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Triumph Bonneville Bobber black pack?

Dont be impatient watch until the end!

Right i’ve been a little bit push for time this week so i thought what we’d do is just a quick video on this triumph branded backpack now it’s made out of some sort of nylon and i have to say it’s not waterproof but it does come with a rain cover and i’ll show you that a little bit later on as you would expect from triumph it’s got some nice glitzy triumph badges

And detailing on it i would say it’s about 15 to 20 litres capacity and it has a central vertical zip along the center so that you can put things in it now before we go into the main compound and it also has a secondary compartment at the front are the back of the bag depending which way you look at it and i describe this as probably some sort of document holder

It’s got little pockets for you to put pens in and things like that and there’s also a lan yard with a spring clip so that you can put your keys on it or at least i think that’s what it’s for personally i’d rather keep the keys in my pocket it has a further zipped compartment and an open compartment which i think is for keeping your gloves in now i suppose this

Other coming quite handy if your gloves are wet because it keeps them away from the contents of your main compartment either side it’s got an open pocket for again putting things in and then when it comes to the main compartment that’s divided into two now at the very back it’s got what i think is some sort of laptop holder i haven’t measured it so i have no idea

What sounds laptop it’ll hold and then of course your main compartment for keeping your work kit in or whatever it is you’re going to carry around there’s a couple of very comfortable shoulder straps and a chest strap now at the very bottom of the bag on the outside there’s a further zip and when you open this this reveals the waterproof cover this is elasticated

With a securing strap and it remains permanently attached to the bag which is a handy feature because it saves you’re losing it and again it’s got some nice triumph branding on it i’ve not had a chance to actually try this bag out yet because i’ve been busy with other things it seems like quite a nice bag it’s well made it’s the kind of stuff that you would expect

From triumph now price-wise some people are going to complain about this because it is quite expensive but hear me out now if you buy this bag new what from a triumph dealer it’s gonna cost you eleven thousand six hundred and fifty pounds yes you heard right eleven thousand six hundred and fifty pounds note to some people that might seem a little bit steep but

Bear in mind when you open it inside you’ll found this rather nice document folder again it’s made out of nylon again with some nice triumph branding and inside you’ve got an arrangement of nice handy little pockets for your documents and this comes free with the backpack now hear me out because i still haven’t finished now inside you’ll found another one of those

Little one yeah it’s similar to what you found in the backpack and attached to that will be a nice leather triumph key fob along with a set of keys because with this backpack you don’t just get a free document folder with it it also comes with a free one of these a triumph papa black right well i’m going out to ride it now so that’s all for today i’ll be back on

Friday with a full overview of the bike and all being well sometime next week a full review on the triumph bob at black thanks very much for watching i hope you’ve enjoyed this video and that you found it useful please read carefully and i’ll see you soon

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Triumph Bonneville Bobber black pack? By stuart fillingham