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Custom 1951 Triumph Thunderbird

We once again visit with Jared Weems of Weems Motor Co. about a custom Triumph build he brought to the Fuel Cleveland show in the fall of 2021. This time, Weems walks us through a 1951 Triumph he built based on another David Mann painting and using parts he had around the shop. It’s our Ride of the Week!

Another absolutely beautiful bike from jared weems here at fuel cleveland another gorgeous triumph it can’t just be harley davidson all the time nope it’s going to be triumph it’s got to be triumph all the time for you anyway it is it is i grew up the very first motorcycle i ever touched was my dad’s 1949 triumph oh and i since then i’ve been smitten that’s all

I do is try it i love it i love it well you do it and you do it incredibly well we already checked out another one of your beautiful custom triumphs but this one i also wanted to talk through again just beautiful style also based off of another david mann painting so it has a great backstory to it so go ahead talk us through this bike a little bit and then don’t

Forget tell us about this incredible paint as well sure so this motorcycle has been titled hollywood run and it’s based off of david mann’s very first painting that he ever did and the painting is titled hollywood run just like the motorcycle david painted that painting in 1969 and that’s the painting that went from the hands of david to ed roth to the individuals

Who own ez rider magazine and created the whole relationship of all of the amazing artwork that came after that so this motorcycle is a 1951 triumph thunderbird which is 650cc uh and it’s basically built from a lot of parts that i had laying around in my garage for many years a lot of super rare cool old chopper stuff and i said you know one day i built the other

David mann bike and i said hey i better build the other one before somebody else jumps on board and steals my idea from me so that’s what i did with this one uh i i call it my budget build because i had a lot of those super rare parts laying on the shelf and it didn’t take a whole lot to just kind of uh what i say play lego with motorcycle parts uh but the paint

Is actually rattle can spray can paint on this bike no absolutely that and i i did it just to kind of kind of thumb my nose to all of these pro painters and everything that’s which i love it’s amazing but i wanted to encourage the the budget builder the guy that’s you know building stuff in his backyard to say you can do some amazing work if you take your time

And you put the effort into it i was gonna say it’s all in the prep and then the sanding exactly it’s all the prep work and man you can come out with an amazing product with just just taking a little bit extra time and a little bit extra effort so yeah everything even the clear coat is it’s a 2k clear coat which has a hardener built into it so it’s gas resistant

Everything so it’s it’s like a professional paint job just out of a rattle can well it’s absolutely stunning i love the same thing how it’s based off of this very very first first david mann painting which is unbelievable this one though i think you were allowed to have a little bit more flexibility in because the painting is kind of vague yes very much i was i

Was open to a lot of artistic impersonation upon this motorcycle uh probably the most difficult thing was the gas tank yeah and uh instead of just fabricating a gas tank i once again i thought about this guy from the 60s that would be building this motorcycle in his backyard what would he have done he didn’t have an english will he didn’t have anything to shape

The metal so he found what he could use and actually that gas tank is off of a puke baltada moped oh wow yes so i’ve done a little bit of modification molding it to get it to fit the frame and look just right for the painting but uh that’s what that’s off of well it’s absolutely beautiful again i love how narrow and super skinny and very very tidy this bike is i

Love the ape hangers i think this just has to be a total blast to ride oh it’s so fun i i tell everybody it’s like riding a schwinn bicycle it’s so light and nimble you just want to throw it around and have a blast but it it is a 650cc motorcycle so it’s got a lot of pep to it it’ll get up and go and it’s actually even lighter than the other bikes how much does

This bike weigh this bike weighs 308 pounds unbelievable 308 pounds and 650cc this thing’s gotta be a rocket ship it’s it’s a blast it’s a blast i just like like i said i i let uh all of my friends ride my bikes i don’t care what they are i think motorcycles are something that should be shared and so after the show we’ll let you take it out go for a ride on heck

Yeah that’s what i was hoping you were gonna say excellent well thank you so much for talking us through another beautiful triumph from jared weems here at the cleveland fuel fuel cleveland show i should say at the fuel cleveland show we’re here on load-in day we’ve got a whole bunch more bikes to check out and we’re gonna go ride this bike later absolutely awesome

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