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How much I paid for my 2021 Triumph Speedmaster & why I didnt buy the updated model

Hi guys i thought i’d just do a quick video on why i bought the preface lift speedmaster as opposed to the new one that they’ve brought out this year there were a couple of reasons i guess i should start by going through what the differences are with the new speedmaster the first one is the paint scheme for the black and white but i’ll come on to that in a minute

Because that was one of the reasons why um i chose this one um i think the new facelift one comes with a comfort seat and pillion pad um extra padding as standard whereas the pre-face lift come with this seat and you can buy the comfort seat i think it’s 220 quid or something but warning if you’re tall it does push you forward so um it’s not suitable for me i’m

Still trying to work out what the best thing to do regarding my seat because i do need to be a little bit further back but that’s a work in progress so we’ll deal with that another day um the other thing which i didn’t know about until i read up on it is it’s got a different instrument cluster as in is set up differently the new one and it’s also got um a bezel

Around the edge which it’s ashamed i didn’t put it on this one because i think out of everything on this bike it’s the instrument cluster that looks cheap and if you look at the t120s which were out before this um they’ve i know they’ve got twin clocks but they’ve got bezels around the edge and they look really nice but that to me looks a little bit plasticky

Which is obviously um everything else i think is pretty much the same i think there’s the lower admissions actually on the new one and i think they’ve sort of messed around with the riding modes um i think now they adjust the throttle response and maybe traction control settings as well but i’m not 100 sure um things like seat height still 705 millimeters so

It’s very low um i think the weight’s the same it’s about 245 kilograms um and then the tank’s size is still the same as 12 liters and they reckon you get about 135 to 140 miles to the tank um my first run obviously i’m just running it in i got 108 but i guess that will improve with the time um yes so right the two things that i that that made me decide to get

This one as opposed to the facelift are firstly the price and secondly the color now this is the old black and white style which they’ve now changed and i didn’t like the new one as much the new one is literally half black and half white and it doesn’t have this black stripe that goes down the middle um and secondly was a price now i got this it wasn’t a prereg

It was brand new i got this for 11 300 pounds you were to buy the the facelift model standard so that’s in black because the standard color is black is 11 850 pounds if you wanted it in the black and white that’s enough 350 pounds that takes it up to 12 2. um they don’t do the blue one anymore and i think the red is an extra couple of hundred quid as well so

You’re looking extra grand pretty much and i got the color or the styling that i really wanted in the black and white the black and white the new one does have the coach lines the gold coach lines but it’s just down the side they don’t have anything on the top um so yeah that was really the only reason that i i didn’t buy the facelift model because i preferred

The look of this one and the fact that it was nearly a thousand hand cheaper so that was good enough for me anyway guys um right safe i’m gonna do a quick video later on about the uh sw motec panniers or pannier that i’ve got and fitted and that was a drama but i’ll talk about that in the next video thank you guys right safe

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How much I paid for my 2021 Triumph Speedmaster & why I didn't buy the updated model 🤔 By 2 wheeled Willie