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Everything you want to know , video ,photos,spec and our opinion . The bike of the test has 57.000 km .

We were late and the model changes but … we found it and we present it ladies and gentlemen we present you the suzuki v strom ! no v lightning, no v lightning but … v strom! i will explain to you why this motorcycle is best seller and why although i do not like it i consider it one of the best motorcycles that have been ever made i go up and although my hands is a bit

Far, i feel comfortable also wind screen that adjusts to three positions is protect me from air and water very good the motorcycle is heavy but when you ride it, the feeling is not heavy as a second person, i have enough space to travel around the world. something that i can do with this bike we have abs but unfortunately we can not disconnect it i wish i could turn it on

When my wife georgia ride or i am tired and disconect it when i am on dirt we have some space under the saddle that opens with a key from here down here we have our tools and papers and bikes book this is a very good emgine. it allows us to move easily at 150 – 160 km per hour with two persons on it brakes, we have two front and one rear tociko brakes and i dont like them

Not terrible as brakes but i dont have the feeling of safety the abs are good but all the braking total is not … the front wheel is 19 inches and it helps a bit in the dirt do not think of course that this bike can really move in dirt, just passing a path the fork is not the best but the rear suspension is not bad at all gives you a very strong feeling on the road even

If you travel all over the world with two people the worst part of this bike is the brakes and the best, the frame that’s why i said that it is one of the best motorcycles ever made and it is already five years old with 60,000 kilometers cause is an old japanese school is not possible to break it … you can do everything .. you travel the world, you move around the

City and all that very economical you also have a reliable motorcycle for your whole life for these reasons i say it is the best. .. now i will tell you why i dont like this bike it has no character … if i ride it no one will notice me … it goes unnoticed and also it is not nice to have a motorcycle, which is called … strom finally if you are not old bones and want

To make a start with motorcycles … this is a good start also perfect to do your job or even if you return to motorcycles ideal course if you are not interested for your look … for all these cases, this motorcycle is good for you if you are young and your blood is full of energy , get something else vstrom is in many magazines around the world and of course in greece,

I chose two here from 0-300 we have the first presentation of the motorcycle in germany here the model of the video from the magazine moto in 2007 i have to tell you that the first model is more powerful than that of the video so let’s see what else we have in the category … here is few commercial flyers many motorcycles in the category but all with boring and ordinary

Look vstrom a really very good motorcycle, is excellent but …. but strange class …. is the new transalp better than the old one ??? i believe that none of these very good motorcycles today are better than the xrv650 ..not even the 750 … so what happens to this category ?? they are still trying to understand exactly what they want this ioannis and georgia for

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