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2014 triumph america

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From srk cycle calm we have a 2014 triumph america and this is a oh man i looked it up i’m looking up again i figure the size on this was 865 cc triumph awesome and it’s it’s so clean it has like 700 miles on it the bikes in perfect shape check it out let’s take it first bin 784 miles that that’s nuts a great bike to be riding on this a dreary what month are we in

October october day morning dreary october morning something special about these triumphs am i running out of gas no just into higher gear something special about these triumphs i’m not sure what it is but uh i do like them and they are a lot of fun to ride drive is kind of like the underdog in the bike world you know i mean it’s a very big company but they’ve

Been making bike for a long time and they do a great job and they have a lot of heritage i mean they have a lot of heritage here when people tell stories about owning and riding bikes back in like the 70s it’s either all harley a triumph or a honda probably in that order now this bike is no no rocket no racket three but but um i mean i’ll show you definitely

A definite that it gets up and goes it’s definitely a lot of fun to ride it’s an inline twin and it’s a pretty smooth ride in-line twin is definitely smoother than a v-twin but not as smooth as like an in line for the more cylinders you get the smoother you get that’s why you have companies like like it was a dining no know there’s a bmw company that for your

Thing after get across the company it takes bmws and they’ll take off let’s say a 500-horsepower v8 and they’ll throw in a 484 horsepower v12 because it’s smoother they’re not just doing it for the for the for the gain of power because it’s smoother my buddy at bmw is telling me about that you know this bikes not a beast it’s not on it is a big bike i’m six-two i

Feel real comfortable on it it’s actually a very similar riding position as i would feel like on a uh i’m like a electra glide you know my knees are my knees are out of 45 my hands are right out i’m sitting upright so this is definitely a position that you could be riding for a long time shifts super smooth cable clutch really light i had the high idle button out

It’s not really the kind of bike that you rev up when you’re in a bridge you just you know and it doesn’t do anything this guy’s going this guy’s name is gingrich that is newt gingrich right there you see his tag apparently newt gingrich drives an all-wheel drive is 250 amazing that’s why you watch this channel as you heard in all times the cool stuff this thing

Gets up to speed no problem handles nice and nimble like what you would expect from a bike like this just wow wow get in the kick it in the quarter i could see i could see a lot of different people riding this bike i can see a beginner hop hopping on this bike and feeling pretty comfortable as a beginner you probably like and this thing’s so fast i could also see

Someone who’s been riding for a long time just loved riding this bike just you know it’s something about it it’s not it’s not slow it’s just it’s a triumph america that’s what it is it’s fun it’s a nice clean buy get the good log it’s really breaking out of the mold of a black bike fact ninety-nine point nine eight five seven percent of all bikes on the road

Are black the fact that you have a red bike people are gay what’s going on / what’s up with that red bike that’s not black i’m going to bang through the gears a little bit for y’all all bikes are fun this is a bike this bike is fun that’s going to a map that’s called math let’s hold a math equation tribe is not a great job at using modern technology but keeping

It look like it’s old technology let you look in there you think there’s a carburetor in there i’m pretty sure of steel objection and that’s just kind of their thing that’s definitely their thing that’s what they like they think the engine and the carburetor on stuff that we’re used to they think that’s beautiful there probably like triumph what is that they’re

British so however british people talk they dig that awesome and then they go and they like they have tea and eat like crumpets and stuff like that alright guys that wraps up the triumph america today right a triumph america in britain is the big question maybe it go on a triumph maybe in them i know i know it’s not britain guys i know that just joking around

Alright guys that wraps up the test-drive of the triumph of america with less than 800 miles you’re basically getting a brand new bike for like a half the price this is shaun signing out remember it’s not what you’re riding well where you going see guys later

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2014 triumph america By Srkcycles