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Suzuki GSX-R750F Motorcycle Live Restoration

At Motorcycle Live 2015 we took an old GSX-R750F, stripped it, worked out what needed replacing, and rebuilt it to brand new specification using genuine parts. This is the result! And the GSX-R750F is on our Vintage Parts Programme with loads of parts still available, along with other machines including the RGV250, GT750, and more.

Morning my name is nathan you find his heel under sookie stand at the nec show 2015 where we’re doing a complete restoration of her gsxr 750 at the aim of the show is to take it from the bare chassis to a complete running bike within the seven-day duration so here we are the end of day 1 on the suzuki gsxr as you can see we’ve had good progress today we’ve gone

From a bare chassis to the rolling shutter you see here this is included installing the triple clamps handlebars the forks which we’ve built from component parts as well as installing the wheels the wait list the swing arm the rear suspension another good day like extra motion see is hit our target having to quite complete by the end of the week another good day’s

Progress on the gsxr 750 f today today we’ve managed to get on it the the top fare in we’ve got the headlights the clocks a lot of the electric started along with the rear end the rear how going to reunit footrests and we’re looking at doing a bit of work on the engine tomorrow start the engine build so today’s job spin the engine on the gsxr 750 f restoration we’ve

Got the crank in today comrades on built and assembled all the gearbox and that’s all enclosed in the crank cases so we’re well on the way to completely the bike for this friday quite they form the distance are building this agency it’s been all about the engine today which is coming on nicely we’ve got the crankshaft in con rods and pistons in the cylinder heads

Been built and we’re ready to some kansans and timings more right as you can see we’ve got the engine installed in the chassis today on the gist it’s awesome 50s build they included get the camshafts and the engine set the valve clearances walk and carve one and do the physical installation into the chassis so tomorrow is going to be the sump on get it primed of

Oil hopefully will be good for startup slightly slow a day with focus on the gsxr 750 f today we’ve got some pond got the oil and stuff in the bike we’ve got the exhaust pipe in your cooler one connect it up a lot of the ancillary so not a massive visual progress but hopefully already for fire up on there on saturday so here we are it’s find out the nec and we’ve

Managed it the complete logistics awesome 5985 it’s been too busy seven days but i think the end product has been worth the effort we put into it it’s down to suzuki’s spare parts availability in a vintage parts program that we’ve been able to complete this boy there’s nothing here that you have the guy on the street can’t do with a little bit of time a little

Bit of care sit there study the suzuki manual whether you’re just going for a small update to the bike just to improve the cosmetics or whether you’re going to rebuild the entire bike as we did it is possible for somebody with good skills bit patience availability of parts from your local suzuki dealer and you can end up with a result like this

Transcribed from video
Suzuki GSX-R750F Motorcycle Live Restoration By SuzukiBikesUK