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Suzuki VanVan fuel filter

Suzuki VanVan fuel filter location.

Hello again everybody so i’ve got another van van specific video for you today um this time we’re going to be looking at the fuel filter so this is specific to the fuel injected models so both the 125 and 200 fuel injected fan vans now some people don’t actually know that the bike has a fuel filter some people say it doesn’t it does and i’m going to show you

Exactly where it is now so if we come down on the right hand side of the bike obviously you can see we’ve got the exhaust coming along here um you’ll see here we’ve got the throttle body and above that we’ve got the fuel injector and just here is our fuel filter and you can see it’s um it’s actually attached to the right hand side of the air box as well there

And basically this this is a obviously because it’s a filter over time it accumulates crap basically because its job is to obviously filter any rubbish out of the fuel so it doesn’t go into the engine but because of that this is a service item which means that you know it needs to be every so often checked to make sure it’s still flowing properly and it’s not too

Clogged up or anything and obviously if it is it needs to be replaced um you know this is a this is a part that can be bought and replaced um either from the dealerships or or online whatever but basically you know if you’ve got a bike that’s got a few miles on it i mean like mine for instance i’ve got a mine’s a four-year-old or getting on for nearly five years

Old now uh bike obviously you know this this is actually on my one this is the one from the factory and at the minute it’s still flowing quite well which is surprising considering how many miles i’ve put on it um but you know i will be looking to replace it soon um but yeah so this that’s it guys and it’s literally it just sits in this like this little plastic

Holder thing and this unit just sort of sits in there and you can um pop that out you’ll have to take this side panel off as well just pop that out um obviously you know you bear in mind that when you take these hoses off fuel is going to go everywhere so have some um clamps on hand to clamp these hoses so that when you take them off you don’t absolutely cover

Your floor or driveway or whatever with you all but um yeah that’s that’s it guys so uh for those of you who were wondering yes the suzuki van ban does have a fuel filter there it is um and you know if yours has been on there for quite a long time and you’ve not checked it or changed it or anything like that might be an idea to have a look especially if um let’s

Say if you’re having any issues with fueling i.e there’s not enough fuel getting through or anything like that that could very well be your problem um so there you go guys i’ll say it was only another very quick one but uh hopefully it was useful uh obviously if you did find it useful please do give the video a like and go check out my other videos of course

Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and for now i’ll catch you again soon you

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Suzuki VanVan fuel filter By A Very British Biker