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Triumph Tiger 800 XR XC XCx XRx – New for 2015

Some people learn to ride a motorbike growing up a farm i was trained by the military some people spend their morning stuck in traffic my daily commute is a bit more extreme in my time up in bitten by snakes in by rapids survived parachute failure and everest crevices my frenches are anything and this new triumph always new riding a tiger will be something spectacular

You what have we done for the ride of the new tribe tiger we’re all really excited about its new rider mode system with it you control the responsiveness of the new ride by wire throttle the abs and the traction control got incredible balanced traction control the kick day at night there are three rider modes available rode off road and rider programmable in ride

A programmable mode you can set the throttle up to sport road rain or off-road and adjust the abs and the traction control settings so you can configure the bike to suit your ride perfectly everything’s super controllable perfect for these conditions the really great thing is how easy it is to switch modes you select the desired mode by pressing the mode button

Then simply pulling the clutch with a closed throttle and the bike will change modes or if you’re moving to a mode where abs and traction control is off you just come to a stop and press the mode button the bike will immediately switch modes ready to go the new rider mode system is just one of the many first in-class rider focused technologies that sets this new

Tribe tiger apart yeah i could ride that all day and anywhere awesome what have we done for the ride of the new chive tiger it comes with our iconic triple engine and that instantly recognizable trifle exhaust note the triple is unique to triumph in the adventure segment at 95 brake horsepower it’s the most powerful engine available in the middle way to venture

Class bike ready to take it in so much drive so much power responsive the triple format gives the taut laden drive characteristics of a twin with the free revving power curve of an inline 4 so you can really make the most of the chassis capability with a low-speed off-road or cruising on a cross-country tour this is an engine that really feels alive with instant

Drive at any point in the rev range and we’ve made a number of improvements to the engine to make this new tiger our cleanest tries triple ever its revised ports increased tumble and deliver a more efficient fuel burn in addition secondary air injection to the exhaust improves the fuel-air mix of the engine this gives you a more willing feel which of course is

Further enhanced by the responsiveness of its ride by wire throttle the addition of a larger radiator improved air ducting and a more efficient fuel mix means the new tiger runs even cooler there’s just so much to like about the end in this new target trust me this is no ordinary adventure bike

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Triumph Tiger 800 XR XC XCx XRx – New for 2015 By Phillip McCallen