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It will be another car that customers in bangkok. send it to us. naha , i have come to cut the shape and, ah, i have come to decorate many but the overall price is about a hundred thousand, about a hundred thousand, a little more, because the customer told me that this car is all decorated. maybe i can’t remember, sir. this car is over. all of them are about a hundred

Thousand, two hundred and three. that’s about it. if you add up from the same car, it’s around that. come i’ll start with the next one. in the next period, this one is also popular with will be short but actually, there are many of them in the shop . what size is the middle size? wait and see for another car. another car is working on it, this will be the center fender.

Later, this car comes up here a little more, it will be a flick this leg and the middle leg personally, it’s thirteen thousand and five if the end of the whole set is about thirteen thousand and five hundred baht, sir the front turn signal handles are about eight hundred pairs each. it’s a cnc work. and there’s a turn signal. this one is, um, of the motogadget. empin is a

Little small. this one is for four thousand and five hundred baht per pair. but when we change the turn signal of triumph everyone must remember. that we don’t cut the wires we will use the adapter. it will come with a set of adapter cables. sold separately it’s in one set, about four baht. you can order later. the headlight legs. this one is also used as the shortest

Leg of the headlight in order to shorten it down to make it as short as possible. is at a price of one thousand and five hundred baht after one thousand and seven hundred , the lens, the headlight lens, this is a glass bead headlight lens. it’s a butterfly pattern. it’s two thousand and five hundred baht. but if anyone wants to wear an elephant’s ear, oh my, i’m sorry.

Whoever wants to wear a short headlight leg, don’t forget to move this one first. we have to move behind the radiator. the legs, the legs, the plate handles are about seven hundred and fifty baht. move here first. to be able to wear short headlight legs otherwise, it will stick. later, it will come in miles. the meter, when we put the short one in, we have to keep

The miles down. so this one we’re going to have the mileage leg right here this one was created by myself. this mileage leg is about seven hundred and fifty baht. make its mileage lower. keep it close to the headlight, of olin this car is also included. put the front shock absorber spring set olin at six thousand eight and fifty and there’s also oil for another thousand

Baht. wearing one set will be at this price. later, this car will have handlebars. hands in this style. it’s a comfortable ride, not too high, not too high, and not too short. for people who don’t like heights if compared to the original hand approximately an inch and a half on each side, about an inch and a half wider than this hand is about two thousand and five hundred

Baht, not more than this , and this car will change the front brake cable. this front brake cable, we use the longest one. it ‘s the longest one. go straight to the back at the rear pot. baht per line. you can order. this clutch cable is four hundred and fifty baht. later, it will be the handbrake, the clutch. this one is two thousand and five. this is a hand brake lever,

Cnc wedding clutch, pump cover , this one will be a thai event, it’s eight hundred, the price is eight hundred. approximately eight hundred and fifty baht. this hand casing. this hand casing is soft. it’s around nine hundred baht. and then there is a handlebar end knob at the end, it’s clear as well . this one is priced at four hundred and fifty baht. i don’t know if the

Audience can catch up or not. slowly, if you don’t catch up or what, you can comment and ask. as for the mirror , this pair of mirrors is a brand to wear with triumph. this will be a good job. three thousand baht per pair. complete set. the whole body is tight. both the mirror this one will be a little expensive. let’s keep going this next time. later, the radiator guard.

The work of the shop it’s two thousand and five hundred baht. it should be around two thousand baht only. i think this pattern is beautiful later, there will be a fall. yes, this one is worn together. the anti-fall protection is three thousand baht per set. one set is for the radiator model. there are both models of boilers and then there are both new and old models. we have

Sold them all. and there is this cover it’s like cranking up a machine. this one’s for motore this one is priced at one thousand and eight hundred baht. as for the pipe set, this is a thai work. well, the sound is ok. i’ll be at the end of the show, and i’ll start it for you. one set is about ten thousand and five. later, this color is the same color. retain the original

Color the lid of the bag is the same color. come and see the range on this side. the tripod, the gear lever. this will be the head of the motore. it’s the gear head of the motone. it will be black, cut the money. is a mini event this one is in a set one thousand baht each. this one, ah, who wears a short pipe? when the pipe has been decorated, it will be difficult to

Kick . this one has to be longer. the price is four hundred and fifty baht. that’s right. it’s at the end of this car. this car is rearranged. cut at the back of the ass we also confirmed it’s the original standard. shortness comes in. just a little shorter than before. not a lot but the dimensions of the car have definitely changed. let’s take a picture first. here’s

One sitting. my body weighs seventy-five. i’m considered hunk. you can call it fat. chubby. chubby. there is still a lot of space left for people behind to sit. sitting in the back here is considered to be a comfortable ride. whoever said cutting the ass at the end would be short, it’s true, sometimes it’s short. but short, but we can choose you can choose the distance,

How short it is, the person in the back can sit comfortably, or the person in the back sits as if it is fit. but keeping the shape short only, for example, then you can do it measure it first. the back nutster has taken the size up here. my range is still at this stage. turn the wheel to be in the position around the back. if anyone is interested in cutting consult a

Housewife first. the shop has it for sale. the price is only one thousand baht. the other cushions are five thousand and five. it’s a new job. this is our new project planning work. let’s look inside is it smooth or is it that the audience can see it? where is the cut that we cut out the frame at what time do you paint and how? ah , the work at the shop will be a little

Smooth when we cut. i’m going to cut it around the middle of this period. you have to cut a slit in and cut it right here. here, there are welded joints as usual. we didn’t cut the outside, this one is still used as the original item, still the same. everything has the same structure. and then put this sheet back in move the lock to a new one. as for the cushion,

We re-establish the whole structure. it will be the job of whose car it is. has a model that is equal to the frame, covering the frame, shorter than the frame. there are many designs. it’s up to the customer to choose. when the customer, the audience, who comes to see the store or have you watched the video clip? then bring the car in can choose the position of the

Seat distance, the short distance, the size of the seat cushion thickness come on, let’s come together at the turn signal pin, drive this turn signal. it’s stainless steel. this one is four hundred and fifty baht. the turn signal is also a moto. as for anyone who will change the new rear set, they will need to change the turn signal it’s a bolt to decorate the head of

Triumph’s shock. this one is six hundred per pair. now the customer who arranges this style will not use the tank chopper. will use normal soft this one live ten thousand nineteen thousand and five hundred baht, one pair, later a bang chain. bang chain decorated this one is the shop itself. the price is one thousand and eight hundred baht. it’s a short dressed chain.

Next, the side license plate legs are two thousand two. can be folded open and closed normally, when i use it black arcade with golden pin. two thousand and eight the sprocket belongs to super spock. the price is three thousand eight hundred baht. there are black, black and black gold, depending on the customer’s choice. aluminum fender at the shop. the price is three

Thousand and five hundred baht. the rear light and the rear light are four thousand and five. this is an analog tail light. it will be used as a brand work. come on, let’s take a look at the turn signal lights. i can tell you that. analog taillights are really expensive, but brighter than normal ones, more than a thousand baht each , which are chinese or taiwanese. that

I use regularly, and the brand is actually brighter than the real thing. when the cars are parked side by side, they are brighter than each other. and the turn signal, not that these turn signal lights are expensive, but the quality is the same, it’s a little bit accelerating, it’s a short pipe that comes out quickly, a little can do the same but i don’t know where this

Came from. if anyone likes this style, you can tell me. this one is raw, brutal style. how come, leave this clip. with triumph ball devil tee triumph ball devil tee hundred anyway, please leave a like and share. who watched this clip? in the future, i will have new style cars change the style somehow. anyway, please leave it to all viewers you can contact us at the bottom

Of the page. under youtube, everything is fine. spare parts are slow to reply, call me for sure. thank you.

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EP71 [SUBTITLE] รีวิว TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE NEW T100 จัดทรง ตัดท้าย ยัดของแต่ง By Moto custom Thailand