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Triumph Thruxton R review

Review of Triumph Thruxton R 1200 – Australia, January 2018, by AllMoto.

G’day on gaion welcome to all moto today we’re playing with a triumph thruxton r now this is the hero bike of the 1200 cc parallel twin series so we’ve got the t1 20 years kind of the baseline and the thruxton x’ and there’s two models the sports versions now they’re named after a world war 2 airfield in england that was converted into a race circuit and why that’s

Significant to triumph is that they had some big successes with parallel twins there in the late 60s dominated some important races there okay so the thruxton series quite different to the t1 20 shorter in the wheelbase different swing arm different front steering geometry a little sharper and the r has a number of features over and above the plane thruxton and the

Most significant of those is probably the suspension which is the √∂hlins rear shocks and the premium showa a front end plus we’ve got upgraded front brakes you’ve got stainless exhaust system lots of little bits and pieces of trim around the motorcycle as well clearly designed to make the owner feel good about buying a premium product now triumph has done this

Before with other models in the range i can think of a straight triple for example and speed triple where an our model has bundled up this sort of extra package if you like and really it adds up to pretty good value over and above the base model that’s very much the case here walk up to the buck hop on it fly by wire throttle you’ve got three riding light it’s

I’m not a huge fan of riding notes on a bike like this if it were me i’d be using it in sport pretty much 99% of the time anyway if they’re tall ish in the seat not super tall but it’s not the shortest bark in the range by any stretch of the imagination there’s abs onboard plus you’ve got switchable traction control so a lot of electronics despite the fact that’s

Meant to be a retro style motorcycle there’s a nice little touch of – speaking of retro like the injection covers are meant to look like annal carburetors and there’s even a little sort of fake points cover on the the engine when you fire it up and get it going power delivery is big mid-range that’s what it’s about it’s not a big river 7500 rpm is where it stops

So it’s all about that mid-range experience you ride that flow of torque and power the gearbox works one as you’d expect it to nice light clutch action to it that is something that’s a real feature of brakes nice and sharp light feel to them very predictable absolutely no complaints there but what i like most is a development riders clearly knew what they were

Doing it’s all fun to have the premium geared quite another to have a well developed motorcycle and this on the road has this beautiful compliant ride but you still know exactly what’s going on underneath you’re very reassuring thing to throw through a set of curves tips in nicely very predictable steering not super fast but it’s not slow either it’s just a nice

Light predictable motorcycle what it’s good at it’s a weekend motorcycle take it away overnight take it down to your favourite bit of road it’s a feel-good piece it’s not something i’d necessarily used across the country on it would do it but really there are better bikes in the triumph range for that sort of purpose it’s really all about giving yourself a bit of a

Treat now our pricing that’s not the cheapest bike on the planet by any stretch of the imagination you’re talking by the time you put this fairing on the bike you’re probably getting up around the 24 to 25 mark on the road i think looking at the rest of the range it kind of stacks up when you look at what’s on this motorcycle it is a significantly better mousetrap

Than the stocker so if you can afford it and a retro bike that’s got some real sporting ability and some very nice finishing touches on it if that appeals to you i would certainly at least put it on the shopping list and have a lot

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Triumph Thruxton R review By allmoto