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Triumph Motorbikes. Prices In The Philippines.

Triumph Motorbikes. Prices In The Philippines.

This video is about the triumph motorcycles cebu i’m here right now looking at some of the displays for triumph motorcycle triumph motorcycle is actually from the uk and is now arrived in cebu they now have a dealership dealership showroom where you can have its service where parts and apparels can be bought all original triumph so triumph is actually from the

Uk but now all the materials design is assembled in thailand so as they have now a showroom in cebu city located across uspf university of southern philippines foundation salinas drive so what you’re looking at here is the tiger 1200 gt pro is a hundred 1160cc there how it looks like this is the tiger 1200 gt it’s liquid cooled 1100cc there’s actually the

Description that you can see and the price of 1.4 million and 70 000 pesos so you can see the beauty of the bike one of those big bikes because you know it’s over 1000 cc here in the cebu it’s considered as a big bike this is also available in installment through bank financing or financing agency so this is the triumph tiger pro 1200. so next one an

Example of what triumph have is the speed trifold 1200 rr so you can see the price is 1.3 million and 65 000 pesos the disposition is 1160cc so this is one of the new line of big bikes that’s just come here in cebu city they are usually in manila but they are now starting to come here they have their main dealership in cebu city in salinas drive where you

Can buy the parts have your motorbike service and also you can buy the apparels that is original to triumph this is this speed triple 1200 we’ll see in the front how beautiful it is um so this is the triumph speed triple 1200 rr now we go to the scrambled scrambler type of triumph motorcycles this is the scramble scum scrambler 1200 xc so that’s the

Description me scramble scrambler 1200 comes in 1 million and 170 000 pesos i really like all the scramble scrambler beauty bikes really beautiful but i’m not the one that’s fancying how fast it can go scrambler 1200 is 1200cc again it’s liquid cooled and the price is one point one seventy thousand one million one hundred seventy thousand and

This is the triumph trident triumph trident is 660cc this is in matte black it’s a tree cylinder again liquid cool me so this is the specs for trident so if you want to visit triumph showroom they are located in salinas drive across uspf and look for mr scout to moulak he is the general sales manager for scout motorcycles here in cebu city you can contact

Him to his mobile number zero nine nine eight five four one six seven four one or the telephone number of the showroom is 239 the cebu city 32-239-6920 email sales at triumph motorcycle all small letters no space you

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Triumph Motorbikes. Prices In The Philippines. By Village People Philippines