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Suzuki GSXR 750 – How To Replace A Chain & Sprockets on a Suzuki GSXR 750

This video goes over how to replace a chain and sprocket set on a Suzuki GSXR 750. This bike is a 2004 so the process should be similar with other model years.

I’m going to show you how to change sprockets and chain on a suzuki gsxr 750. first thing you’re going to need is you’re going to need a rear paddock stand i got this one from harbor freight for like 35 40 bucks it’s actually really nice and i have to pay 200 for it so once you get the bike on a rear stand you’re going to want to take the fairings off and uh

They’re just held on by allen keys on both sides but for each side you got three small ones up here and then a couple in here then once you get the fairings out of the way you want to pull it down again i get both sides because you got pulled down you want to get this front sprocket knot so that is held on by an inch and a quarter bolt so you only an inch and

A quarter socket to get that off it can be on there pretty tight so what you want to do is a make sure the chain’s on have someone stay on the rear brake so when you use a breaker bar you can get it off or what i used i just use an impact i got an electric impact from harbor freight that it just came right off so before we can get off that off though there’s

Another nut right here it’s a hex key nut or an allen key and it sits right in there so that’s where that goes i think uh you got to you gotta take that off first before you wanna i gotta tighten it so yeah you want to take this little bolt off this little hex key bolt and then you want to use an inch and a quarter socket to get off the front sprocket nut once

That’s off you can pull the front sprocket off then you move to the rear sprocket so here it’s a little more involved got a big axle nut here there’s supposed to be a cotter pin i don’t have it put in yet but you can pull in to get this off you’re going to need a 36 millimeter socket i just picked this one up at home depot so you’re going to want to take the

Cotter pin out first take out this nut then you got these uh chain alignment tools right here that’s what these bolts are these bolts are to align the chain as you can see there’s marks right so you can you can remember where those marks are at this one’s on the sixth one from the right you can only see five but it’s hang on the big six one the other side has

It too so when you take off this nut these are going to fall off and then you can pull this axle this rear axle this way if it’s not coming out just take a rubber mallet and hit it out from the other side towards this way also when you take it out the rear brake is fed through the hole for the rear axle so your rear brake is going to fall off which is no big

Deal there’s also some wheel spacers in there i don’t know if you can see it but one of them has a lip in here so you want the one with the lip to be on the right side and there’s another one on the left side that you can see right in there and that one doesn’t have a lip and that one can go on the left side so once you have those off the wheels should be free

You can uh pull the wheel off and take the chain off provided your chains already off my chain was off because it uh snapped and i’ll go into that more detail and then you got and you take the rear sprocket off you have five of these bolts i forgot i think these are like 14 millimeters they’re not on there that tight but i just took an impact and got them off

Then you can open it up under there and make sure you know there’s it’s greased and uh put the new sprocket on now make sure everything fits so once you have the new rear sprocket on you’re going to want to do the same thing you’re going to want to put you’re going to want to tighten these sprocket bolts you want to do everything in reverse so tighten these

Sprocket board you’re stupid bolts first put the wheel bearings in the wheels before you line it up this is going to be probably a two-person job because the uh the hard part is getting this lined up and getting the brake caliper to fit in between the wheel spacer here and the swing arm these are probably going to fall out too so you’re going to want to make

Sure you put these in before you get the bar through uh when you finally get these in the bar is going to show some resistance you know you can put it in to start it so it holds the wheel in place and then you’re going to realize it’s not going to go anymore so just take our rubber mallet and hit it through and it’ll stop and you can adjust this side and then

It’ll come through once it’s through i want to put the other adjuster in here like i said make sure both adjusting marks are matched up that way your wheel is straight and not going to wear unevenly then you can put your front sprocket on all right so to install the chain this is the hardest part now most chains come incomplete meaning they’re not attached so

You have to attach them and to do that you need a master link which always comes with the chain or at least it should come with a chain and uh an o-ring kit with some grease so i bought my chain and sprogas together it’s a vortex racing i think v3 is what they are they’re really high quality i got them through cycle gear i think they’re under 150 dollars so

It’s a it’s a good quality chain so what you have to do is feed the chain once you’re all done and before you attach everything and tighten everything you’re going to want to feed the chain through around the front sprocket feet around the rear sprocket and then let the both ends hang here because then you can attach your link so your little master link you can

Tell which one your master link is to because all these are riveted this one’s the only different one here too so that’s your master link right there so what you want to do is your master link goes behind here and you’re going to have two holes that are going to push through here and then they’re going to come out this end and then you’re going to rivet this

End with a chain tool so essentially you need to get a chain tool where you can uh break the chain and install the chain cycle gear has these as well they’re like 30 bucks you can get more expensive ones but mine was a 30 one it worked fine so what you do is you take your master link and it’s going to have o-rings on it take your master link put o-rings on it

And then feed it through because you want o-rings on this side in between here you’re going to want to feed it through again and you want to put another set of o-rings right here with some grease that comes with it so you can kind of see that white grease and then this plate also comes with it and you can put this plate on once you have the grease on ce you

Have this plate on take your chain tool press it from behind here and line up the chain tool with the holes here and tighten it with the wrench until these holes pop through or these pins pop through and then you want to take the riveting tool and rivet these holes just enough so that they expand so that the pins don’t fall through and as you can see if it

Focuses they’re expanded a little bit but i didn’t expand them too much you don’t want to hit them too much because if you hit them too much you’re going to flatten them and then you’re going to ruin the master link and you have to start all over and you’re not going to want to do that because this takes some time and this takes patience and you’re going to be

Pretty pissed if you it up so don’t over tighten these just tighten it enough it’s it’s barely going to be noticeable but it’s going to be a slight dimple and then once you have your chain on you’re going to want to check your tension you know this one has this one has enough tension might actually have too much tension and if it’s got too much tension then

What you can do is you can adjust these to have this slide that way and i’ll give you a little more slack on the chain once your front sprockets on you can tighten it tighten that nut the front axle nut should be tightened to i believe it’s 83.5 foot pounds of torque so if you need someone to stay on the brake to tighten it make sure you use a torque wrench

Uh the wheel still might spin so what i did is i put two by four through the wheel to hit the swing arm so when it’s spun it would rest against the swinger and have pressure and then i could finally get it to tighten so once the front axle nuts in you want to put this low nut in again this little hex key like i said i know it’s loose i got to tighten it still

Then once that’s done you can put your rear axle nut on remember this is 36 millimeters so you’re going to want to tighten that or torque that down to i think 72 and a half foot pounds per the owners manual the whole reason i’m doing this job because i was riding the other day and i had a pair of shorts fly out of my book bag and get sucked up by my chain and

They’re wrapped around the front sprocket so that is the aftermath of my shorts that i had to pull out of my sprocket and i’ll show you some pictures here of what it looked like when i pull it out you can see it’s all rip to from the chain once you’re done with that make sure everything’s tight put your cover on here with the four bolts and then you can put

Your fairings back on and then once you have your fairings back on both sides bolt them up with the allen keys take it off the rear stand and then go into test drive and you should be good now this is a 2004 gsxr 750 i’m it should work for other model years and other uh cc’s of bikes i’m sure it works for 600 and a 1000. but i’m not sure what years some of them

Are set up differently with the shifter but uh it’s pretty much a straightforward process i mean if you have basic hand tools in a knowledge like a a nice little socket set like this and a little air impact you can do this in a couple days this won’t take long but uh it’s definitely gonna save you some money because i’m only under i think i’m in this for 150

Dollars you to get this done at a shop for about 500 bucks plus transportation of getting your bike there so it’s worth it to do it yourself these stands are cheap and they’re nice for maintenance purposes you can get them uh pretty much anywhere and they’re cheap and it’s nice because in the winter time you can use it for storage as well so working on a bike

Is a lot easier than working on a car but uh it’s pretty straightforward then once you have your uh new chains rockets on you can uh give it a test ride and you’re done

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Suzuki GSXR 750 – How To Replace A Chain & Sprockets on a Suzuki GSXR 750 By Spencer Poulos