers in my area i swear there’s a lot of people that just completely floor it from stop to stop

Where i live i’m not quite sure why that is i prefer to get away from the pack and then just slow down to the speed limit or around the speed limit and of course be able to roll on get out of people’s blind spots it’s nice so let me know what you think would you ever consider getting a bike like this as i mentioned this bike’s got 150 horsepower which i think

Is the practical upper limit on horsepower for a street bike you know a lot of these big sport bikes now have 200 horsepower but to make them streetable there’s all kinds of electronic interventions so i don’t see the point of spending all the extra money to get a 200 horsepower bike if you’re just gonna have to dumb it all down with electronics anyway now if

You’re gonna take a bike like that and take it to the track periodically that’s a different story the other thing is once you’ve had a sport bike with this kind of horsepower it’s hard to move away from it unless you’re just interested in pure touring i mean that’s a different animal that’s a different style riding but when you get older if you’re able to have

A touring bike and a sport bike it’s uh it’s great to have both you know different style riding but i have to say really even though this is a sport bike i kind of ride it like a cruiser anyway like i said i’m not getting real crazy with it so what do you think out there would you consider getting a sport bike even as a second bike particularly if you’re older

Do you remember the old katana do you think suzuki did a good job recreating that bike this bike handles so effortlessly i mean at 475 pounds it’s just you just kind of think about where you want to go and that’s where it goes doesn’t take a lot of effort not a lot of steering input the controls are very easy to operate pretty light touch on the on the pull so

Thanks for watching everyone and please let me know what you think in the comments section and please be on the lookout for future videos

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My Review of the 2020 Suzuki Katana By Cycletron