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Test Riding the Triumph Tiger Sport 660 | Ride Review and Impressions

Hey guys this is welcome back to my channel so today i am test driving the tiger sport oh dark man you can immediately feel it but is that enough yep why not okay so this is basically the trident itself with adps of power and 64 nm of talk all those videos you can find online but i’m here to see how this how would be the real driving experience right so i

Don’t want to do a test drive like how the other youtubers do i don’t want to rev it till it’s a rev band and and uh and give you a review or something also because i need the main thing would be comfort the vibrations how the gearbox feels and what are the brakes so basically the comfort is great i think it it it would definitely be a capable tour the vibrations

I can’t feel them right now very minimal basically this is a test ride bike uh so you can expect so a few vibrations here and there but again having said that it is super smooth but the main main main plus point of this bike is its sweet sweet sweet triple sound ah just can you just hear that i’m not sure if the gopro is catching it but the triple sound is just

Amazing so i’m i am just looking a bike for myself as well um not sure if this tiger is the one because driving this in the city looks a little bit cumbersome for me with the tank and and the build quality looks not as that great when compared to that other trident but having said that it is still great i don’t feel any wives in any gear till now even in even

In fifth gear i was able to pull this in 25 kmph right okay so let me take a u-turn here and go back i think i have an idea of how this bike drives oh god that is good it has got see this is the part is not overwhelming for sure right i think the main thing you need to know is whenever you’re buying a bike uh probably there are people who really need the kick

And the kick in your pants probably go with a z900 it is a four uh four cylinder engine with with more than 90 ps of power thing i think more than one degree so far i’m not sure about that power figures but you need to make sure one thing that um that power is not usable on indian roads for sure this is this is a bike with 80 ps of our 64 nm of torque that that

You can use the whole power across the rev range that is what you need so you’re paying almost so expensive 000 is not expensive to early frank miu buffet another one i’ll have like more than this but having said that that power you don’t use anywhere so just for giving you an example this bike can go to around 75 kmph in its first gear itself and um mother if

You go to the red line but generally people don’t do that right and if you come to z 900 it will go to around 9200 kmph in the first gear itself so just imagine our cruising speed on indian roads is only 100 to 120 and that tune really great roads already set in 80. so where will you go with this kind of a power uh that xenon had offer so you’ll not be using

It you’ll only only using ten percent of its car so there’s no point in investing in that and also getting it serviced uh it will be expensive so this is a really good balance between far uh power delivery your comfort and and you just name it i think this is the best balanced bike you can buy in india right now if you want to buy a super bike so that’s about

The tiger 660 guys so i love this i supervise it so i think the handling is amazing see how it pulls ah it just pulls it just pulls it just pulls great this is i think this pool is more than enough for indian roads and i think this should be sufficient on highways as well uh because people don’t buy super bikes for racing so that is an wrong notion people don’t

Buy super bikes for racing the reason people buy higher cc bikes so that though they don’t get fatigued on their drives right if you if you take energy bike and travel 15 kilometers you’ll be you’ll be down i know moshe will still do it but he’ll be down right and you have a bike like this wherein it’ll easily go triple digit speeds but you’re not intended to

Go but the overtakes are easy you know bike has less vibrations and and just name all the comfort levels and the gadgetry you have it on this and that is what makes this a sweet deal for the city right so that’s about this uh tiger 660 guys so i hope you guys like this short ride review of the bike if you have any queries please comment on the youtube channel you

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Test Riding the Triumph Tiger Sport 660 | Ride Review and Impressions By Dharmesh Daula