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Suzuki Boulevard ct109rt tank and tins removal

Hey guys welcome back to steve’s backyard bike and car repair tips uh as you can see behind me here i’ve got the c109rt that belongs to a friend of mine and uh today we’re going to be taking all the tins off of it because it’s going to get some paint work done to it and there’s going to be a few other things we do to it as a project but today we’re going to

Start by just getting the stuff off that needs to be painted so that’ll mean the back fender front fender side covers gas tank and we’ll get started with that so i’m going to switch you around here and i’ve never taken one of these apart but as far as i can tell these plus the wiring take the back crest and that off so obviously we’ll have to take the seat

Off which will be a bolt right here um side covers i know the other side pops off i think there’s a key yeah that holds this one off and we’ll get that apart obviously same with the back we’ll get the tail light and signals off um it’s uh crammed in the shop but it’s cold outside and i got the heat on so i really don’t want to open the door but i think i can

Do this without too much trouble the tank there’s probably something under the seat um i’ll get into that in a minute and uh front fender i think is we’re gonna begin and it’s pretty easy so uh i’m gonna cut away here in a minute and come back as i’m getting the last bolt out i think they’re 12 mil bolt and there’s four of them two on this side two up on the

Other side i think you can kind of see it there and uh we’ll get this front fender off to start so here we go okay so i got the four bolts they are 12 millimeter socket and there is two brackets that go on either side here that actually hold the brake lines i think when we go back on i’ll have those off just because it’s hard to wiggle it and there’s going to

Be fresh paint on these so we’re going to be careful going back on but it is thin enough thankfully unlike my honda that i did that we can slide this fender out and there’s your front fender off pretty straightforward pretty easy just to show you the side cover i’m going to walk around and actually just pop it off quick and show you guys locking things over

Here so that’s your side cover on the right side of the bike just uh just three little tabs there there and there and uh i know he’s already replaced the rubbers on this bike but that was a good time if this is loose by any reason for taking it on awful time while it’s getting paint go get three new little rubbers that these sit into and get them on the bike

And then they’ll be tight you have put a little vaseline or grease on there to help pop them on but you don’t want this flying off down the road because it can happen so now we’re going to come to this side cover i’m going to try it because i’m not well known with this bike i should get the right key the truck key is not going to open that up i believe it’s

Loose okay i’m going to put this down and figure this out because like i said this is not my bike and i don’t want to break it so i’m gonna figure out how this comes off but the key does definitely loosen it so i’ll come back to you in a minute when i figure this out okay so it’s off it was the key and then just like the other side there’s two tabs um i don’t

Know maybe there’s a tool kit or something in there that they have you lock it up for or storage spot but that’s what it is you can see that’s the one there and then there’s one there and then your key locks in down under here so that’s next we’ll be taking the back seat off actually both the seats for that matter and we’ve got an allen key up here and we’ll get

That seat off and then that will help us as far as the tank goes and uh also with the back fender okay so i took out of course like almost every metric bike it’s a six millimeter hex so that takes the back seat uh it makes it loose anyways and then it clips into here so you just slide it back and out now i’ve got two right here they’re six mil as well and uh

This is what holds the front seat on so i’m going to take these off well that holds the backrest on anyways oh yeah the seats underneath there’s the bracket for the seat so we’ll just rock the backrest down and that’s the bracket that’s also got your grab handle on that bracket and we’re gonna lift and that takes our seat off which i’m gonna get out of the way

Sorry guys i’m trying not to show you the whole shop because i got a couple projects in here that i haven’t really talked about yet so um so one thing i’m gonna be looking for and yeah here it is so here’s your harness for your rear taillights so we’re going to want to get that unplugged just because now uh now we’ll be able to take the back fender off which

I believe are these big bolts here now i’m gonna take the tail lights and stuff off after um but i just want to get the fender off the bike so uh i’m gonna sit and i think it’s got one of those brake light indicator strokers on it so i’m gonna have to see what i have to do to get that apart but uh oh it should just come off of that clip okay so i’m going to do

That guys so i’m going to do this clip right here for your whole that’s your taillights and your in your turn signals i’m going to get a big wrench on these and take these off and hopefully that takes my backrest and my back fender off okay guys so it’s a really giant metric but a one inch will work one inch uh socket or wrench and that is indeed what holds your

Fender on and this i will say there is a spacer that goes between on the other side of the backrest so don’t lose that because it’s going to fall out i still have to undo the other side as you can see i got the harness unclipped here um i’m putting rags through here because obviously we got the nice uh chrome bracket which i may or may not be taking off it’s

A couple of hexes up here probably when the fender goes back on i will be just so we can get it mounted because they do dish in a little bit so um i’m gonna go to the other side now but i i do suggest putting a rag in here and i’m also going to probably put one on the top of the fender even though it’s getting painted i don’t want to put any gouges or scratches

In it um just in case when i’m undoing this this whole big backrest drops down okay so that’s just a tip for you guys okay so those four bolts do actually hold it on but these spars the fender spars they pinch it together so it doesn’t want to move so uh if you loosen these off it actually lets the one spread enough you can get it out um going back on i’m not

Sure if i’m going to try and just take this spar right off and just bolt it to the other one also uh i should let you know before you’re fighting with it right here there’s a 12 millimeter bolt that also has to come off there’s a little bracket um i think probably we’ll take this off when it’s on reassembly bolt it to the other spar bolt it to the front and

Then put this one on just so we’re not messing around with fancy new paint and getting scratches in it so uh next thing coming up is going to be the tank which memory serves me right is this right here which i think is another 12. so 12 millimeter uh these are 10 millimeter hex so 10 millimeter hex six millimeter 12 millimeter i think is what you need to get

This all apart um i believe now i did have the tank off with them once before i believe it is a quick connect as far as the fuel goes but we’ll uh we’ll confirm that in a minute i’m going to get this fender off to a safe place and then we’ll carry on okay so fuel tanks off man it was full of fuel um so it is the 12 mil at the back now up on the dash yeah right

There there’s a uh it’s a smaller than six i think it’s a five mil maybe a four hex that lifts off the dash as you can see we’ve got the dash sitting right here there’s a clip right there and that would be your wiring harness right here your fuel line is right here now there is a special tool to take this off if not if you’re good enough you can actually get

In and squeeze the tabs with two fingers what i actually did was i squeezed the tab on one side just put a flat head screwdriver on this side just gently if you do this too hard you don’t want to break this clip because then you’re in a lot of trouble push in on this side while holding in the other side and then just wiggling it up and giving a little tug at

The same time and you’ll get that out um the batteries here just because i propped the fuel tank up so i could get my hand in there to do it um that would be the big big thing to do with the fuel tank obviously more fuel that’s in it heavier it is um so yeah so this is where your tank sits obviously is down on here so when you pull it up you pull it back up and

Out so that gets the parts off of the bike now if you’re going to be doing paint like this bike is up to you i’m not taking these off i’m going to leave that up to the body shop or my buddy that owns the bike to do the stuff to make life easier though like this side cover so i’m going to get a wrench in here undo that big nut or if you can get an adjustable

In there i don’t know how extensive your tool kit is at home get that loose and we get that key off um and that uh that strips that down other than the badge anything that’s glued on i’m not going to get into but if i can unbolt it and clean it off for the the customer and for the painter i’m going to do so that brings the uh the back fender so we got the tail

Light and the signals right here so you’re just going to be undoing these bolts um and there’s a couple screws and uh your wiring harness these little tabs just you can see i can bend them up my finger you can get the wiring harness out and i have to get get your back fender stripped and then uh ready for paint at least as far as i go so um here we go guys

So i’ll get uh i’ll get this all stripped this is a real big rubber grommet you should be able to pull this stuff through um this little box might be an issue but we’ll find out when i get to it so i’ll come back when i got this pulled apart just so you can see what’s going on there so we got everything all stripped out of the fender here um if you don’t have

One of these you might struggle or you might break a couple clips there’s a couple clips that are pressed in you gotta dig under and pop them up so unless you’re really creative with a screwdriver or maybe even make one out of an old screwdriver something just enough to get in there to get underneath it and just pop it up um than the rest of these steel tabs

Obviously the little rubbers obviously for the wiring harnesses at either end i took those out um your license plate bolts are right here took those out um your three bolts for your tail light and then obviously what i did is you know so you don’t lose them and you know where they go back put uh put your rubbers and the little sleeves in them back in put the

Bolts just start them so you know they’re where they need to be when you need to find them same with the back of the tail light i put the screws on the back of the tail light um that’s uh that’s a big cruiser that’s got most of the stuff stripped off of it now um i don’t know how far we’re gonna go with this project this might be uh do the paint and then come

Back and do other stuff um it’s really up to my friend who i’m doing this with um it’s his bike so it’s his call but uh this is a good start and uh my battery’s getting real low here so we’re gonna uh we’re gonna probably wrap this up but that’s it that’s uh that’s everything stripped down and there it is all ready to go to paint and then i’m gonna ship that

And some of the other stuff back with my buddy to his house so i got some room in here and then we’ll be putting it back together or maybe even taking a little more apart depending on what he says when i see him next so this is the beginning of the boulevard project guys uh c109rt i do recall right and uh it should look really good once done so i’ll end this

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