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Triumph America LT Ride and Review

Not a professional, but a mad man with an opinion. This is the ride and walk around of the Triumph America LT. One of the best looking bikes on the road.

Hello everybody this is the rabbit hedgehog and this is the walk around and rod review of the 2015 triumph america lt as you can see i’ve got her in front of me i’ve been calling this when roxy has recent because she’s just earned her name as being a sassy little brit so let’s take a look at her she’s absolutely a beautiful beautiful bike it’s one of the my favourite

Bike designs actually just kind of walk around it here real fast as you can see absolutely gorgeous very classic very retro even the fuel injectors look like carburetors i mean it’s just wonderful design and the traffic america lt is very similar to the speed master in the lt or the america i should say in that it’s the same bonneville basic frame a little bit

Modified as it’s a little bit wider longer and taller than the regular bonneville they just added some extra bits here and there they also added the larger front end suspension with an inverted fork very good comfortable travel about five and a half inches back here at the end you’ve got adjustable shocks for preload that have a three and a half inch travel its

Chain drive the engine is the same as the bonneville 865 cc pushing about 63 horsepower 53 foot-pounds of torque 270 degree firing order to give it a small thump even though it’s nowhere near the harley the america lt does come with the windshield the panniers and also the backrest on it so this is the package that you get with it so it’s just a very beautiful bike

Very well thought-out design very balanced by four as big as it is let’s go ahead and hop on it real fast one thing i do want to point out though does come with adjustable levers as standard on it as you can see here very simple front dash panel here you got all your indicator lights here for your oil your neutral turning and bright beam up here you have check

Engine light fuel lot and alarm system light i’ll go ahead and kick her on here the key is behind the seat here slightly and under pop that on leather pump up and make sure i put her in a half-hour earlier and let her go all right as you can see has a little bit of a thump to it but nothing major at all very quiet for such a big bike so one thing i do like about

It and i’ll kind of point this out while it’s warming back up here maybe i what i do is i listen a little bit for the front end here it’s a little bit bad because every time you shut it down it gains a tick in the top in because the old just isn’t there anymore so you have to turn it on wait for it to warm up wait for that tick to go out and which it just did up

That down there as you can see it’s idling fine now but i’d like to point out this bike is despite the size of it it’s bigger than the harley davidson sportster by a long shot even the 1,200 and it’s wider longer taller than it as well smaller engine though a 65 but given that it is much bigger it’s 60 pounds lighter at 540 pounds wet it even has a five and a half

Gallon gas tank for that extra traveling gets about fifty to the gallon somewhere in there on the highway 50 to 55 depending on how you ride it forty to forty five in the city these widespread low back bars are fantastic i mean you just you just sit down on it it’s like a big lounge chair very comfortable riding bike for sure probably my favorite bike as you can

See another windshields a little dirty sorry there’s some bugs out right now but the windshield is very tall versus like the the scout in the sportster the scout and the sportster have these little windshields that come down up to about here and so you get a lot of wind in your face still at least it blocks you know from the giant grasshoppers that come and kill

You at 60 miles an hour that’s about all it does this one actually covers i’m 6 foot tall it gets mostly above my head it gets above my face area not quite the top of my head but it’s enough to keep all the wind out but let enough went into the my top air vents on my helmet so i actually get a good airflow still so very well-thought-out designed a front screen

Here but in terms of what i was going to go at versus the sportster in the the scout this bike is very well balanced and actually not top-heavy at all or anything like that it’s actually very very very balanced i’ll show you here see i can lean all the way over and tap the floorboard and bring it back and do that on the other side too it’s that well-balanced it

Doesn’t have that feeling of point of no-return oh my gosh i’m going to fall break a leg and break my bike it actually is very well balanced for such a large machine and i’m impressed by that very most of the triumph that actually ridden over in a tiger and i’ve ridden a speed triple on a daytona i haven’t unfortunately didn’t have my cameras anything like that

Or was motovlogging at the time but they were all the turnips seemed to be the same smooth engine smooth power well balanced bikes and well put together – and i’m glad that triumph is coming back in america starting to gain some momentum i know that for a while there they were gone you know they they did disappear a little bit for a few years before they were bought

Out by another company moved to another area of england and and restarted manufacturing what they’ve done now is they do manufacture the engines in taiwan ship them to england and everything’s hand assembled there the paint everything’s hand done in the factories at england so paints really good quality i love this blue and it’s blue on blue silver stripe on it all

Hand painted very well crafted paint like i said the overall this bike is just a fantastic bike you know the fit and finish is is great not as good as the harley but great i the one thing i have a qualms with and i’ve tried to see if it was something in my mounting brackets and everything like that i couldn’t find where it was loose or anything like that they were

All tightened and torqued to the cry expect but tank moves around like as you can see there you know you can actually feel a little bit when you’re riding you feel twisting under unit it’s a little disconcerting but you know it’s not as tight as the harley but you know overall it’s still really good quality i mean this is something that i mean you’re not gonna

Grab your tank and grab it and move it around like that i mean yeah you can fill it under your knees but the tanks crippled it doesn’t distract from your riding so it’s really good in that respect so let’s go ahead and start rolling here and like i said everything smooth on triumphs the engines are smooth the transmissions are smooth everything is smooth so that

Is the one thing i’ve noticed is just how how good a bike can be in terms of the smoothness here let’s get across this little bump here and so overall my impression of this bike since i’ve gotten to ride it and even traded the cattle the cattle our ford has been fantastic i mean it’s shifts quick save me shifting really fast to the gears i hear me ship is really

Fast the gears there it does all this very very well get that camera back up try this to camera thing but it’s just very well the engines really responsive i’m not as responsive in the low end as the harley but it is responsive in the mid-range a lot better than even the 883 was the horsepower that it puts out 63 265 horsepower 53 to 54 foot-pounds torque somewhere

In there so it has more than the 883 in out of the smaller parallel twin package still air-cooled has a large wheel cooler on it unlock the harley’s it’s just it’s it does have a little bit more tune in the cooling department so it does very well even in the warmer temperatures and things like that i’ve gotten a ride like i said some of these in the past and i’ve

Just been absolutely impressed with them you know to the point that i really wanted a triumph for several several years when it comes down to it versus the sportster versus the indian scout the sportster yes it’s smaller it does have a little bit more nimble features to it to me and it’s just because of the the power that has and the fact it is skinnier bike but in

General this bike can hold with it really well and you know it’s not a hundred percent the same but it holds it holds its own it holds its own very well so when you come up on turns i mean yeah this isn’t a very big one to give a challenge but you can you can take turns with confidence is back almost sport by confidence until you tap down on the floorboard that’s

What it reminds you that it’s a cruiser because the chassis on this thing is so well balanced not as top-heavy as the scout not as top-heavy as the harley but it doesn’t produce the power of either one of those two and that that’s for sure i mean the 1200 sportster is going to outrun this thing in stock form mine does for sure because of the stage ones and stuff

Like that and the indian scout because it does have a power gain over the sportster is definitely more peppy but i just don’t see the ride as smooth as this bike i mean that the suspension travel on this is much greater than both the indian and the harley-davidson so when you’re traveling it is a very comfortable feeling even on broken roads it holds its own very

Well bounce is just fine if you got the preload set to you and you like it you’re gonna love this bike it’s gonna it’s not going to wear you down when i bought this when i actually did the trade and bought this bike and everything like that i went up to tulsa oklahoma which is an hour and a half or so away from oklahoma city edmond area where i’m at and i had to

Ride it back down the turner turnpike and that’s 75 miles an hour and not the best of highway but i mean during that whole hour ride and a half i didn’t even get it tired i mean it just went and went and went loads of power loads of loads of comfort and just overall probably one the better writing experiences i’ve ever had i wrote the klr up that path one time and

Yeah oh that didn’t come out so well i mean it wasn’t really designed for that the harley’s been up there too and it’s kind of the same way because it doesn’t have the wind protection that this bike has from this big screen here which is removable it’s just a quick release to tap pops right off real easy to get off you know come up the harley’s little four tapper

But you know just not much wind protection this adds you can kind of just sit back in the saddle here dump dip below the windscreen and enjoy a very quiet comfortable ride right now only one time fillings out of my arms here and you know the tank does get job blocking for the legs and the forward riding position does a good job to it at you know keeping your legs

In a good place and making them just last forever so unlike the harley where i’m a little bit more compact or even the ninja 300 that i had before and the klr this bike allows you to stretch out and move around a little bit more because that that wider seat the really comfortable saddle and this is not an aftermarket saddle or gel saddle this is just the normal

One it’s fantastic it’s one of the better stock ones i’ve been on my wife really does like the backend too with the bar the backrest because it makes this bike really comfortable she looks forward to riding this bike a lot more than even the harley she loves the harley for its power and the fact that it almost throws our off because it gives her a little bit more

Excitement but this one she can just relax on a sit back and enjoy the ride a lot more and we’ve been out on a little bit longer ride too that was about a two-hour ride as well and she didn’t get tired like she does on the harley she does get a little bit tired cuz she’s leaning a little forward trying to hold on to me but this one allows her to back off just kind

Of sit back in a lounge chair and away and enjoy the views going around her this bike really has great visibility all around it these really wide set mirrors here are absolutely fantastic at looking back you can just kind of glance over your shoulders are not in the view at all the sportster you know being so narrow those mirrors all you see pretty much to your

Shoulder you have to do a lot of head checking i do it anyway on no matter what bike them on but it feels good to be able to kind of look back for a brief second before you do the head checked err to just double check your your blind spot but i really like how far you can see with those how clear there are and how really put the quell put together those are and

Where they’re positioned at you know like i said this is a very simple bike it has doesn’t have a trip computer mounted on the handlebar it is over here on the on the speedometer you have to reach over there’s a little button next to the camera and you tap it and it will go through to trip computers and the clock there’s no tachometer on this bike that’s fine

Though but then there’s no gear of you know select your switch or counter i should say and that doesn’t bother me either a lot of bikes that i’ve owned don’t have that and i’m really good at counting so i don’t have a problem april burrows but anyway you know overall i have to say that this bike for anybody would be a great buy at least a great look at especially

If you’re going into the cruiser market especially if you’re looking for something to ride and enjoy and you’re going to have to passenger around you need to carry some gear as well the back saddle bags here are absolutely deep and wide and can handle lots of things i i put a computer bag in there once in a while with a laptop in it or i put my surface in a little

Travel bag that came with this bike is kind of cool they gave me a little triumph bag that can hold like a little laptop or tablet or something like that fits on the saddle back perfectly i’ll throw that in there once in a while i mean overall it’s just fantastic there’s some good accessories you can add to it it’s not as accessorize bullseye hardly the one thing

About this bike is it comes in one color and that color is blue with blue so there’s no red versions of this there’s no other color if you buy the lt you’re getting blue if you want to buy a speed master or an america without the lt package and add that stuff to it to get there then you can get to some different colors but if you’re buying lt your blue no matter

What so that’s where you get a little bit but you can’t at least get the luggage rack in the back you can get you know a tank bag and get some stuff on here just like you can on the harley so there’s some accessorizing you can do high performance pipes you know things of that nature so just don’t expect it to be as deep as the harley is when it comes to categorizing

It and updating it and everything it’s more like the indian scout at this time because pretty much the indian scout is you buy it for being an indian scout and you don’t get much after that plus response is really good by the way – i hadn’t mentioned that whenever you’re on the clutch it it responds very quickly has a good let out range it is a little bit toward the

End of the travel point but it does respond very well once it gets going brakes are really good as well they are not an ax lock on this particular model but they act very good they stop this big old bike in a hurry i’ve never locked this bike up because you can just modulate them really well so like i said i don’t have any real complaints about this bike other than

You know a little bit of the fit and finish issues you also another thing like unlike the harley your front and your rear fenders are actually plastic on this bike so you don’t get the metal that you do on the harley here’s this broken road that always used to test it and just showing you that hey this bike handles this very well which is a person going faster but

Got to deal with you know people so overall great bike i recommend this bike to people who are looking for a cruiser that they’re going to you know take on short trips not necessarily long ones there’s big touring models that can handle that a little bit better because they have more storage you know more comforts and things like that if you’re into those things but

If you’re not you just want to strip down cruiser that can at least get you a good day trip and maybe some more if you had some more luggage to it then i definitely recommend the triumph america lt because it like i said it gives you more confidence that a lot of other bikes does yeah i mean i can’t complain i mean it’s just wonderful so you know if you’re looking

At the scout you’re looking at the sportster i would slot this above the sportster and i would put it pretty much on par with the scout in terms of stock modificator stock area you know modification if you if you’re into modifying your bike getting more power performance things like that then go with the harley davidson sportster for sure because that evolution

Engine has such a breadth of things you can do to it to make it powerful to make it scream for you know any way you want to that’s the best bike to go with if you’re looking for tutoring and just riding and comfort and and no vibrations no pins and needle thing feelings when you jump off the bike after an hour – this is definitely the bike for that you know even

The little scout has some vibration problems but this one just absorbs everything so this is just kind of my take on this bike my opinion of it not a professional or anything folks i’m just a madman with an opinion just like everybody else these days but definitely recommend taking a look at the triumph america l team once again this is the rabid hedgehog if you have

Any questions let me know put it in the comments and i’ll try to get back with you as quick as i can if you have any discussions that you want to join i do have another vlog right now that’s about the sportster and what they can do to modernize it a little bit and bring that into the 21st century versus its 20th century past that still kind of holds on to you know

So i just like to answer questions do anything make videos for people and you know enjoy the time out here riding and just trying to get everybody that i can into this sport in this arena of life so you know just let me know what you guys are doing how you guys are doing and catch you guys on the flip side have a great one and keep that shiny side up as i find it drilling this thing

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Triumph America LT Ride and Review By Rabid Hedgehog