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What I Paid for Used Triumph Bonneville T100 Cafe Racer Black: Flipping Motorcycles for Profit

Today on Jon’s Moto Garage we go over the numbers on the 2016 Triumph Bonneville T100 Black. We’ll discuss how much I paid for the bike and if you can really make money flipping/buying and selling motorcycles on the side. Enjoy!

All right keep us about those locos we are on a roll today thanks for tuning in this is john’s moto garage i’m john is worried by ride and cell moto’s i took the boots of first band i took the road king for a spin all that’s left is the triumph bonneville t100 black 2016 750 miles the sings of beauty if i can get out of the garage without causing any harm then we

Too shall take that first bin all right let’s get this sucker started i’ve noticed this thing’s pretty cold-blooded and i actually notice that it has a choke and so i’m gonna check out now and see if the choke is just for looks with the fake carburetors or if it actually works the only other bike i’ve ever seen that has a choke with a fuel injection is a the old

Kawasaki vulcan nomads like oh 203 i think so yeah these are pretty cold-blooded but they have a choke so that’s weird choke on a fuel injection i have to do some research on that all right you guys 2016 bonneville t100 black i love this bike and check out the video where i picked it up this thing is super cool we’re gonna talk numbers today how much did it cost

Me what did i pay for the bonneville let’s go i love the exhaust on this thing just be careful don’t be going through the hood on something like this people are gonna think you’re doing a drive-by and you’re gonna be getting shot at just saying where does lies i actually haven’t written a ton of dirt bikes but the few that i have this is what it reminds me of

Bobbing around on the dirt bike and the guy that i bought it from said he grew up riding their bikes and that’s why he bought it and set it up the way it to him it was like bobbing around on a dirt bike too so it has to be like it that’s two of us man now we don’t really have any dirt over here all this thing is just so fun you throw it around it’s lightweight

Not even 500 pounds going from those like road kings that i write to this oh jesus it’s like a breath of fresh air it really is but i figured what better place to do a test ride than here in the grass take it easy careful careful careful now we did the sportster over here and i actually bottom it out on my bmx bike oh so we’re not gonna do the same thing on this

But we will just take it easy going through the grass i’ll haul this thing in such a blast you guys now the suspension is not like a dirt bike i’ll tell you that i haven’t been through here often so i don’t want to hit any like naughty potholes i don’t want to piss kiss the neighbors off too much oh what a joy what a joy that’s why they make green belts i think

Here in arizona so you can mob around on your triumph bonneville what a fun bike to ride around on all right let’s get out of here before the five-o catches us bam bam all right we’re back on the road all right you guys so enough fun for one day what’s the damage how much did it cost how much did this sucker sent me back all right so this bike i think i’ll throw

Up the kb because i don’t know off the top of my head what it runs for but basically i saw it on cycle trader i had enlisted for 5000 for 6,000 bucks or best offer oh that thing is loud i came in offering him 5000 he said he countered out 5500 the pictures were horrible on this bike had like five or six picture of super dusty did not do the bike justice so i

Wasn’t really sure if i wanted to do that or not and so initially i didn’t geez i’m actually forgetting did i pay fifty two hundred bucks or fifty three hundred bucks i’m pretty sure it was fifty two hundo oh my gosh they have more grass and more dirt over here it’s like they’re just asking for a motorcycle to go through this stuff sorry you guys i have to do

It i’ll make this quick i won’t piss off the neighbors too much what a joy what a joy this grass is pretty bumpy though so we won’t we don’t be in here for too long and you house away birds come on you know the rules this is mad max coming through what a fun bike hey i do not condone this activity i actually got i got permission from the city to use this as a

Closed private test course anyway long story short i’m pretty sure i paid 5,200 bucks for this bike and there’s the park rangers that guys gonna be calling the cops we got to get back to la casa mama nope oh no i don’t want to get rid of this this thing is way too much fun barely broken in 700 miles you could keep this thing for a couple years and still get your

Money back and that’s the plan on this bike if not just to keep it forever and ever i’ll hang it up on the wall use it as my medallion all right amigos those are the numbers on the 2016 triumph bonneville t100 black let me know do you think i got a good deal on it leave a comment below thanks for tuning in i appreciate all the subscribers stay tuned we are gonna

Be doing a giveaway here very soon give away some cash and all that awesome stuff so we’ll hit you guys up on the next one hasta luego should i do it should i do it it’s another grass hill i’m not even doing it this is the moto this isn’t even me it’s the motorcycle all right let’s get out of here pipeline gas warning what better place something about being able

To do a burnout in the dirt so cool you guys so cool you guys may remember that shortcut from the hayabusa video alright well hit you guys up on the next one hasta luego all right back in the garage i’m sorry you guys if there’s any bike that’s just gonna give me like arrested and thrown in jail it’s gonna be this high high boost i know it’s gonna be the triumph

This thing is just too much fun i think for tuning in we will hit you up on the next one adios he does it there we go

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What I Paid for Used Triumph Bonneville T100 Cafe Racer Black: Flipping Motorcycles for Profit By Jon’s Moto Garage