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Triumph Demo Day | Test Riding the Thruxton R!

Went out to Douglasville, GA for the Triumph Demo Day at Freewheeling Powersports. Had a blast meeting great people and riding the fantastic line up by Triumph.

Say we early braunstein hey street triple r is right here i just don’t know if i like that enough i like that better that fair no yeah very nice very nice very nice compared to the 19 an american spy or uptick i’ll be here in a woman wrong again provision personal life this is market we know every so far / yeah and he was not a comfortable for the rape there

Isn’t some sort and i was like this just hidden off all that twice a right come back up my pies i’m damned i was like bacon oh they call that vig now see that alright folks we are back with another demo this time on the foxton our and brian is on the street cut back there looking like a bumble bee all you really do look like a bumblebee this time bro yeah man you

Got the color and everything down alright i forgot how to hit the change the most on this thing see here beat beat duke do we back to go room room oh that thing is very spongy i’ve got old it i’ll see that now thank you for letting me know that sir yep yep oh abs it has nine miles on it so i can’t get too stupid on this don’t want to blow something up like that

That’s 1,000 in the other video i would suggest you go ahead and put it on sport brother how do i do that there we go try to make it way up here if you can all right i didn’t adjust my mirrors oh well my engine lights on this thing i’m gonna wise up it’ll probably turn it off oh yeah i know right oh okay there we go have to find it the 900 is pretty nice probably

I get some wind noise for me it should tell you on that upper gear like i said right there maybe the engine lights on because this thing only has nine miles on it maybe do this is this is hella constable do yeah yeah pretty interesting very talky i like that i got get you see this on a hunch yeah so we hope yep come on come on come on tickle yep yep yep there you

Go yes yes yes yes yes yeah they’ll have any sit down as much go oh yeah just bug stuff and go dude i like it i like it i like it i like it twist on upcoming allowed trouble one little bike it doesn’t have enough power for my fat ass but and we go it was awful dump the clutch then get used to that be nice i like the down strips on the stones very set of fun how

Does it sound to you i think it needs to be a little bit louder there’s a lot of intake noise rather than exhaust i keep forgetting to turn that signal light off oh really yeah he’s doing the little thing but there’s other cars from canyons with us he’s looking at you like anything i hear you but all in all this is a very premium selling bike i’m trying to

Think about the 92 competitors well that’s a different setup so i’m very comfortable yeah like i can ride a little piece on this how did you feel on the truxton i felt pretty good it still had me leaned over i feel like but uh comparing this to the 90 or the racial sitting on it yeah i like this position a lot more from my height in my arm reach because that race

I felt like i was just fighting more aggressive than i needed i needed to be yeah but the 19 felt way more upright the regular one like that i think the bobber is going to be comparable to that yeah like it wants to just go yep yep right engine braking is a beast on this planet destructon – yeah i like to use the brakes as much at all i mean it locked up on me i

Wouldn’t like i’m using the brake now this is phyllis nimble as the 90 oh they got a lot of thoughts on going on here yes they do is it over already i hope not i think it is man whoo yes already wow that that was short loop that was the quickest demo ride ever i think that was a lot quicker than the damn yamaha demo we did and this for note guys it wasn’t really

Worth recording it wasn’t worth posting rather yet i was very short but yeah man up i have some the bike have some get away all right mm-hmm yeah well tell me you did actually when i was stopped fun yeah i wait too much for it though it’s got some good up with you on i can imagine me on it yeah it’ll probably be yeah ever does before and you will probably advertise

With the ruxton maybe the trucks are oh man all right let’s see what we got sign up for next all right i’m gonna see if i can get on that rocket three

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Triumph Demo Day | Test Riding the Thruxton R! By Brandon Bicasso