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Triumph Street Triple 765 RS op Nederlandse bodem | Mijn ervaring

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Hello and welcome to a new video. nice to have you here i already rode with it in portugal. but now also on dutch grounds with cows on the background… the next two weeks i’m gonna test three street triples i’m curious how the s version will perform against the rs version and there will come a awesome video against a ktm and a yamaha the rpm indicator is a white bar which

You can see here. but the you can change the display to some different settings but for me there is not a real good option to display the rpm’s clearly you can see this one, or this setting while you get more information on the top side or to this setting with again more information to display on the top side or to this setting, and you get more information on the left side

I think this setting is meant to be for the navigation option so you can display it on a large setting on the left side of your display with this kind of slow riding it is comfortable and relax totally different compared to the riding position of my daytona where your rest on your wrists with my length it is not very comfortable to ride on my daytona and you have to ride

Higher speeds to make it comfortable but with the street triple you can easy without problems although the bike wants to play with you on a good way the exhaust sound… on this bike the standard silencer with a carbon end piece is mounted since the bigger growing exhaust noise problems.. also in the netherlands.. i wouldn’t change the silencer for a aftermarket version but

When you go on the throttle you can hear the bike very good. especially the intake sound is very good… just listen ! everything is on the bike. a rain mode, street mode, sport mode, track mode and a rider modus where you can adjust the mapping, traction control and throttle respons to your needs the downside when you want your traction control in a off setting (what’s

Needed when you want to pull wheelies) and you want to switch it on again. you have to stop the bike the triumph has standard a slipper clutch, which is really a good one triumph installed brembo stylema calipers on the bike these are a big big step better compared to the old gold nissins i had on my old daytona i already rode on the internet that triumph has a update for

This rpm indicator so the visibility will be improved i’m now riding in a traffic jam between all the cars i think the bike is really wide when the mirrors are in the normal position with the way i have the mirros now i have more trust to ride between the cars without hitting them i really like the new design from the bike, with the new led headlights with daytime running

Light, low and high beam.all led looks awesome and very good light output. you can see very well with it adjustable in multiple settings. a normal, sport and track mode you can’t switch the abs off but that is not a problem, although i dind’t tried it at a track on the street you can lift the rear wheel with abs in track mode without problems i do not have the feeling like

The abs system is limiting myself or so triumph has installed a showa front fork instead off a öhlins which they install on most of the faster versions the front fork is good enough for what i experienced steers good, damping is good. with hard braking no vibrations or bottoming out how it will perform on the track i don’t now since i didn’t tried it. but i would love to

Test it the sitting postion is sporty. and the footrest are installed on the frame at the same postion as a daytona the ground clearance for riding on the streets is good enough so the knees are in a high sporty position but not very uncomfortable the steer is in a high postion and way more comfy compared to my daytona it’s a comfortable postion but when you ride it in a

Faster way it all fits in the right way good job from triumph! but curious how it will perform compared to the r and s version and there will come a test against the ktm 890 duke and the yamaha mt-09sp will see how it will perform againt his riveals. you will see that !

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Triumph Street Triple 765 RS op Nederlandse bodem | Mijn ervaring By Ranic