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Triumph Hardtail build overview

Full build/cost breakdown on my ’73 Triumph Hardtail bobber.

What’s up guys in today’s video we are going to pull build breakdown of the triumph we’re gonna go over yesterday yes i recorded it yesterday but i had some time with the footage you deleted it didn’t you no i didn’t accidentally do any but i just don’t have it anymore what’s up guys i’m gonna give you a full rundown for new to the channel or you haven’t had a

Chance to go through all the videos yet which i encourage you to do there is a playlist of this whole build from start to finish that i’ll link at the end of this video and also throw a card up right now so you can see it we are going to start from the back and kind of work our way forward i’ll go through what was all done to the bike and then what each individual

Part costs i’ll throw a running total up in the corner to keep track of our progress as we go so originally this bike is a 1973 triumph it’s got a couple of different models number our names so it’s a bonneville it’s a t1 for t v the v it means it’s a five-speed i’ve also my title says 140 beam also tr6 so it’s 73 750 cc triumph i bought it it was pretty much

A basket case it had over here they’re like kitchen baking dishes were like the side covers and had electrical gremlins that you rode the bike for 10 minutes and it would blow fuses and the kind of previous owner couldn’t figure out exactly what the issue was but the bike did run really well outside of that you know it has some patina on the tank and it’s kind of

Imperfect which is why i thought it was a really good candidate to do a hardtail on because it’s not a perfectly restored bike it wasn’t even been a great bike to try and restore back to stock because it was kind of cut up and butchered a little bit over time so the original bike cost me twenty three hundred dollars so that’s where we started and then we kind of

Went on from there so we’ll start in the back here so in the back we’ll start off with these taillights these are from x arc and i’m going to throw a link to all of these parts i’m going to go through in the description below so it’ll be a huge kind of list of links as we go down but xr taillights they do brake light turn signal and tail light they were a hundred

And sixty bucks this hard tail which is everything from this main tube back so that’s we cut it off right here we cut it off right here and welded this new piece on this is from david bird is the designer i actually got it from lowbrow customs this is the two and a half inch drop with a four inch stretch meaning the bike was lowered two and a half inches and the

Rear wheel is now four inches farther back than it was originally that’s what kind of gives us this bobbers stance that was two hundred and eighty dollars from them then we have this rear fender this is actually a front fender of a cb 550 honda if you are new to the channel i’ve built a few of those on the channel before and so that was just an extra stock fender

I have that ended up working out perfectly so that cost me zero dollars because i already had it from another bike ah let’s see we have going forward the seat this is just a leather seat from you know kind of a universal thing on amazon and i modified the brackets and replaced these springs with of these torsion style that was a hundred bucks and then we had a

Little seat mounts for like an extra thirty bucks yeah so going forward from there we have i guess will cover the tires so the tires are firestone deluxe champions there the expensive side but they have that vintage look that i really like so those tires ran me $300 for the pair i did have somebody install them on the rims for me because these triumph wheels have

Things called tire keepers on them and when they’re this old they get really rusty and they are a huge pain so i paid a hundred bucks to have them mounted by a local shop here and that was a money well spent moving forward we have come custom motor mounts that cost me 50 bucks then we have some pod filters and i’ll kind of throw all the little stuff miscellaneous

In there as we go i have a monster craftsman chain tensioner and that cost me a little over a hundred bucks it was one hundred and ten bucks going forward from there we have a new chain that was about 70 bucks the exhaust this was a factory style scrambler exhaust i believe is what they call it that i just chopped down and wrapped that came with the bike so we’re

Not putting that into the cost forward again we didn’t do anything to the tank but a little bit of paint on here farther still we have a battery in this little electronics box up here there’s an antigravity four cell battery that is just over a hundred dollars for that inside the headlight we have a moto gadget m unit that unit it’s a little bit on the expensive

Side it was three hundred dollars for that but i think it’s money well spent and haven’t seen my video on that to make sure to check that out as well i am really really happy with with that unit and i do plan on using it and some bikes in the future this is pretty much stock another fire signal ex-champion up front and we didn’t really touch it came with these clip

On bars luckily so i didn’t have to put in any cost in there i think i covered it so there’s about two hundred and fifty dollars in kind of miscellaneous things between oil and pod filters and exhaust wrap and paint for the frame and just a little stuff like that but i’m kind of a lumping all onto one kind of miscellaneous amount which is two hundred fifty bucks

So assuming i didn’t miss anything that will put our total to thirty nine hundred and sixty nine dollars so just a hair under four thousand bucks for the whole bike out the door again that doesn’t include any kind of registration costs or anything like that because that’s obviously gonna vary drastically based on where you live but for me i was able to build this

Bike from start to finish for just shy of four thousand bucks which i think is pretty good i i don’t know exactly what the bike would be worth right now honestly just because there isn’t a lot of oil and frame triumphs that people build full kind of custom bobbers out of i haven’t actually seen one and i know that sounds kind of bad coming from me being the one

That built it but i honestly don’t think i’ve seen an oil and frame that looks as good as this one does they all are kind of hacked together super chopper style rakes and not as clean so it’s really hard to kind of find a comparable bike to you know compare this one and get a estimated value for it if i was gonna sell this bike today i don’t think i take less than

Seven grand for it some of you might laugh at that and think that’s super high some of them might some of you might be surprised that i would sell it for that but yeah i think honestly right now it’s probably worth about seven grand i would probably list it around there maybe 7,500 and just see what happens see if it catches someone’s eye and they’re interested

In it but i’ve seen other kind of custom triumphs in this same generation self or for that or even above that i’ve seen some of the the pre oil and frame which are a little bit more sought-after sell for closer to nine or ten thousand dollars then i’ve seen some kind of not so complete bobbers of this generation you know sell for that sixty five hundred dollar

Range so there are bikes out there that sell for this amount but again i’m not gonna sell it right now i’m really enjoying riding it unfortunately i did lose some of the riding footage from yesterday but i’m gonna make kind of a more complete cinematic video of me out riding the bike and i might team up with a good friend of mine that’s got the drains and has a

Cool youtube channel too to do a little bit more official video on that this is by no means the last you guys are gonna see of the triumph i’m hoping to to work out a collaboration with a really big moto vlogger youtuber here in austin i’m not gonna mention his name just yet in case it doesn’t work out but we kind of talked back and forth a few months ago before

The bike was done he told me to reach back out on the bike was done we can try and set something up so i’m reaching out to him now and hopefully we can work out something and he can maybe do a little review on the bike and i’d love to get someone’s a second opinion on it and i’m looking forward to showing the bike off to you guys so i’ve had a few people want to

Reach out and meet up and see the bike in person and grab a beer and stuff so that’s what i’m going to use the bike for we’re in writing season right now in texas even though it’s the end of november it’s in the mid 70s here so i want to enjoy the hell out of the bike and yeah i’m not not in a rush to sell it maybe sometime next year when i’m ready to ls swap my

Camaro or something we’ll look into possibly selling it but yeah i hope you guys liked it i know this is one giant clip but i wanted to kind of keep it raw just give you guys a full rundown of everything that was done to the bike feel free to reach out with any questions whatsoever you know i hope to be able to help some people on their triumphs and even if you’re

Just kind of curious about what it takes to take a bike from a stock ish motorcycle and build it all the way into kind of a full custom bike we can kind of follow this series so we have another motorcycle in the garage literally right here behind me that i’ll be making an introduction video on very soon that should be a really cool project i’m gonna have you guys

Kind of collaborate on that and you know help me kind of steer the ship so to speak on what parts we go with and it should be a pretty cool build and then we got tons of stuff come out on the camaro so check out the rest of my videos if you haven’t you guys are new make sure to throw a thumbs up on this video make sure you tell me what you guys think of the project

And what you want to see kind of coming up on the channel check out my instagram i did lose some of my riding footage from yesterday but i kept all of the pictures so over the next couple of days i’m gonna be posting more and more pictures of the out in the wild as we start to enjoy it so that’s gonna be it for this video guys i will be making a camaro project

Introduction video in the next couple of days so keep an eye out for that and we’ll see you soon you

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Triumph Hardtail build overview By Classic Octane