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1978 Triumph Bonneville T140V

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So so is welcome to the time machine here at the new england motorcycle museum fellas and we’re here in rockville connecticut flashback to the 70s when i was in high school actually when i was in middle school i had a daytona 500 hand-me-down from my dad to my brother to me and my big brother had a brand new 77 triumph bomb basically the same

Exact bike as this um and we used to tear all over the place we actually took him to new york city one time and when we were kids i was only uh only 16 years old i actually rode that triumph when i was 15 and got a ticket for riding without a license because i was too young to have one but that’s a whole nother story back to this bike here this

Is an absolutely stunning time capsule jim garvey a friend of ours from upstate new york who’s getting up there in years unfortunately his family passed away and he’s on his own and uh um decided to sell this bike he’s had this bike for decades this bike is 40 over 40 years old it was a labor of love for him because as he got up in years he had

Problems with his knees he couldn’t ride it so he put this thing in his living room i’ll show you a picture stripped it right down to the frame and spent three years doing a complete frame off restoration fully documented now the quality and the fit and finish of the cosmetics on this bike are better than any restored actually there’s one bonville one

Restored bonneville owned by the president of the antique motorcycle club of america who happens to have a genius iq for restoring that that is maybe better than this but i’m not sure i can tell you this this is the finest paint job i’ve ever seen on any of the bonnevilles we’ve had through the the shop the um the the badge the chrome cap the uh the

The original um badges just the paint job is off the freaking hook this kind of quality work you just don’t find uh it’s almost impossible to find and if you could plan on spending fifteen hundred dollars for a paint job like this as far as his investment goes three years of his time professionally power to coated the frame so it’ll stay beautiful

Basically forever and when he completed it his knees were shot so only wrote it a couple times uh there’s really no miles on the restoration he completed it about 10 years ago around 2012 or 13 he had like a three year quest so what did he do to the bike well a complete in total frame off restoration fully documented see that fat stack of receipts

On the counter right there there’s over five thousand dollars in parts receipts there and i’ll go over what he bought for it and that does not include the paint job the power decoding or the brand new made in england correct rims and spokes or the chains and sprockets and tires so seven thousand five hundred dollars in parts and accessories and paint

And power decoding fully documented on this bike and three years of his time so ask yourself what would it cost to buy a craigslist or facebook or an original kneading restoration 6 000 mile bonville that runs well the bonnevilles with 6 000 miles these 70s bonnevilles that run and are decent are generally bringing in the five to eight thousand dollar

Range in the united states here today but to take that bike and that’s what he paid for he paid he paid 4 500 for the bike i even have the um news i think i have the newspaper or cycle news add 4 500 bucks for the bike and then he’s invested all his time and money into it i can tell you straight up we have a restoration shop here we’re backed up six

Months if he asked us to do it we would say no anyways because we don’t have the time to but um we we have 18 actually 20. two new guys starting monday 20 guys that work in our restoration shops and you’re looking at a 120 hours minimum to take this thing right down to the frame and redo everything uh at 90 bucks an hour that’s 10 grand plus a part

So you’re looking at a 17 000 restoration on your bike so if you want to do one yourself well plan on spending a couple years and nights and weekends and lots of aggravation chasing parts this one’s done it’s ready to go we can ship it anywhere in the world i’d love to leave it here in the museum i do have several concourse bonnevilles of this era so

It’s kind of a um it would kind of be redundant to keep it but this one’s super nice if you want to leave it on display here we’d love to have it it’s not perfect it has the original anal carbs the original 42 year old carbs there are reproduction versions of these carbs that are better than the originals the better materials you can buy a set for

About 400 if you’re going to ride it i would put a brand new set of anal carbs on there and the front brake master cylinder is a brand new uh replacement but it’s um and it works pretty good but the brakes are a little bit mushy i would maybe mess with the brakes a little bit and put new carbs on it and that’s about it i love what he did with this

Bike the bars on it are not the originals these are a 10 inch riser bar and at my age um i like being comfortable the bars just seem to be in the exact place you’d want them when you put your your hands down i’m going to go over by memory what what i read in the receipts for what was done oh and also new fork seals he did the fork seals 12 years ago

They may just be dry from from sitting but um let’s start at the front of the bike brand new front tire with uh no miles on it still has nubs on it brand new front tire brand new rim brand new spokes brand new tube brand new rotor completely rebuilt master cylinder with new pads new new brake lines in a new master cylinder complete entire brand new

Brake assembly the forks have been polished the chrome on the original forks if these are the original is in excellent condition uh they’re they’re they’re beautiful a little bit of patina on the original chrome right here as you expect for a 42 euro bike that’s the original chrome the headlight looks like it was re-chromed and re-badged with new um

New decals so it looks brand new i can’t imagine that that’s the original the turn signals have been refreshed the tac and speedo are original showing 6149 miles as i mentioned brand new handlebars brand new chrome brake and clutch lever moving back of course the tank was masterfully restored to probably better than it looked when it came off the

Showroom floor and the inside of the tank looks like it just came out of the box these stripes aren’t easy to get right you really have to be a triumph guy and a master uh paint guy to get this right and it’s done properly it’s it it’s master craftsmanship it’s artwork it’s absolutely beautiful the inside of the tank is as nice as the outside the

Petcocks are new the fuel lines are new the air filters are new the slides in the carb are new i have all the receipts for the carb work but they’re the original carbs i’d buy a new set of animals or maybe even some maconis uh perish that thought putting some jet carbs on here but if you want if you’re going to run this thing i have a triumph that

I want to show you guys before wrap up this video i have gene romero’s 1968 triumph 750 tt flat tracker actual factory bike that puts down 75 horsepower this one here is rated for about 50 horsepower stock there’s a lot of potential in these with big board kits i don’t think it needs any of that i would leave it the way it was like i said the only

Thing i would do is is um get the new carbs and get it ready to go moving back from the front to back brand new exhaust system brand new decals on the frame they’re made in england a lot of the hardware on the engine is new i have receipts for all the new stainless steel uh hardware that was put on the engine uh the engine was cleaned refreshed top to

Bottom it’s beautiful new rubbers all the way all the way around all the rubbers are new the um badges are original the seat is a new i have a receipt for a seat cover but the seat base looks brand new to me so i don’t know if he restored this and powder coated it i do have a receipt for this decal this is original decal see the important positive

Earth new battery all the wiring looks brand new a lot of the wiring is new these are new nitrogen charge gas shocks which are they look like they’re originals but they’re a huge upgrade the brake system brand new completely brand new everything’s new on the brake system the rear wheel is brand new the tire is brand new the spokes are brand new the

Chains and sprockets are brand new the rear fender was re-chromed it looks like a lot of the chrome is new on the bike it’s absolutely freaking stunning you’ll get all the receipts i don’t have the receipts for the paint job or the powder coating maybe he paid cash for that i don’t know but you’ve got a couple grand in paint and powder coating and of

Course the rims and uh the rims and uh um spokes and and tires on receipts for those the date code on the tires the rear is a 2012 date code the front is a 2011 which matches the timeline and receipts of him restoring this bike 10 years ago let me show you something check this out this bike was get a picture of it in his living room in his freaking

Living room you got to like this guy look at it up on the lift didn’t even want the tires touching the ground okay when he was finishing the restoration doesn’t have the seat on or the clutch lever and every nut and bolt that wasn’t perfect was was redone so a new wiring new boyer ignition uh um new new all the all new electronics on it in fact it

Has an electronic ignition um boyer ignition seat cover uh he said that he had to have knee replacement and that was one of the reasons he was selling it so um again he didn’t ride it much it had been sitting in his living room on display so when we got the bike in it came through the detail shop guys i’ve been doing this since i was 15 years old i

Have never had anybody do what this guy did before before he shipped the bike to us jim pulled it out of the trailer and he had coated the gas tank and all the chrome on the bike with a fine layer of wax and and uh and it was covered in in wax because he didn’t want any of the finishes of the chrome to get any flash rusting or whatever so when we got

It we hand washed it and as we watched it we watched the beautiful bike appear from underneath it i mean this guy was obsessed with it jim garvey jim awesome job on the bike and are you going to see this video hats off i know how much blood sweat and tears you put into this thing and it’s a beautiful piece whoever gets this is getting a this is this

Is a forever bike if you’re looking for a bike that looks like it just came out of the box but it’s almost 50 years old if you want a classic investment quality motorcycle that’s a joy to ride these things handle great and you can hop him up my brother he had his hopped up he’d ride wheelies all the way up the road jim never did that to this bike this

Was a um a labor of love and it was shooting with a lot of respect a lot of the bikes got ruined by guys like my brother and me when we were kids look at the tension and detail the look at the hardware on this thing stainless hardware everything’s powder coated just freaking beautiful man good luck finding a nicer one um this is absolutely a museum

Quality piece ready i’m gonna give you a peek of one of my prized possessions look at this thing 1968 triumph 750 tt factory triumph road racer purchased from the original owner who who had it brand new it was a gift to him from triumph was one of his six bikes he kept it and uh if you know any research any history of triumph gene romero absolutely

Dominated back in the air this thing’s a freaking rocket ship it’s very light and it has about 75 horsepower so it’s highly modified engine and it is this is what they ran in the tts back in 68 and the music that comes out of those pipes is nothing sort of sort of remarkable so these are the bikes that i ride right here i’ve got my my triumph i’ve

Got my buell i’ve got my harley davidson fxr i’ve got my turbocharged harley-davidson then i have my triumph 150 horsepower 2300 cc rocket three my captain america bike and then of course my dirt bikes my cr500 so and the xr60s these are our bikes junior my bikes that we ride um been a triumph guy since i was a kid uh rest assured this thing is you’re

Gonna you’re gonna be hard-pressed to find a nicer one so good luck bidding on it hope it goes to home that really appreciates it and as always long live the queen and god bless america

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1978 Triumph Bonneville T140V By KAPLAN AMERICA