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The Great Suzuki GSXR GIXXER 750, Was It A Good Buy?

The great Suzuki gsxr gixxer 750, was it a good buy? My very first Suzuki gsxr gixxer 750. I’m really liking this beauty. This is a upgrade from the 2008 Suzuki gsxr 600 which I had for one riding season. Loved my Suzuki gsxr 600 but, this Suzuki gsxr gixxer 750 is the keeper for sure.

People said now is there a lot of power difference yes sir i’ve noticed it what’s your name bro craig robbie robbie yeah nice to meet you i’m just vlogging right now check out the color in that mercedes-benz man wow it’s green it’s purple it’s purple it’s blue that was green that’s black wow multi-color how did i do that yeah more important things to think

About don’t worry about how do you get a green paint to a purple paint to multi-color paint uh what’s up guys robert two wheel here coming at you once more with another video um another beautiful day and i’m out and about with the big old blue chicka 750 yes sir so as you guys probably know upgraded my bike from the 600 to the 750 and uh i’m really liking

It people said now is there a lot of power difference yes sir i’ve noticed it i’ll notice it man tremendously and uh i gotta try to uh constantly keep reminding myself that uh doesn’t mean because i have all this power i’ve never been over there i should take a let’s take a ride over there there’s some nice houses in there and so doesn’t mean because i have

All this power i mean i thought i should start being irresponsible guys so come on come on come on come on can i catch the lights if i turn around can i can i can huh can we i should go over here these guys look like they’re playing soccer i’m good i’m good i’m good yeah so uh guys they’re all jogging let’s check how to keep it their social distances no

Who can i talk to about that who can i talk oh come on stop it what’s up guys yep so as i was saying oh my high beams are on there we go and they’re off can i go through here can i can i you think i can no i’m not gonna do it i guess i’m gonna cry if i hurt my bike i’m gonna cry okay guys so i’m gonna get off the bike right now and um let you guys check her out

Yeah there she is what do you guys think it’s got a full yoshimura am i saying that right okay somebody’s going to create me for sure exhaust and do i like it i do but you know what i i appreciate it and i’ll tell you why i said that with my 600 it has a two brothers on there and oh my goodness that muffler is loud i got home off to the right and i can’t hear

Nothing my wife’s talking to her huh huh huh and that goes on for about next hour and a half before it you know gradually goes away but uh so compared to this it’s so much quieter when you get on it it does get a bit loud you know but just it’s running right now and it’s very subtle you know which i like i’m not going to create havoc in my neighborhood you

Know i mean i don’t like when people get all upset you know and uh and there’s a lot of guys sometimes that like to just rev their bike up i have a buddy of mines that i ride with sometime and he it doesn’t matter the neighborhood is come to your house in his league and he’s like just because for no particular reason other than he wants people to think he has

A cool muffler and i’ve always think to myself bro you need to stop that okay not cool not everybody wants to hear your loud muffler okay on the road when you’re gunning it you know when you get on it it’s open right you’re not like in a close community where you know people are relaxing at home after days work and people are you know spending time with their

Family they don’t want to be hearing all that loud you know um room room no man i don’t even want to hear that and i’m a biker right so guys um so there you have it this is my 2009 um suzuki jigsa 750 and i’m really liking it i am really liking it you know um one of the things that i’ve just done is i’m not even sure why guys if you look at the back it’s so

Low and i don’t understand why and i took it to uh i took it to a buddy of mine to see if it was lowered and he’s telling me you know he’s fine he’s telling me you know and i mean i don’t even know sucks i mean here comes a biker how are you how are you man what’s up bro yeah man no problem i appreciate it yeah i just just got that 750 a few uh just over a

Week now yeah the 600 and uh sold the 600 and um and i just felt like i need a little bit more power so i saw the 600 i bought that and um huh this is a six yeah it had a little bit of modification to it well years is like seven yeah i love the bike i don’t like this the headlight though that’s the the o8 to the 10 got that that headlight which everybody

You know seems to like yeah these are the head like this i was going to get this but i like i’m like oh i don’t like that headlight i don’t know why and everybody that talks about them they always seem to like those from their own their own oh eight they switch them over 008 to uh to 2010 and then it’s uh but it means so it doesn’t matter it’s still it’s the same

Exact bike it’s just the headlight’s different they’re a lot of fun dude they’re a lot of fun how long have you been riding two years so you’re newbie like me you’re a newbie like me it’s my third season huh you’re in the past okay oh so you’re right before so you’re not really a newbie i’m technically newbie it’s a fun bike it’s a fun bike to ride yeah i had

To uh my very first bike actually what’s your name bro craig robbie robbie yeah nice to meet you i’m just vlogging right now but uh yeah but i just stopped and say hi man you know i appreciate it’s a biker thing man you

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