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2022 Triumph Street Twin: Electrical Issues Code P2226

I’ve experienced some strange electrical issues with the Triumph Street Twin over the past few months. I think I may have solved it….

Writers and learners welcome back some good news some bad news so i’m not sure i’m not really sure where to start there’s been a crazy journey from the last time i rented out my bike i’m about to run to that again uh but there’s been a whole lot of stuff going on at the same in in between all this time so i think i did mention at some point and some video that

I did have an issue with the bike right the issue was that no i found out i found out a few things so one issue was last time i rented at the bike there was some some sort of short going on so the fuse kept blowing the ignition completely fuse and i finally figured out why so this is basically story time so i got the motorcycle back from triumph greensboro

They had it for almost three weeks and they did a lot of tests different tests it was you know i really appreciate all the all the work that they did um but they couldn’t find anything wrong with the bike which was the crazy thing so bike is reporting to be fine and i’m hope i’m hopeful that it’s fine one of the guys did say that there was a faulty ground

Connection that seemed a little loose and he crimped it and you know apparently it’s you know it’s fine right it’s tighter so you know i get the bike back i’m riding it around it seems to be fine and then i you know i was going to a durham bulls game and on my way back that night hit a bump actually no i it’s really another bump but i’m going up this ramp uh

Small ramp about to go to the gas station to fill up and once i grew up that ramp you know you get there’s a small little bump right in the back wheel and it it’s done so the fuse blows again so i’m trying to so now at this point i’m like f this i am just gonna go home so i pushed the bike up this little hill in front of somebody’s house and i just say i’m gonna

Leave it here it looks safe there was a black lives matter a sign ran from the house just so i left it right there and i said i’ll come back tomorrow so i came back the next day and you know i brought another fuse and i was thinking in the morning i’m trying to put it all together so backtrack the guy who rents up my bike hit a a bump or a pothole and it caused

It to to short right i hit a bump and there were other times where you know it’s it’s shorted out for all types of reasons who knows but i hit another bump small and it shorted out blew the fuse so i’m trying to put all that together and i look at the bike and i see that i have this was rcg tail tidy eliminator right and i don’t want to say it’s faulty but

The engineering you know it is what it is so with a lot of tail tidies they have a a light that shows on the license plate and i’m noticing sometimes which is my fault i realize i didn’t tighten tighten the license license plate bolt tight enough so it gets a little bit loose so sometimes it gets to be fully flat instead of instead of coming out this way right

It’s coming down this way up right perpendicular to the to the wheel so when i hit a if i had a big enough bump it sometimes it would hit the road would hit the the license plate and i’m noticing that the lighting that lights up the license plate has been rubbing against um the license plate has been rubbing against the wires that are connected to that license

License plate light it seems a little confusing but it’s really not so there are these wires that connect obviously to the light that shines on the license plate and i think what seems to be it’s either to one of two things either it was the license plate was on too tight or from the times that it’s hit the license plate every time i’ve hit some sort of bump the

Metal has been eating and grinding away on the the wire so that eventually just cause a short and if you continue to hit it the right way which i’m sure i’ve done over almost six thousand six thousand miles now um it’s just kind of short for all types of reasons so i think i found the reasons why the reason why it’s shorted i think that’s that’s what it is the

Reason why i kept blowing because it hasn’t blown since is i would have to safely say is because of um that tail tidy and the way the wires uh were so close to the top of the of the license plate so i’m thinking eureka i found it great we’re good then after writing it so actually what well let me let me backtrack also wrote it back changed the change the fuse

Seemed fine right and so what i did is i just totally unplugged the the lights that go to the i think it’s both the license plate light but they also are the turn signals unfortunately right so the the front turn signals are fine the back ones now i had to take them off so the issue now right right that came after was it after writing it then the engine light

Came up so i’m like what the hell i just i just got this bike this bike is less than eight it’s almost about a full year old right and now the engine lights off how like how how was the engine light on but also understanding the engine light can come on for anything right so it says that it gives the error code so i put in my my reader right the obd link it says

It’s a p22 p226 code which says it’s the barometric sensor is malfunctioning and that it is uh what else was it trying to remember and that there’s there’s a high voltage and there’s an open circuit so that to me is very random and very strange so what i did over the course of a few days i i wrote it with the obd link on to test the voltage of the bike of the

Sensors and none of the sensors went over five right so it being high voltage didn’t make sense because none of the readers none of the sensors were saying high voltage so then i’m thinking our open circuit do i need to do i need to go through all the wiring on the bike again so what i did is like i just i thought i’d clear the i’d clear the code for now and if

It came back on after a few after some miles it’ll go away so actually after i think 50 to 70 miles riding it to work it went away some i’m thinking we’re all good then another 50 miles or so 70 miles later it came back so i’m like holy and this i’m wondering what this is so i just had one issue solved it investigated and solved it and now i have something else

So i take off the tank and i have this cleaner so it’s a electronics cleaner right and i unclip the map the map sensors right the two of them and so i cleaned those off give it five minutes to dry clip it back on whatever put the tank back on um then i clicked the code also so now i realized i had another thing which i didn’t i didn’t push down the fuel pump

The fuel line uh as far down as i should so it started leaking a little bit of fuel that that’s less of an issue i was able to fix that now i know i need to really push it down all the way um with probably an older bike that has had it taken off and on many times it’s probably a lot smoother but since it’s still you know it’s only six six thousand miles in about

It hasn’t uh it’s still a little tight so i learned that lesson but that’s fine but that was rectified um two the what is it the it’s you know ever since the barometric pressure i cleared the the code again and tbd right nothing has come up i’ve had some miles on it hopefully that means that it’s fine we’ll see so that’s still in the back of my mind but the

Thing that’s really driving me crazy the most now is that i had an idea i’m not sure if this idea was great so since i know the tail tidy is not all it’s going to do if i plug in the the lights not the brake light the brake lights fine if i plug in the turn signals the aspect of the rcg um your cg tail tidy then it’s going to continue to short circuit it’s just

Going through that every time so i took it that just unplugged those like i said before and instead and what i thought i would do is i would just plug in the old fender right the stock fender that the street twin comes with so i undo it and actually a few days several days ago and do it put the old one on plug it back in and when i plug it back in now not

Only do the back turn signals not work but now the front turn signals don’t work so here we are again trying to fix another problem so i’m not sure i think on friday when this video comes out on friday i’m going to get a multimeter and see if there’s something that’s because clearly there’s a circuit circuitry issue right i’m not sure if it what wire is the

Problem but there’s some wire now that’s that i think it might have caused a short circuit either because i didn’t have the the ground cable on unplugged or disconnected from the battery when i plugged in the stock fender or there’s something else that i don’t know i don’t know uh but that’s where i’m at so probably the next few videos outside of other things

Will be me trying to figure out what the hell is going on with the fender and the lighting the brake light is fun the headlight is fine but now both turned signals in the front and the back are not so i’m gonna go get a multimeter on friday foreign so that’s just a little channel update i the bike should be riding fine i’m actually thinking either tomorrow or

Friday also riding it to work uh to get some more miles on it just to see what’s going on but you know the issue is that the turn signals are not functioning at all so that’s a little bit of a concern for me while riding right hand signals are great but turn signals are better so we’ll see i just want to give you that update writers and learners see you all next time

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