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525711 – 2012 Triumph Street Triple 675 – Used motorcycles for sale

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Hey guys nick here with american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas got a nice 2012 triumph 675 street triple it’s a british made bike those guys pump out some pretty good quality products this one’s got a gloss white paint job on it you can actually see a lot of sparkle under the clear coat it’s in really good shape the only thing i saw and it’s very very

Minor just a small little rod chip on the front side of that gas tank that’s all i could really find it’s got some rhizoma flush mount turn signals up here maybe not flush mount but kind of low-profile looks real good this one’s got a 675 cc inline three motor with the six-speed transmission it is liquid cooled and fuel injected and if you’re not familiar with the

Inline threes from triumph they’re pretty unique as far as the exhaust sound goes nothing else that quite sounds like it also it’s got good usable power all the way from idle all the way to the rev limiter it’s a very street friendly bike i mean this thing will fly down the road it’s fast this bikes light too it’s not heavy at all i mean just me jumping on it kind

Of felt like a dirt bike i mean just almost like a toy and of course it’s got the dirt bike style handlebars so it’s got a nice wide grip you’re not hunched over it does have rear sets but they’re not quite as aggressive as a super sport where they’d be probably up here so it’s a real nice upright seating position i mean if you like to just carve the corners this

Thing is gonna be a lot of fun for you it’s got the stainless steel rear brake line it’s also got the stainless steel braided lines up here it’s got some frame protectors so if you did drop it it’ll protect all these hard parts it’s got an upgraded works exhaust system which really makes that in line three scene got your battery tender pigtail there this one’s got

A good tire on the rear it’s also got these swing arm spools so it’s got a paddock stand you can lift up the rear and makes real easy work of cleaning the chain and adjusting it or any kind of work you need to do on the rear tire also since it is chain driven you can change out the sprockets real easily to gear it however you want it’s got an adjustable rear shock

Back here it’s also got the bar in two mirrors some upgraded grips just a lot of fun to ride adjustable clutch and brake levers it’s only got sixteen thousand two hundred and seventy three miles kind of that streetfighter look to the front good tire on the front as well the brakes are awesome on this bike this is actually fix this fairing is fixed to the frame

So it doesn’t move with the handlebars which is kind of cool go ahead and fire it up for you guys right here you can see it’s got a gear indicator which is pretty handy everything is digital over here except for your tachometer all your indicator lights gotta have the clutch pulled in it’s a safety mechanism here you can ride with the passenger on this bike this

Is actually the callee so there’d be a seat under here but this one doesn’t have passenger pegs on it so that’s something you’d have to get and put put those back on if you like it we’d like to know more about this bike you can contact our sales team toll-free at 888 411 51 or you can check out our website at clean harley’s comm and see our full inventory we offer

An excellent finance and extended warranty options take the most anything in on trade and we sell and ship bikes all around the world so be real easy to get this one to you this is nick with the american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas the freedom to choose

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525711 – 2012 Triumph Street Triple 675 – Used motorcycles for sale By americanmotorcycle