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Triumph Thruxton R Test Ride

A quick spin on a modern classic thanks to Team Moto Triumph in Springwood, Brisbane Aus.

Now that is some good fun tonight stay fit and today i want something just a little bit different it’s uh new tribe thruxton are and this is a really good fun motorcycle the latest models in the evolution of the triumph thruxton motorcycle have taken a machine whose namesake was first released in 1965 to a whole new level the original thruxton was a hand-built

Racer based on the bonneville t1 20 and manufactured by the triumph meriden works only 52 of these legendary machines were built the designation was reborn by the hinkley works in 2004 and along with their new bonneville it proved to be a popular and successful model powered by the then new air-cooled 865 cc engine with a 360 degree crank it ran out around 70

Horsepower it was a mid powered good fun bike with retro styling that provided tons of feel-good and it was one of the pioneers of a resurgence in cafe racer style custom machines that remain popular to this day 16 years later the new 1,200 cc liquid-cooled iteration brings a whole new level of performance handling and power like the 1965 machine it too is based

On a t1 20 bonneville albeit a current model but in keeping with tradition it is equipped with significant performance upgrades and sportier economics than standard it bangs out 42% more power than the 2004 predecessor 96 horsepower to be exact and it produces a very usable 112 newton meters of torque from its 97.6 by 80 millimeter bore and stroke with an eleven

To one compression ratio and it’s powered by this 1200 cc single overhead cam 272 degree crank parallel twin that’s smooth and punchy and talky and very responsive you just wet the gas in first gear and the front wheel lifts off the deck very rewarding lee as with all the later model body variants the multi-point efi has been made to resemble carburetors and

With the vance and hines exhaust fitted to this demo model it’s 270 degree crankshafts nut sounds truly old-school authentic as well right now that’s our she goes bit of an uphill log ramp that guy’s very nicely also notable is the quality of the suspension and brakes up front it has a pair of show our 43 millimeter upside down big piston forks that are fully

Adjustable and off up 120 millimeters of travel on the rear are fully adjustable olives twin shocks with piggyback reservoir and they also have 120 millimeters of travel available this is premium suspension and it shows in the bikes road holding and cornering capability and it’s in a nice short frame with a 1400 and 15 millimeter we’ll base so it chucks around

Like a dream it really does throw into the corners nicely and it’s just really good fun to be aboard and shuck around and dodge the manhole covers the brakes are also topped off with brembo twin 310 millimetre floating disks with brembo 4-piston radial monobloc calipers and a single 220 millimeter disc witness and two piston floating calipers and it all has abs

And they speak brandeis with the abs movie you can hit them light hard and tip it in just feels lovely haha that’s really not just giving it a tap out of the cornice just lovely yeah economics – not what you’d want to do a really long touring ride on with these clip-on drop bars and moderately reset pegs but that all goes together with the cafe racer style and

The certain amount of feel-good that comes with this motorcycle and it’s got plenty of that sitting here at the lights it’s as smooth as silk it’s just ticks over nicer there’s no vibration it’s a general pulse and it’s just smooth as silk all the way through the rev range really the beauty of that 270 degree crank it is lovely and smooth top gear why not is

Beautiful it’s got a real search it’s got this lovely planted solid feel on the road really is very relaxed in these sort of conditions over here on the left hand switch block there’s the mode button where you can change through different modes for rain and road modes just so tempting to do that all the time it’s just that really nice compromise of it’s

A fast bike without being a hyper bike which means you can give it a bit of a tap every now and then without going immediately to the disqualification zone yet it’s still plenty quick and i have a good fun quite a beauty like many of the current range of triumph motorcycles the latest incarnations of the thruxton have come a long way from their original hinkley

Designs this is a very significantly improved machine that has the looks that pay homage to its past with performance that is very much up to date anyway this one is the demo unit at c moto triumph in springwood got out and see the team there and see if you can get a leg over this beauty it’s really good fun

Transcribed from video
Triumph Thruxton R Test Ride By David Cohen