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New Triumph Tiger 850 Sport Features and Benefits

Everything you need to know about the new Tiger 850 Sport.

Hi i’m jamie and this is the new tiger 850 sport the latest addition to try it’s highly acclaimed tiger family it’s been specifically developed to set a new standard for road focused versatility developed from the latest generation tiger platform the new tiger 850 sport has all of the dynamic poise and agile handling you would expect combined with an all-new

Tailor-made performance and specification setup designed to deliver the perfect balance of accessible intuitive and manageable everyday riding capability while the tiger 850 sport shares the same innovative t-plane crank as the latest generation tiger 900 range this new model has a unique 850 tune for even more accessible all-round riding fun the t-plane crank

Uses a unique 132 firing order and has the distinctive character sound and feel of a twin lower down while maintaining all the torque feel and delivery of a triple in the mid-range and top end in other words you get a strong and responsive delivery of usable power and torque right from low down all the way through the rev range enhancing the new tiger 850

Sports versatility for commuting touring or just having a bit of spirited two-wheeled fun at the weekends peak power is a great 85 ps arriving at 8 500 rpm peak torque is 82 newton meters at 6500 rpm the 132 firing order also gives a distinctive soundtrack too delivering a throaty triple bark through the high level stainless steel silencer there are mass

Optimized twin radiators for efficient cooling and to direct heat away from the rider plus a slip and assist clutch to minimise rider fatigue in heavy traffic or stop start journeys as well as a unique 850 engine tune the tiger 850 sport features a dedicated high specification chassis and equipment package too again this has been specifically designed to

Maximize the new tiger 850 sports all-round versatility and accessibility you have top specification brembo brakes with lightweight and compact brembo stylemaker calipers for superior stopping power the long travel 45 millimeter upside down mazaki front forks are complemented by an adjustable mizaki gas pressurized rear suspension unit to soak up uneven road

Surfaces increasing the tiger 850 sports shore footed road holding and its comfort the rear suspension is adjustable for pre-load to tailor the suspension response to cater for the addition of luggage and a pillion from an ergonomic perspective the new tiger 850 sport has a really commanding upright riding position for great visibility over traffic there are

Angle adjustable handlebars an easily adjustable two position seat and also a great feature with this adjustable screen all allowing you to tailor the setup for maximum personal comfort and enhancing maneuverability the frame is a lightweight modular construction with bolt on rear pillion foot pegs and rear subframe the slim profile gives a narrow standover

Width making the new tiger 850 sport accessible to a broad range of riders in fact weight has been optimized throughout the bike which together with the highest specification suspension gives an agile dynamic and confidence inspiring ride as you would expect from a triumph the tiger 850 sport is packed with the useful rider technology carefully selected to

Deliver the features that riders really value with high contrast 5-inch tft instruments two riding modes all led lighting and a 12 volt charging socket the tfts are simple to operate through intuitive handlebar mounted switch gear and the high contrast design means they can be easily read in all lighting conditions the road and rain riding modes adjust the

Throttle response and traction control settings with rain mode helping to manage more slippery conditions thus aiding rider safety abs is of course also fitted as standard where market legislation permits the lighting is fully led for long life low heat and great visibility you have this distinctive daytime running light incorporated into the headlight as

Well as a stylish led rear light and compact led indicators the dominant stance of the tiger 850 sport reflects its adventure bike inspired style as does the minimal bodywork and sculpted tank design the tank is a generous 20 liters giving great range there’s a category leading level of finish and detail that goes hand in hand with the new tiger 850 stunning

Presence and look and you also have a choice of two sporty colour schemes this the graphite and diablo red or a graphite and caspian blue option to further tailor the new tiger 850 sport to suit your own needs there are over 60 genuine triumph accessories available these have all been designed and tested alongside the bike to the same rigorous standards there’s

A choice of both soft and hard luggage soft options include a tank bag roll bag and tail pack there are two choices of top box and panniers manufacture for triumph by givi the side opening moulded trekker panniers or the alloy side opening expedition kit extra protective options include stainless steel engine bars tank protection bars machined fork protectors

Aluminium radiator guards headlight protector and aluminium sump guard then there are various accessories to add comfort and capability such as the arrow silencer triumph shift assist scrolling indicators center stand led fog lights and two alternative seats plus security add-ons such as an alarm tracking system ground anchor disc lock and u-lock so there you

Have it the brand new tiger 850 sport all of the advantages of the latest generation of tiger with a dedicated 850 triple engine tune and its own tailor-made package of high specification equipment and technology a truly versatile motorcycle and proof that with the tiger 850 sport one bike really can do it all you

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New Triumph Tiger 850 Sport Features and Benefits By Official Triumph Motorcycles