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Ep.23 HEPCO & BECKER Motorcycle Luggage and other things | PROJECT TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE SCRAMBLER

New Hepco and Becker luggage unboxing and other things…

Welcome back to the channel guys um so it’s looking unlikely as you can see from the counter we have less than a week half an hour less than a week to people sauce um so yeah still quite a bit to do i have no final drive no rear suspension and uh no swing arm extension so um gonna keep trying keep going but it looks like we’re gonna emote the thruster um

But anyway back on the build so you will either have just seen or you’re going to see now somewhere down here um my latest creation so i have put together a small tail tidy unit which will mount onto the bike so you can see here we’ve got two very neat button head bolts there and this unit underneath bolts to them and then the number plate will be mounted

Off this and the indicators off these ears on the side which facilitates me to use the same indicators i’ve got on the front of these just waiting on a couple of little spaces just and a new number plate so that’s that and where we’ve got to and then what i have here is a pico apricot i don’t know how you pronounce that but uh spring-loaded uh chain guide

And tensioner um also if i run the the suspension is so jacked up i need to run the chain slacker than you normally would and i’ve seen one of these installed on a bonneville and my intention at the moment is here i’ve installed two slightly longer bolts in for the footless hanger which is only temporarily mounted but essentially the pivot for this will be

Mounted on the lower bolt and then the upper bolt will be used as the kind of tension holder for the spring that’s included so that’s the job that needs doing but obviously that will be uh in parallel to whatever happens with the swing arm to get the geometry correct so what next um there’s a box let’s have a look at that so i wonder what might be in

Here be very careful with this blade i mean you never know it might be in the uh the title of the video but i haven’t decided yet i might do this portion as a separate video as well so this is something i didn’t i didn’t order this i didn’t pay for it but transparency something i’ve been interested in spoken about and then very kind member of my family

Uh decided to place the order let’s see what’s in the box see hepco and becca so these are small little bags and then in here this is gonna be a fitting kit this let me just get these uh get this box out of the way and uh we’ll have a closer look so all bagged up box out the way and uh how good do they look so what we got here is uh two liner bags uh

Which are over zip there to drop it in and move those out of the way this is the hip coat and becca rugged luggage units uh 24 liters i believe each one um and uh very nice indeed they are let’s drop the seat on it and then look at the rail kits for fitting these i’ve got to come up with something for the rear obviously i’ve chopped the bike but essentially

They’re gonna be very nice there we have it guys we have luggage for the bike um they will also fit throxton so if you end up going on that we will be uh using these regardless um yeah a few things to sort out on the bike uh stuff that you’ve already seen is done obviously i’m going to pull the wheel out for the next episode which will then allow me to put

The spacer in that’s been spun up and fit the brake disc so if i come across a bit downbeat on this guys um i’m just i really want to take this bike and put a lot of effort in and i’m not so sure it’s going to get there um yeah there’s still six days and 23 hours and 23 minutes so uh possibly but uh not holding that much hope you know what guys

Scratch that this bike is going we’re gonna go on the scrambler one way or another i’ll get this finished um i’ve got an idea for extend the swing arm if we don’t get the parts for it i’m gonna have a cut off of wednesday for that so if this doesn’t occur by wednesday on wednesday evening thursday evening i will chop this thing on and come up with something

So i need to crack on i’ve got to get a few bits done so this is going to be the end of this video thanks for all your support hope you like the luggage click like subscribe all the good stuff your support is amazing and definitely needed right now um i’m going to get some beer in stock i’m going to get well fed have loads of snacks down here and if i have

To live in here to get this bike finished that is what i’ll do um yeah also picture here this is luke’s 125 in its current state so i’ve got to rewire that over yeah do some rewiring on that over the course of this week as well um and he’s working away so doing that on my own um so yeah i’m gonna get that wheel out and sort the brake disc get that all fitted

Up ready to go and wiring for the indicators and that sort of thing so that’ll be the next video and if you please click subscribe and we get 300 subscribers then we’re going to hit the start button now the bike has developed a bit of a leak from the primary cover um i’ve got the gasket on the shelf so the oil i’ve put in i need to drain back out fix that

Put the oil back in and then we get the start button so um yeah it’s all on you guys really um and i’ll get this finished for friday maybe thanks guys click like subscribe do all the good stuff comment below um keep sending your love and take it easy so you

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Ep.23 HEPCO & BECKER Motorcycle Luggage and other things | PROJECT TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE SCRAMBLER By The Wurks