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Suzuki JR80 long term review

Suzuki JR80 long term review. Don’t buy a Suzuki JR80 until you watch this video. I review the Suzuki JR80 kids dirt bike and go though the good points and the bad points and problems I’ve had on the JR80 dirt bike. #brokensprocket

G’day guys steve with broken sprocket in this video i’m going to do a long term review i’m the suzuki j ra d so don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and let’s get started okay this is a 2016 suzuki j r18 i purchased this bike brand-new for my youngest son luca about two and a little bit years ago and he’s been riding that bike ever since so about two-and-a-half

Years of this bike we’ve done everything on it motocross enduro riding out and the paddocks riding you name it we’ve done it and he’s learnt from day one on this bike so it’s the only bike he’s actually ridden so we’ve been through a fair bit with this bike so i’d like to go for repeat things that i found that are good and bad on the bike ok on this bike here i have

Modified these are yamaha boys at 85 levers i’ve modified the the perch i’ve just cut a piece off to make it shorter and cut the adjuster out and made that shorter too so we’ll just sit like this because the adjustments aren’t on the perch like on most bikes and i’ve and i’ve put the y zed 85 levers on it and these are just cheap pivot levers from ebay the factory

Levers that were on this bike would snap virtually every single time that liquor would ride the bike and i was absolutely sick of purchasing new ones all the time and on the brake side i’ve done the exact same thing i just trimmed it off trim that off put that in there so that there’s no adjuster in it and this here is actually a wise at 85 clutch lever and clutch

Lever setup but it’s upside down so that it would work on drum brakes because obviously why’s that 85 s have a disc brake so that’s and and you can see here the damages here there’s damages here they pivot lever ones ever since i’ve done this modification we have never broke and never leave her on the bike so a definite must do would be to do something like this

To your jra you can see the standard ones here they’re much longer as soon as he hits the deck they just snap i was buying these after every ride straight back on ebay we come home purchasing brand new levers all the time i did have some cheap bark buskers bark buster’s sorry that were on ebay’s will they words to say to suit a junior eighty but they don’t see

The junior ad they were too long i had to cut them then try and modified the bracket so that they would fit and then they ended up snapping anyway i still have one here of the the bracketry in that but they were absolute rubbish and he did actually just snap on clean in half which is why i ended up coming up with the other idea of modifying these so that there’s

One of the main problem second one on the levers you can see this one here is slightly bent because they don’t have the the retractable one like i’m most dirtbikes i’ll just show you a different one this one’s why is that 85 you can see how it will retract when they fall and the junior doesn’t have that so it just stays bent and also the brake lever you can see

That world there that’s a world that i did he’s come up a couple of times and that has also broken in it and when i tried to bend it back it just snapped the world so i had to real world that no major problem but just another thing that’s fairly you know poor quality on the junior 80 as far as reliability goes on the junior 80 it’s gone every single time except

At one time at the track it decided it wouldn’t go anymore partway through a day after two hours of looking about on and searching through the bike trying to figure out a problems i found out it was only this little spark arrestor that was in the exhaust pipe the spark arrestor sat about here and it just slid all the way into the baffle right to the end and no air

Could escape so the bike wouldn’t run but it took me about two hours to figure out what the problem was and i just simply removed it and we’ve never had a problem with the bike seats so as far as a reliability of the junior atk’s that they just keep on going they there are quite reliable like that maintenance on the jr 80 is quite easy you just simply clean the air

Filter and i’ve done the oil change in the gearbox and stuff like that and the bike has never had any issues mechanically or anything like that it just keeps on going and going and going so in that dejay already is quite easy you don’t have to mix fuel it’s a silk mixer and that oil in that self mixing oil container that seems to last quite some time so it’s quite

Economical to brain overall i found the jar ad is quite a decent motorbike for a learner motorbike rider someone who’s it’s his first bike or his arthur’s first bike would be perfect for him but don’t be surprised if your child outgrows the jr 80 especially if they write quite regularly or at motocross tracks and things like that they will grow out of the junior

After a fairly short period of time hmph it

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Suzuki JR80 long term review By Broken Sprocket