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Suzuki Motorcycle and ATV OEM Parts Finder

The Suzuki parts we carry are direct from the factory in their original Suzuki OEM packaging and hold true to Suzuki OEM specifications. We offer an easy-to-use parts finder, but if by chance you get stuck while ordering your Suzuki parts, click the buttons provided to see useful parts finder tips or to chat with an OEM specialist who can help guide you through the process… We’re here to get you the replacement Suzuki parts you need.

Hello everyone i am chase at rocky mountain atv/mc and today we’re taking a closer look at navigating the suzuki om parts bike so whether you own a king quad in rmz 450 or maybe a gsx 1000 the information in this video today is going to help you find the oem part you’re looking for quickly and also easily so first we’re going to go through the basic organization

Of suzuki’s om diagrams and along the way we’re going to give you some tips and some helpful information and we’re also going to answer some commonly asked questions so let’s get to it so to get started you can either click on the oem parts tab or hover over it using the drop down and select a suzuki now on each om page you will find a couple helpful links and you

Can also access these two features on any of the oem schematic pages as well the first one is live chat here you can chat with an oleum specialist if you’re having trouble finding the part that you need and the other is our oem parts finder tips page on this page is a list of tips and tricks that we have put together that are specific to suzuki that will help you

Locate the correct part now keep in mind we are constantly updating this sheet so if there’s a question that you have or something you see is missing well let us know so the first section explains that suzuki condenses some of their diagrams for different years of the same model and uses model letters and numbers behind the diagram name to designate what years that

Diagram is specific to the letter or numbers come from the tenth digit of the models vin we’ll see that once we get to looking at the schematics next you have model names now a suzuki’s sometimes the model name follows the model number but generally only the model number is listed so it’s very important you know your model number you can refer to your owners manual

If you’re not sure below you’ll see some examples of some motorcycle model numbers with their names next to them as well as some atv examples below that now the next category is model number suffix so certain models will list a letter following the model number like r for race alfre big wheel etc the key listed below has most suffix letters used for motorcycles and

Atvs so if you’re not sure just refer back to this list now when it comes to suzuki atvs these are a little more involved and are commonly identified differently than what you’ll find in the model list so zuki doesn’t list the model name with the model number which is why it is very important you know your model number the example shown here and the atv key will

Be very useful for decoding your htv model number the first section is country codes this section shows certain country codes that may be specific to certain diagrams you want to make sure when selecting a diagram to select the right country code the next section is color codes for certain parts such as a frame plastics a arms etc suzuki uses a color code versus

Stating the color in the part number this table lists the suzuki color codes one example if the part number had 12 are at the end this is the color code for tight silver the next section is vehicle year if you’re unsure of your vehicle’s year you can identify it using your vin number the 10th digit in your vin represent your model year so for example if the 10th

Digit of your event is an r this means you have a 1994 model if it were a 9 in the 10th digit this means you have a 2009 and the last paragraph explains how to decode your frame and engine number and know which one to choose in the event that suzuki did a mid your change for that model so now let’s take a look at finding some parts so first we need to select our

Category for suzuki you have atv motorcycles and keep in mind the suzuki elizabeth street and off-road under the same lists scooters and utility vehicles we’re gonna select motorcycle then we’re gonna select the year now the year starts with the latest models and worked its way back once we selected our year now it’s time to select our machine model first we’ll be

Looking at a 2015 drz 400s now you’ll notice each model number has an l5 after it if you refer back to the tips page this is just how suzuki indicates that model year also zukie machines for 2015 including atvs will have an l5 you’ll also see that there are two different options for the drz 400 there’s an s and an sm model if you need to refer back to the oem parts

Finder tips page and it will tell you that the s stands for sport and s m is for supermoto we’ll go ahead and select the drz 400s from this list so now that we have our model selected let’s talk about finding a specific part and knowing what diagram we need to select now diagrams are listed in alphabetical order and you can either use a drop-down menu or the list

On the left side of the page no matter what part you’re looking for think of where the part is on the vehicle and what it connects to or is touchy for example if you are looking for a counter shaft seal well you know it is attached to the crankcase but it is also touching the counter shaft at the front sprocket connects tube which is part of the transmission so

Looking at the crankcase and transmission diagrams would both be great starting places in the case of suzuki the counter shaft seal is typically found on the transmission diagram on this diagram the seal is labeled number 24 as you look at the diagram there are some important things you need to know and some tips to help you out and arrow at the bottom of the page

Will indicate which way is forward this helps finding parts that are specific to the left or right side of the machine you can zoom in and out using the plus and minus keys or you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse if you hover over any number on the schematic a box will appear with the part name part number msrp our price and how many are in stock if it is a part

You are looking for you can add it to your cart from here by just simply clicking the add to cart bucks so now let’s take a look at some assemblies for this we’re gonna jump over and take a look at the front master cylinder diagram for this bike on certain diagrams you may see a line or box connecting or surrounding multiple item numbers here we can see that items

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 are all inside the box labeled as 1 this is an entire master cylinder assembly that includes everything already assembled if this is what you want you would order part number 1 now do you notice how item number 12 has a line connecting it to the parts inside the box well just remember that this would not be included in the assembly because

It is outside the box if you look at number 2 on the schematic you’ll see that this has a line connecting the spring piston circlip and dust cover everything you needed to rebuild the master cylinder piston assembly now let’s shift gears and take a look at another bike so let’s pull up a crankshaft diagram for 2007 rm250 so just like with that drz 400 will select

Motorcycle our model year and then we’ll select our model from the models list once we have our bike selected will select the crankshaft schematic from the drop down menu now one important thing to notice is that on some diagrams like we see here there may be a kit on the die that doesn’t show part numbers associated with the parts on the schematic the numbers

Of the diagram correlate to the numbers listed below if you scroll down to number 21 on the parts list it will give you the kit name and tell you what items are included from the parts list in this kit for example part number 21 is a top-end kit and includes items 22 through 27 and when you see those items on the list they all end in not shown which means that

These are not labeled above on the diagram you can however purchase these parts separately if you wanted to by selecting them from the list on the item list in the quantity box you may see that certain boxes have more than one for a quantity such as a circlip which has two this indicates the amount of that part needed for complete reassembly if you only need one

Or maybe two of something you can click in the box and change the quantity looking at the stock status you can easily see what is in stock if an item is in stock we have an inner warehouse ready to be shipped now we do our best to stock as many parts as possible but may not stock items that are rarely purchased if you order a part that is not stocked we will order

The part immediately from suzuki and then ship it to you as soon as possible now we work hard to review each diagram to stock the parts that are commonly ordered if we missed one our software will recognize it based on sales and make it as stocked item now let’s move over to the carburetor schematic and instead of using the drop-down manual we’ll use the list on

The left in some situations there will be an email me one available box this means that suzuki does not have the part in stock and does not have an exact date of when the part will be available if an item says not shipping this can be one of two things one the part is old and no longer made by suzuki or two it may be a brand new part and not yet available so now

Let’s answer some commonly asked questions the first is in regards to model years if we jump over to a 2005 rm250 by selecting the year in the model number from the model list you’ll see that on the schematic they list carburetor models k 1 through k 6 this means that all of these will fit your 2005 however because each one is listed out separately this means that

Certain changes were made to each year for example they could have changed the main or idle jet size or even the jet needle the difficult part is suzuki does not say exactly what changed so to take away any doubt it’s safe is just to order parts from your exact model year now just below that you have 3 clutch models listed and you can see that they have k 3 k 4

And k 5 all in parenthesis now because there are parentheses together this means that the clutch was identical for those three years you’ll see that pattern for several other schematics for this bike and many other models the next question we’ll go over is for standard equipment parts for this we’re gonna pull up the carburetor schematic for this rm250 when we look

At the main jet on the carburetor schematic part number nine you can also see number 36 basically connected to it looking at the parts list part number nine has two options one that ends in e three and one that ends in e twenty-eight these are both stock main jets but if we refer back to the oem parts finder tips page to the country code section you’ll see iii

Signifies the us except california model and the e 28 signifies the canada model back on the schematics list if you look down to number 36 it lists several optional main jet sizes from 150 all the way up to 210 this same concept goes for other parts like your jet needle your pilot jet etc another question we get often asked is about superseded parts a super seat

Apart is a part that has been replaced by a newer version you’ll see a small red text underneath a part number on the parts diagram list this part will fit your machine just fine suzuki may have just made a change to that specific part so it replaced the old part along with the part number so the next question will answer is in regards to plastic colors for atvs

So let’s pull up a 2017 keen quad so first we’ll select atv and then our model year 2017 and now this is where you’ll need to know your model number for this quad it will be lt a 500 x cixi x d3 camel again if you need help figuring out your model number refer back to the oem parts finder tips page so let’s say we’re replacing the front fender on this king quad

We’ll go ahead and select that from our schematics list and you’ll see that suzuki will list all available colors for plastics even if you have a special edition color you’ll see green black red kamel on this list of options so just be careful when selecting these parts that you select the correct color and remember sometimes the color will be listed in the part

Number for certain parts so refer back to our color code key on the parts finder tips page if you’re unsure alright so that concludes a walkthrough of the suzuki om parts finder now if you have any questions or you just can’t seem to find that part that you are looking for well do not hesitate to call in or chat with one of our friendly csrs and we will get your

Questions answered i’m chased at rocky mountain thanks for watching

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Suzuki Motorcycle and ATV OEM Parts Finder By Rocky Mountain ATV MC