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Triumph Rocket 3 v2 / 25L Pannier Kit, Full instal & Review

Join me as I instal and then review the Triumph Rocket 3 (v2/25L) Pannier Kit. This kit costs almost $1800 AUD …. is it worth the money ???

Hi guys so thanks for joining me again handlebars and holidays this is all about the pannier kit for the rocket 3 gt and r back in a second so these are the triumph sport panniers they come in at something in the region of a thousand and twenty australian dollars i think uh they’re quite a nice unit we’ll have a proper look at them in a little while this is

The mounting kit which is a completely separate part number has to be ordered separately and amazingly the mounting kit is about 760 australian dollars having said that they are an extremely nice well-made piece of um engineering there really are i don’t know if the camera will pick that up but they are a lovely finish so the first thing if you feel you need

Instructions would be to head over to triumph and you can download yourself this fairly comprehensive overly comprehensive really set of instructions it’s all pretty obvious but um just for the point of showing you what’s what i thought i would print them off so first things first uh let’s get the seat off the bike okay so seat removed and the

First thing that we need to do is remove the under tray from under there so it’s these two bolts one here and one here that hold that under tray in place and they’re just a five mil allen key this little thing can just be removed out the way just for a bit of easier access i assume that’s what triumph connect their diagnostic thing to and that just clips in

There and again that can just be pulled out of the way to give you a bit more space so these two tiny screws removed the under tray can now be slid downwards or towards the front of the bike and will just slide out once those screws are out that just comes out like that and those were the fixing positions that that was held in by those are the little side lugs

The new one is essentially the same just with four holes triumph could almost have made this a lot easier for themselves by making some push outable holes in the original but hey what would have been quite nice if triumph had put the little clips on there and they haven’t so you need to remove them from the original and transfer them onto the new one they just

Slide off quite easily okay so the under tray just goes in under there okay it’s a little bit fiddly to slide that in underneath just to make sure that all four of those clips are seated uh but it’s very it’s doable and then obviously those two screws just go back in place okay so that’s the under the seat aspect completed one of the things that you do have to

Be especially careful of is on this uh nearside front lug there i don’t know if you can catch that but there is um just below where the torch is shining there there is a section of wiring loom that you want to be really careful not to trap so just inside there just make sure that’s pushed up and out of the way so now it’s simply a case of taking the bracket

Itself and bolting it on up through the holes in the under tray on each side they don’t actually mention it in the kit but i just like the idea of putting a little bit of loctite thread lock on the bolts just to prevent any um possible vibrating loose there’s a nice clean gap everything’s kept away from the body work so there’s no chance of damage okay so once

Those brackets are fitted on both sides that is essentially the only potentially tricky bit of the whole thing done and that is the is the bracket itself okay let’s get the seat back on okay so the next stage is to fit these locks into the panniers now these actually come with the bike when you buy the bike try and give you these additional locks just in case

You buy the panniers which is good because obviously these are keyed to the same ignition key as uh as the as the bike okay this is interesting just have a little bit of a panic for a second so these are the version two panniers which are the 25 liter version and as opposed to version one these locks are now on the front of the pannier and having seen pictures

And such like of the other ones i was expecting the locks to be on the back here um so i just offered the offered the bags up to the brackets and everything was wrong i thought have i put these brackets on wrong the wrong way around obviously they’re not they’ve just they’ve just changed the panniers and now the locks are on the front so let’s get back to sorting

The keys out okay so the key goes into the lock barrel like that turns through 90 degrees you can then release the barrel from its protective sleeve and this goes into the bike let’s just whiz this over here goes in like that pushes down that way around it’ll only go in one way like that and you turn the key and out you go and then basically that will just push

On there and she’s locked in so there she blows to release the panniers key in quarter turn off it pops and you can literally just lift the bag away and if the pannies aren’t going on the bike nice and neat there you go it really is as easy as that you just simply line up the little slots there sit that on sit that on there and there a little bit tricky

With one hand push it in at the top you hear the click done how’s about that nothing wrong with that is that so the pannier locks which are very much like suitcase locks actually come set from the factory at zero zero zero so it’s as simple as that to change the code on the locks all you do is there’s a tiny little hole there to put something in push it till it

Clicks set them to whatever you want nine eight nine there in that case um and you push that button and that’s your new code set simple as that so you can change that as many times as you like simply by pushing that little button there and reset into anything you like push that and your new code is set so let’s just have a quick look at these version two panniers

Because this is where things change quite a bit from the original version so as they come from the factory you have to excuse the one hand struggling basically you’ve now got this situation so what they’ve done here is they’ve given us an integrated waterproof bag so essentially there was problems with the original version leaking and they gave you a kind of

An over bag what they’ve done now is integrated this bag that’s velcro so that’s going to be hard just bear with me one second so essentially what you’ve got there is a waterproof bag inside the pannier as you can see it’s zipped in so anything you put in there and fasten it with the velcro strap it back up if you wish and tuck that away in there it’s definitely

Going to stay dry now the other option and what i’m going to opt for so in my case what i’m going to do with this internal bag is i’ve unzipped the whole thing i’m just going to take that out not bother with it use the pannier as is there for the amount of rain that we get in western australia it really doesn’t matter there will still be a certain amount of

Weather protection obviously from there and yes if i was touring and taking a load of clothing i would certainly put that back in just to be on the safe side but that’s a better option for me for now just easier than messing with that bag all the time it’s there to be zipped in if needed okay folks so that’s the panniers all done and fitted so by the magical time

Machine that youtube can be let’s jump a few rides into the future and see what we think of them okay so a few days later and i’ve had a couple of little trips out on the bike and used the panniers a couple of times everything’s going well got no real problems one tiny little frustration that’s all okay so in general terms of functionality no real issues there

I’ll just flick that open a bit awkward with one hand but tons of room i’ve just popped my little tubeless tire repair kit in there but yeah plenty room no issues with the actual functionality of the bags the thing that i find frustrating is obviously you tend to get off the bike to the left-hand side so when you look at these locks which i do think are a bit of

A strange choice for triumph to have gone for more suited to a suitcase but you obviously you’re looking at them from this side and if you check out those numbers there um that’s currently showing one one nine seven but they’re actually upside down so depending on whether you’ve put them in intending to read 197 or 791 whichever way they’re upside down if i look

At this side they’re the right way up but to literally walk around having got off the bike to walk around this side to look at the numbers the right way up and put your code in and then walk back round to open the bag would just be frustrating so you tend to just struggle with the fact that the numbers are upside down and of course when you go around that side

They’re upside down too when you stand around here they’re upside down so that’s a little bit odd um if trying to come up with some way of giving you some more barrels and putting another key operated um thingy on there or making their own um combination lock that would have been much better that really is the only frustration for me okay so i’m quite happy with

The panniers to be honest i think they do exactly what i expected them to do the locks are a little bit of a frustration if i’m honest but it’s not the end of the world so hopefully this has been of some use to someone um if you’ve enjoyed it please like and subscribe and i will be back with you again soon with uh something else so take care and as always ride safe you

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Triumph Rocket 3 (v2 / 25L) Pannier Kit, Full instal & Review By Handlebars and Holidays