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Suzuki GSXR 750 ultimate track/road project – Episode 1 – Exhaust Installation – Knox Armour

Suzuki GSXR 750 ultimate track/road project – Episode 1 – Exhaust Installation – Knox Armour

Oh so welcome to a brand new series on the knox channel and one that i’m super excited about and if you’re a regular here you probably recognize this motorcycle this is my own suzuki gsx r750 it’s quite often featuring on our social media and it’ll also rear its head in some of the video content that we do as well now i’ve really um dinard over the past year

Whether i should get rid of it or not um and change it to something new really lucky here at knox we get to test an array of bikes and there’s just some fantastic new machinery out there you know i tested that um super duke i’m like oh should i get that 890 dew car oh should i get that you know and they’re all fantastic bikes but last year i took this out on

Track a couple of times at alton park and honestly i just fell back in love with it i totally understood it almost like the first time what this bike was designed for and i found a new respect for it and i really really want to go on and do more track days become a better rider as well so while i’ve fallen back in love with the bike i’ve decided to upgrade it

In certain areas so this series is not going to be about making this bike into a race bike or a track only bike it’s going to be a 50 road bike 50 track bike and all the customizations i’m going to be doing are not going to disadvantage one area over the other so it’s about making it as good as it can be me grown with it as a rider and me learning along the

Way as well and i think there’s plenty to learn i’ve always i’ve already come into some complications and hopefully this series will help you guys get over some of the mistakes that i’ve already learned and already had to deal with as well and hopefully it’ll be a bit of an enjoyable series so without further ado we’re going to get into the first part and that

Is sorting the power out which has been a real nightmare with this particular bike and the stuff that it came with when i bought it so let me explain the problem and let me explain where we’re going to get to with the solution we’ll see you back here in a minute after i’ve explained so in order for me to explain the problem i need to quickly explain how

A motorcycle makes its power in a way that even people like me can understand a motorcycle makes its power via an explosion that happens within the engine a mixture of fuel and air is inserted into a cylinder and then they’re ignited by your spark plug this creates an explosion and the energy that’s created powers the motor and your motorcycle but similar to

Any fire the mixture of fuel and air is really important if you add too much fuel you’ll suffocate it too little and it just won’t have enough fuel the mix of fuel and air needs to be right if you want to maximize the performance of your engine but here’s where it gets complicated because if you could introduce more air and fuel into that cylinder then that

Would maximize your potential even more so this is why it’s a standard feature of a race bike is that the stock exhaust system is changed to one that allows more air to flow through the bike then the fuel is also increased to match that extra air by someone with the skills to get the perfect air fuel mix meaning that the bike produces even more power and

This all sounds really great in principle and i thought so too when purchasing my bike it came fitted with a full exhaust system and i thought great and the bike was an absolute screamer fast forward to booking my track day and reading the entry requirements i noticed the prominence of the sound test requirements stated 102 decibels at 7000 rpms for my 750.

While sound regulations are much more lenient on race days and some countries don’t even have sound limits uk track days are strict and standard track days at donington park are even lower at 98 decibels obviously not wanting to be turned away from the track before even turning a wheel i bought a decibel meter and it was really shocked to see my bike reading

Anywhere between 106 and 108 decibels a few calls later and i found the only way to solve the situation was to get a baffle and this definitely seemed to solve the noise issue however after fitting it i could instantly feel a significant change in power all the snap had gone from the power and it was really weak in comparison to normal on track the drive out

The corners was pretty anemic in comparison to what it should be and it also seemed to run a lot hotter than usual so i decided i needed some extra help i called up jordan bikes who were a real expert remap tuner who could hopefully get the bike running right with the baffle in place however the results weren’t great and i proved i wasn’t going mad as well the

Bike was making 107 horsepower when it went in and while the technician worked on it the best that they could ultimately the baffle was really restricting the output and we got it to 117 horsepower not the mid-120s i was hoping for and a test ride instantly proved the bike still wasn’t performing right head down but not beaten i went away and tried to find a

Different exhaust solution but all of the companies i contacted couldn’t give me a straight answer about sound management and performance without standard header pipes racefit provided a little input on their faqs saying don’t try our exhaust on a quiet track day usually the simplest advice is to slip on your standard oem exhaust for the track day black widow

Gave the most help and said that once a catalytic converter is removed the silencer is the only thing to control the noise and theirs could but only they could guarantee it with the baffle in place scorpion could only provide sound information with the cat in place as well so while it seems that a full race exhaust system are a good thing for racing for my

Track day setup it’s just not going to work so i went back to the drawing board and scoured the internet for something really special so here she is and i can’t believe this thing is going back on the gixxer um amazing i bought this whole system on ebay for like 150 quid and you know what the the guy who was selling it has never even used it um he got his gsx

R750 and i think he probably only rode like 10 miles he said on it and he whipped the whole system off and put an aftermarket one on so this has been sat in his garage for like eight years and he hasn’t done anything with it we’re going to be putting this on the bike i have to say it’s quite heavy and i think this is going to be a bit of a weight gain over the

Previous one but we will check that out on the scales i think i’m just gonna have to lose that weight anywhere else which is there’s plenty of plenty of timber on this at the moment so maybe i need to lose a few kilos to compensate but let’s get on with the job and see how we get on so as you can probably tell we’ve been doing some other uh bits of the bike as

Well but that’s for the next series the first job is to get this exhaust off i’ve got jeffries with me as well who’s going to be helping me throughout the job to to get this done you know because everyone needs a dad with them when they’re fixing up their motorbike don’t they and my dad’s with me and we’re gonna do this together and have a bit of a laugh doing

So hopefully so a bit of an update then we’ve been working on a few hours haven’t we oh we have yes but you know we’ve made progress and that’s what’s important you know got that um those header pipes off but the gaskets were so stuck in i think that um previous owners has put some kind of um exhaust rubber around some sealant and it’s just glued everything

In this just loads of ceiling everywhere and this has been hard work hasn’t it ah it’s just been a nightmare getting the getting the um gaskets out but they’re out now and it’s cleaning up so you know we’re ready to stick the the rest of the the new header pipes but we’re having such a lot of fun oh right well there’s the exhaust uh sets what’s your predictions

Five kilos three kilos heavier we’re gone then okay yeah it’s that 5.7 5.7 5.7 five kilos you were just bang on weren’t you yeah five kilos that’s incredible that’s ten kilos i’ll do push-ups with that in the morning five kilos how much is that no no the the the exhaust yeah yes 50 heavier on it yes it’s twice yeah twice the weight that’s 5.7 that’s 10.5

So you know is that uh how much is that in stone that um two two point two pounds to a kilo you’re not recording to have mouths yeah but you know what i need it i need to lose a stone i think i’m carrying about i’ve carried about half a stone to be sure without an exhaust then yeah so well if there was ever an excuse a good reason yeah but i don’t think you’ve

Actually come to the nub of it yet but that five kilos you’ve saved five kilos in weight but you’ve lost 20 horsepower in doing it well with the baffle in here so hopefully well hopefully we’ll gain you know we’ll get we’ll gain uh yeah we’re getting some power there we go let’s get it on so as you can see we’re now totally fitted with the full system

Standard exhaust i’m really happy with the way it looks i think it looks fantastic actually i’m also really happy about the sound control as well as you can tell on camera is kicking out 94 decibels now at 7000 rpm and ultimately what that means is i’m going to be able to go to any track day in the uk quiet loud whatever not have to think about baffles not have

To worry about getting turned away it’s just a headache removed basically and i’m really happy about that so i’ve also just done a little commute on it as well and my first impressions are absolutely fantastic the bike feels like it’s got way more grunt than it’s ever had before way more mid-range picking up for about 6000 rpm than i’ve ever experienced this

Motorcycle with before with or without the baffle in with the old full system so my first impressions for the performance are fantastic as part of the job i’ve also stuck in a k n air filter with the mindset that’ll flow a little bit more air into the bike as well and i don’t know whether it’s just because the um the exhaust is quieter or it’s just because i’ve

Got the k n filter but all of a sudden this induction noise is going on as well and it sounds absolutely mint so the combination of the exhaust and the air filter all of a sudden seems to have changed the characteristic of the bike in a really good way and i’m very happy about that also i’m not 100 on my mindset yet with it but i think it might have changed the

Engine braking characteristic as well in terms of it’s a lot less like snatchy when you’re going down gear it just feels a little bit more smooth i probably need to ride the bike a bit more before i come to a full conclusion about that but that was my initial impressions but the way it rides very very good so admittedly the exhaust isn’t quite working 100 yet

We did install the sct valve and wiring basically because i want this system just to work the way that the suzuki engineers designed it to and also it does help with the suppressing the noise at idle as well so i wanted it to work but after a bit of head scratching and figuring stuff out we actually found that the servo motor wasn’t working because it’d been

Disconnected at the last dyno session and the way that the wires are at the moment connected up it’s kind of left the valve like half open half closed so basically the that whole exit valve thing on the exhaust at the moment isn’t quite working right so i’m really excited to see once we do get it working right again what is the uh benefit what’s the feeling

Like so obviously as part of what we’ve done fitting a whole new exhaust system putting a different air filter on we’ve changed again totally the feeling of the bike so we’ve booked back in again to go for another session at jordan bikes to get this bike singing basically they’re going to reinstall the servo motor get that working again fine tune the air fuel

Ratio again and i’m really really excited for the full results obviously normally we chew horn results into this film um uh into this video but you know various bits and pieces are uh have been delayed due to covered and stuff so we’re gonna have to wait for a month to actually reveal the uh the results but my initial impressions are that they’re going to be

Pretty good and but you’ll have to wait for about a month until you see the final results so stay tuned for that so in many ways and for you guys watching you’re probably thinking well this is the first episode of this series kind of looks like he’s going backwards really and to me it almost feels a bit like that as well putting like a stock product back on after

An aftermarket one’s been fitted and i know it’s a bit of a controversial subject because i know that loads of people out there fit after-market uh exhaust systems to their motorcycles and i’m not saying they’re not right for you i’m not saying that they don’t sound great and i’m definitely not saying that they’re not the right thing for racing teams who go

Racing at weekends where there’s less noise restrictions it clearly is the right solution for that and in all likelihood i possibly could have solved it another way you know maybe i could have found you know bought 10 different exhaust end cans of varying different lengths and got them to pass that noise test but honestly i didn’t want to waste that amount of

Money only to then not really solve the problem and still be sort of bumping up against the marshal who’s holding a noise tester on the day this way basically has just solved it uh and i don’t even need to think about noise anymore or performance on on the bike i just need to go and ride and i think that’s a really good thing so i really hope you’ve enjoyed this

First episode we’ve got loads of really exciting and cool stuff coming for this project that i’m very very excited about of course if you want to see the results tune back in and stay stay in touch with what the channel’s doing because they’re going to come out part two in about a month’s time so please like please comment let us know what you think subscribe

To the channel check out the gear that we wear and that we make at knox as well and we’ll see you next time you

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