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New Triumph Tiger 850 Sport 2021 Review and Tiger 900 Rally Pro Review |

New Triumph Tiger 850 Sport 2021 Review and Tiger 900 Rally Pro Review.

Good morning hello wait how are you doing how are you all good how’s the bike yes are you getting the angle the old well it’s about the only trick in my repertoire nice it is it is quite nice in it there’s a bit of a bit of a tie it is and like these tyres they’re actually really good yeah for a road bike you think sport on the side of it you think yeah there

Won’t be any good off-road but they are good yeah could have breaking traffic they can see that so here we have them ready for a day of um playing in the mud my old friend yeah it’s it’s it’s um it’s a good good bike this yeah we’ll have some fun today good stuff we’ll see a mud lined up here what’s the plan where are we going where are we not going is the plan

Um i think i think we’ll be able to do near enough everything today um you know i’ve been with you before i know what you can do so you know we’ll we’ll hit the hills we’ll hit the box we’ll play about on some jumps and um and yeah and have some fun and try and maybe do some power sliding and skits later and yeah just generally phone about cool cool right let’s

Get to it i’m eager come on hello folks it’s toad here with and as you can see today i’m going to be talking a tale of two tigers i’m stood between triumph’s awesome tiger 900 rally pro and the new triumph tiger 850 sport a bike that until now we haven’t ridden but instead of just doing a road test instead of just poopling around the lanes near

My house and filming everything on a gopro i thought this bike really deserved to be used in the way that triumph have imagined it being used so what have we done we formulated a plan we are now allowed to travel around the uk so we have traveled down to wales to the triumph adventure experience here in murphy tidfield and i have put on this bike in the last two

Days around about three to four hundred miles which is pretty good going and i’ve really covered all of the stuff that this bike is designed to do but then when i arrive here and we’ve got these on offer it’s pretty hard to say no so i’m going to talk primarily about the 850 um sport and then we’ll go on and i’ll just have a little chat to you about the tiger

900 rally pro and also try it’s phenomenal uh adventure experience here in martha so first and foremost the tiger 850 sport what is it well it is the entry point into trunk tiger ownership it is the sort of the bottom rung of the ladder for one of a better phrase but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a bite that’s worthy of your attention and in this video i hope

That i can sort of convey that across to you so this is 9 300 pounds they are available now they are in dealers now you can arrange put a deposit down and go out and buy one if you so wish we have got basically the same 888 cc engine that is in the rest of the tiger 900 range um but in the 850 it has been tuned differently and it’s got a very specific set of

Characteristics just to really make it the bike that it needs to be for primarily road use um so we’ve got 85 ps which is down slightly on the rest of the tigers as i said it’s just detuned ever so slightly and the peak torque figure is also slightly less i’m going to say it because i when i first got on it i’d like to think as a road tester and a motorcycle

Journalist i’d be able to tell when a bike was lacking 10 horsepower and i find it really hard to put my finger on where those horsepower have gone and i also said that the peak torque has also been reduced ever so slightly only probably by about four or five newton meters but it has gone down slightly but what triumph have done with this bike and they’ve not

Really told me exactly how they’ve tuned it differently or how the talk is delivered but i have a feeling that the peak torque figure on the tiger 850 sport is quite a bit lower than on the rest of the tiger 900 range it doesn’t feel anywhere near as peaky and because the torque is a bit more a bit lower down in the rev range you’ve got more usable torque and for

Me on the road it just makes perfect sense i mean as a back road weapon and for touring and commuting and everything else it’s just so tractable and so usable and you’ve got that t-plane crank engine beneath you that gives you the characteristic and the drive off the line of a v-twin but then as you get higher up the rev range that kind of revvy fizzy nature

Of an inline three cylinder it’s just honestly it just makes it such a perfect combination for this this sort of bike so i’m going to talk about the suspension and the brakes and the handling of the tiger 850 sport very quickly so it has got marzocchi um non-adjustable front forks and we’ve got marzocchi um adjustable rear shock for preload only with a remote

Pre-loader just on there there is no adjustment on there and to be honest with you for my size and my weight and the type of fast road riding that i enjoy doing i don’t actually think i would have changed anything on this it’s got plenty of support and it’s it’s really really plush i mean i did say i’ve covered a lot of miles on it within a very short space of

Time and it’s really supremely comfortable and it’s just a very nice supportive platform for you to go out and enjoy you know what is an excellent all-round motorcycle for touring and commuting so mated to the suspension system we have got a top spec braking setup so we have got brembo styling my calipers up front which are not budget in any way shape or form

And i think they probably outclass a lot of the other bikes that are in this uh category we’ve also got a single brembo uh caliper on the rear of the bike i mean as i always say with any bike that’s got brembos fitted to it the brakes are just all that you need and more it’s it’s just a really really safe and sort of rewarding setup to ride on the road we do

Have two channel abs on the bike and there is also a traction control system as well which can be deactivated altogether and you’ve got two riding modes with the tiger 850 sport you’ve either got rain or you’ve got road and that is it i’m going to talk about that because that’s one of the things that i like about this bike is how simple and uncluttered it is the

The lack of riding modes and the lack of settings that you have to go into it means you’re not thinking about any of that you just get on the bike and you ride it and if it is raining you don’t have the confidence in the wet and you need a little bit of support you can flick it into the rain mode which is then just going to up that level of assistance that you’re

Going to be getting when there is less adhesion on the roads prime for this bike we cannot talk about it without talking about the comfort this seat is or one of the plushies that i’ve ever placed my behind on it’s very soft and very supportive and because it’s a tiger it’s a very comfortable place to be the bars on this are a little bit different to any of the

Other tigers that i’ve ridden they’re more like the bars that you get on the tiger 1200 big 1200cc tourer and they caught sort of sweep that to meet you which is really really nice and just puts you in such a relaxed riding position that you don’t really ever get off the tiger 850 and feel like you’ve ridden 100 or 200 or 300 miles which is an absolute yeah it’s a

Real bonus for a bike like this so the verdict of the tiger 850 sport i think in my head i had this was going to be and this is before i rode it i thought it was going to be less of a bike um and i think a lot of people a lot of members of the public are thinking the same thing and thinking why would i buy that when i could just pay a a bit more and get the tiger

900 gt or the the rally um but i think in its own right this bike is a very good motorcycle i admit that the the fact that it looks identical to the tiger 900 range maybe put some people off because it it’s maybe not quite differentiated from the rest of the bikes in the tiger range quite so much but for me if i wasn’t going to be doing massive cross-continental

Tours and i just wanted a bike to go out and explore the united kingdom maybe a little bit further afield and just use as an everyday motorcycle this is actually a much better and i think you’re getting value for money with this that you might not get in the rest of the tiger range because if you’re that kind of rider you might not use all of the other things that

Things like the rally pro have got to offer to their fullest so on that night i think this is a success and right now i am going to turn my attention and talk about the rally pro because we are here at the triumph adventure experience in mirth of tiffville and we have had an absolute blast of a day without matt reed who is the chief instructor here at the tae

Showing me around i’ve not been to this particular center before i went to the previous uh triumph adventure experience and what a day it has been um if you’re into adventure bikes and you are one of the people who is maybe a little bit guilty of owning an adventure bike and never taking it off road or never really using it to its fullest whether it’s a triumph

Or any other branded motorcycle this really is a place that you need to come and just get some of the training that they’ve got on offer they haven’t got an expansive they haven’t got acres and acres and acres of land but what they have got is lots of different terrain types in quite a close proximity together so from one minute you could be riding green lanes

And narrow tracks through woodland and the next minute you could be blasting up open fire trails and and hitting jumps like we’ve been doing today it really is a blast they do one day two-day three-day tours even where you can go up into the elan valley and they even do beginner sessions as well so if you are like i said one of the people that is a bit guilty of

Not using an adventure bite to its fullest then you should really be putting the tae on your to-do list for 2021 anyway i’ve waffled on quite enough for one day thank you very much for watching folks i’ll see you again soon foreign

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New Triumph Tiger 850 Sport 2021 Review and Tiger 900 Rally Pro Review | By Visordown Motorcycle Videos